Sony releases action packed Rockin’ Goat on the Play Store

rockin goatHave you ever wanted to play a game that puts you in the shoes of an escaped farm goat that moonlights in a rock band? You might have an odd taste in video games, but Sony’s Music division has you covered. They’ve released Rockin’ Goat onto the Google Play Store that stars Elwood the goat as he builds a band and put on rock shows in a 2D platforming experience.

The game looks fairly well done and features music from a few different artists under Sony Music’s arm. Between the music and several mini-games, this one might be worth checking out for a few laughs while killing some time.
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Purple variant of the Sony Xperia Z3 announced for Hong Kong


Sony has announced a new variant of their Xperia Z3 smartphone that will be headed to Hong Kong by the end of the month. The new version introduces the color purple to Sony’s portfolio of Xperia Z3 devices and has been officially dubbed the Purple Diamond Edition. Sony also struck a deal to pre-load some content from Disney’s Frozen movie on the device.

The new Purple Diamond Edition will sell for HK$ 4,998 ($645 USD) when it is available for order.

source: Sony Mobile (Facebook)

Sony to launch purple Xperia Z3 in mid-February

purple xperia z3If the current color options for the Xperia Z3 just didn’t appeal to you, you’re in luck. Sony is apparently prepping a purple Xperia Z3 for launch sometime in February, which you can see above.

If you want a phone that stands out from the sea of white and black devices, it’s hard to go wrong with purple. It might be a little too loud for some people, but hey, options are nice.
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Sony to launch purple variant of the Xperia Z3 next month


Sony has been in favor of various models in its Xperia Z chain of smartphones being anodized in Purple ever since their debut back in 2010, but when it unveiled its flagship Xperia Z3 in September last year, the habitual hue appeared to be missing from the lineup. It was, instead, replaced with Copper and Green colorways, but now it looks like Purple is about to make a comeback.

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Sony considering all options amid struggling divisions


Things have not been going well for Sony. Even aside from the disaster that it faced with The Interview, the company has seen its mobile and television divisions struggle. Both of them are losing money and CEO Kazuo Hirai is tasked with composing a strategy to stimulate growth for Sony. Thousands of jobs were slashed in the last year and the computer division (Vaio) was sold. Still, more changes are in order for the giant. Sony is reportedly considering joint ventures and selling divisions to improve. The company is heavily leaning on its film and gaming divisions to carry it; however, that can only go on for so long.

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Green Xperia Z3 Compact now available from Clove


For the past four months, Sony held exclusivity over the green model of the Xperia Z3 Compact — meaning if you wanted to pick one up, you had to purchase the phone directly from the manufacturer itself. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Online technology retailer, Clove, has today announced that it too has “received stock of the green variant and is now able to sell the SIM free version in the UK for the first time”.

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