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Google Nexus One ready to power Strand-1 satellite in orbit


You have probably heard references to the fact that today’s smartphones contain way more computing power and capability than what was available to the world’s space programs back during the heyday of the space race. That saying is close to getting a test when the Surrey Space Centre and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) launch the British-built Strand-1 satellite into space later this month. At the heart of Strand-1 lies a Google Nexus One smartphone which the project team hopes will be able to take over full control of the satellite at some point during the six-month mission. Read more

Google Sends Nexus S Out of This World

One thing is for sure about Google: If they’re gonna do something, they’re gonna do it big. In that vein, what better way to prep for the launch of a new phone than to launch it into space? Well, earlier this week, that’s exactly what Google did. Seven Nexus S phones were put into Styrofoam beer coolers in preparation for the journey. Cameras were mounted through holes cut in the coolers. They were then attached to large helium-filled weather balloons, and sent on their voyage.
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