Sony starts pushing out update for the Xperia Z3+ in India to fix overheating issues


Sony has just started rolling out a new update for the Xperia Z3+ in India. This bumps the build number up to 28.0.A.7.24 and comes just a month after the company acknowledged that the integrated Snapdragon 810 chipset was the reason for the devices unexpected overheating problem. Chip manufacturer Qualcomm still hasn’t taken responsibility for the issue, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from rolling out an upgrade to remedy the situation.

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Sony has a new facial expressions selfie technology

sony-selfie-patentSony has just filed a patent for a new selfie technology that can take contentious selfies and pick out the best one for you.

The new technology patent seems pretty weird as it will allow a phone, camera, or Google Glass type device to take many photos throughout the day and night. The pictures are then sent over a secure network to a server that will then process them. The software will detect emotional states being displayed in each photo and apply the appropriate tags.

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Sony launches “First Flight” to encourage employee innovation and invention


Sony has announced a new phase in their Seed Acceleration Program, “First Flight” which merges crowdfunding and e-commerce site features to help promote ideas and products generated internally by Sony employees. The Seed Acceleration Program is Sony’s means for encouraging new business ideas by employees and if good enough, eventually transforming them into a full-fledged business. The new First Flight initiative is meant to help “move people emotionally through innovation” by connecting creators with possible customers. Read more

Sony upsets shareholders with image sensor plan


Sony has decided to issue new shares. This is the first time since 1989 as part of a $3.6 billion capital raising plan to fund their imagine sensor business. Their image sensors are used in all major phones including Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. They said they would raise ¥322 billion ($2.63 billion) by offering new shares and ¥120 billion by selling convertible bonds.

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Sony E5663 looks like a high-end, compact phone with impressive cameras

sony_logo_720New details have leaked about an upcoming Sony smartphone with the model number E5663. The device looks like it’ll use a 1080p, 4.6-inch screen, which is pretty rare to see these days. Most phones have much bigger screens with as many pixels as possible, but apparently Sony did well enough with the Xperia Z3 Compact that they’re going to keep looking into these smaller devices with good hardware.

Other specs include an octa-core MediaTek MT6795 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal storage. The front facing camera appears to be a crazy 13 megapixel shooter, and the rear camera is listed at 21 megapixels. If these specs hold up, this device definitely won’t be a slouch compared to some of its bigger competitors. Read more

Sony launches its range of Ultra Thin, 4K televisions with Android TV baked-in, starting from $2,499


While 4K content might be a little thin on the ground at the moment, Ultra HD televisions with Smart services are gaining in popularity as consumers attempt to future-proof their purchases. Sony is hoping this continues to be the case, avoiding the false dawn that was 3D. Today, the Japanese company is finally launching its range of ultra thin 4K Ultra HD TV’s with Android TV baked in that first appeared back at CES in January of this year.

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Verizon launches the Sony Xperia Z4v as an exclusive this summer


There must be a multi-device agreement between Verizon and Sony because the carrier has received another exclusive device. The two worked together late last year on the Xperia Z3v and today Verizon introduced the Xperia Z4v. The device is very similar to the global Xperia Z4; however, the Xperia Z4v has some very noticeable changes. The display, while remaining the same size, has seen its resolution increase and the size of the battery has been altered to compensate for the display. Sony also included special charging technology just for Verizon’s Xperia Z4v.

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