Details about HTC One M9 speakers panels revealed


As images of the HTC One M9, or Hima, have been leaking out leading up to the device’s expected reveal at MWC 2015, you may have noticed some subtle differences to the front of the device. One of the hallmarks of the HTC One M7 and the HTC One M8 have been the BoomSound speaker grilles located above and below the display on the front of the device. These gave HTC’s flagship a unique look relative to other smartphones and the front-facing speakers were a selling point as well. For the forthcoming HTC One M9, HTC has retained the front-facing speakers, but there are some differences in how they appear along with other elements of the front of the smartphone. Read more

Vizio announces Smart Audio speakers that have Android 4.4 KitKat-powered displays built in


Vizio has announced two new devices that put an interesting spin on Bluetooth speakers. The Portable Smart Audio devices have Android-powered displays built in. There are 4.7-inch and 7-inch models. The whole purpose is to get rid of the interruptions from a smartphone to control speakers. You can control the Smart Audio speakers from a screen that is already there. In case you were wondering, Android 4.4 KitKat is powering these 1200×800 displays and it is stock Android. Support for 802.11n WiFi is inside. Both models are scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2014.

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Samsung jumps into wireless audio speaker market with new Shape product


Samsung announced today the availability of a new wireless speaker system they will start selling on October 13th. The primary piece of the new system is the M7 speaker that includes a woofer, two mid-range speakers, and two tweeters. These are all packed into a triangular case that can stand vertically, horizontally or be mounted to a wall. In addition to the speaker, a Samsung Hub device will be available to control multiple speakers. The system can handle up to five M7 speakers which will sell for $399 each and the Hub will sell for $49.

The M7 speaker can be paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth, NFC or WiFi. Samsung notes the ease of use in setting up the system, which is accomplished by plugging the speaker into your router and downloading the app used to control the system. The app Samsung has created is quite flexible and provides a large degree of control for the user. Multiple audio sources can be used and they can be streamed to specific rooms simultaneously.

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Samsung Announces NFC-Enabled Portable Wireless Speaker As Part Of New Digital Audio Line-Up

Samsung’s new portable Bluetooth speaker, model DA-F60, includes apt-X codec support and NFC pairing. Samsung has already made the simplicity of tapping to share, via S Beam, a big deal in their funny/naughty commercials. Now they’re using NFC to simplify Bluetooth pairing (which, if you hear my in-laws tell it, is nearly impossible). The apt-X codec, supported by only a handful of handsets including Samsung’s own Galaxy S III and Note II, boosts the dynamic range of streaming audio. We should get more details, hopefully to include pricing, at CES. Follow our CES 2013 coverage here.

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[Deal] ECO X Terra waterproof boombox for $50 with free shipping on Amazon

Sure, Christmas may have come and passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a little something extra. Amazon is offering a steal of a deal on Grace Digital’s ECO X Terra rugged and waterproof boombox for just $50, equating to a savings of $100.

The idea behind the go-anywhere speaker set is fairly simple. In the center of the boombox there is an air tight chamber for your Android powered device, which the company claims can fit even the “largest Android phone” in addition to keys, glasses and other small valuables. Unlike other similar systems, the ECO X Terra isn’t just water resistant, it’s fully submersible. In fact, it can even float in your swimming pool. Power is supplied through either a standard AC adapter, or a set of four C batteries, ultimately providing 25 hours of continuous use.

If this sounds like something you could use, be sure to hit the source link below while they are still available.

Source: Amazon
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Hands-On With Edifier’s Bluetooth Spinnaker Speakers, Works With Smartphones and Tablets While Adding Some Style (Video)

While perusing the CES show floor we happened to come across Edifier’s booth, the company who is well known for manufacturing high-end speakers and other audio products.  And this go-around they’ve brought their A-Game as far as the wireless speaker dept goes.  So what makes Edifier stand out from the rest?  Well, the company definitely offers some unique and interesting designs.  While there were many designs available which offered great functionality and a fantastic look, one set of speakers particularly caught my eye.  The Edifier Spinnaker Speakers standing at 15-inches tall and touting front-facing tweeter and mid-range speakers along with downward-facing sub woofers located at the bottom.

The speakers allow you to pair any Bluetooth enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone seamlessly and with ease.  There’s also a wireless remote control included which offers a ton of functionality and interaction.  It can be used to play, pause, regulate the volume and skip tracks. These bad boys are clear, loud and take the shape of a horn believe it or not.  A bit unorthodox we know, but damn if they don’t look cool next to my Galaxy S II.  You can purchase this particular model in both Black or Burgundy.  Check out the demo below of the hands-on touting the crystal clear sound of OneRepublic’s “Good Life” and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  In addition to the Spinnaker model, we snagged some screen shots of some other oddly but cool designed pairs of speakers as well.  So be sure to hit the break to give them a one-over.   Read more

Samsung Already Sporting Accessories For US Galaxy S II Devices

Low and behold, what’s a few new Samsung Galaxy S II devices across various carriers without some cool accessories to go with it?  At tonight’s Samsung GSII launch event in New York, several of the display tables showed off a modern and sleek looking multimedia charging dock perfectly complimenting the Galaxy S II.  In nice shiny black, the device also doubles as a speaker (note pic below).  We’ve seen a dock presently accompany the Galaxy S II launched overseas however, this one has been given a bit of a polished look and we’ve got to admit, it looks pretty sweet.  Check out the pics for yourself and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  If you’ll also notice, there is another device to the left of the charging dock.  We’re not quite sure what it is just yet, but stay tuned because we’ll find out.  It appears to be some sort of a charging stand where a second battery can be docked under a cover on the backside of the contraption.