Sony Provides Updated Guidance On Jelly Bean Updates: Most 2012 Xperia Devices Will Get Update, 2011 Xperia Devices Will Not Get Update


Sony has been more than proactive about pushing out timely software updates for many of its premium devices in the past, so the time has come for it to answer the dreaded question: when will its devices get the coveted Jelly Bean update? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is for owners of most Xperia devices made in 2012, you will in fact get the Jelly Bean update. Sony confirmed the Xperia T, Xperia V and Xperia TX will get the update in Q1 2013, while the Xperia S, Xperia acro S, Xperia Ion, Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia J will get Jelly Bean at some point next year. So now that the good news is out of the way, here’s the bad news: 2011 Xperia smartphones will not get Jelly Bean because:


“After thorough evaluation, Sony concluded they will not be upgraded beyond Ice Cream Sandwich”.


The guess here is that those Sony devices probably don’t have the resources to handle the added needs found in Jelly Bean— who knows. At least Sony promised to “support all these products with firmware maintenance releases” because hey— something is better than nothing, right?

source: Sony Mobile Blog

Sony Xperia T Smartphone Achieves Full HD Voice Certification


Considering Sony’s upcoming Xperia T smartphone has all the typical bells and whistles of a flagship phone, it should come as no real surprise that we see features considered as innovative as well. Sony has announced the Xperia T has achieved full HD Voice certification. How HD Voice works is fairly simple: the technology differentiates mobile devices by voice call quality and the technology creates a quality hearing experience which is definitely improved from typical voice calls heard on both traditional and mobile calls. The effect is that HD Voice technology allows for a clear voice to be heard in usually noisier environments— as if the both individuals on a call are right next to each other.

So now that the technology is approved for the Xperia T, it will certainly allow us get through our various jobs and missions out there in the world— no matter how loud the circumstances may be.

source: Sony Mobile Blog


Sony announces Xperia VL; Exclusive to Japanese market

Sony has announced a new Android handset dubbed as the Xperia VL exclusive to the Japanese market. The device is set to be launched before years end and will come with an LTE chip for fast speeds. Here’s what else you can expect with the Xperia LV:

  • 4.3″ HD Reality Display screen, powered by Mobile Bravia Engine 2
  • 13 MP fast-capture camera with new shooting modes; Superior Auto feature, enabling low-light snapping and Picture Effect that lets you preview snaps using different effects
  • High levels of dust and water resistance
  • Sony’s signature tune-tech, including ClearAudio+ mode that lets you effortlessly enjoy audio quality
  • Sony’s media applications (WALKMAN® application, Album application and Movies application)
  • Ships running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • NFC enabled
  • Arc design

For me it’s disappointing that Sony chose to launch this phone with Android ICS rather than Jelly Bean, especially since it’s not evne launching until later towards the end of the year. Either way the phone seems like a great mid-range Android phone and a great portable media device.

source: Sony Mobile


[Real or Fake] Is this the Sony Nexus X?

Here’s something interesting for your Monday morning. Images of a Nexus X showed up on Picasa. No other information was specified, but in looking at the EXIF data, the pics were taken with a Galaxy Nexus. That in itself tells us nothing and there is no reason to know if these are fake or not. We did hear rumblings about a possible Xperia Nexus in August, but nothing else since. I think Xperia Nexus sounds more likely than Nexus X, but I’m not in charge. I guess time will tell, but I’m not making any bets on this one until I see further confirmation. One more pic after the break.

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Gaikai To Begin Streaming Sony Playstation Games, Causes Minor Speculation We May See Them On Android Devices Eventually


Now that Sony is full speed ahead with items like its Playstation Mobile, what else is there for Sony to do? Acquire another gaming giant to bring more and more titles to a broad window of gamers of course. It was recently announced Sony absorbed Gaikai into its gaming family and it’s now speculated that we’re about effects of the new union. As Gaikai will begin streaming popular titles like Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid and Mass Effect, we will see a greater trend of playing games on not just our PS3 consoles, but portable devices like the PSP.

However— since Gaikai is well-known for streaming content and games onto our Android devices and Sony is looking to give more and more Android devices Playstation Certification, there is the hope that we will eventually see bigger and better hits being streamed to our Android devices. There’s nothing concrete from Sony or Gaikai, but one has to imagine the possibility could be real, especially with Android devices becoming more and more powerful. Naturally we’ll need to wait and see how successful Sony is with streaming games onto its consoles before we can even think about seeing those types of games on our Android devices. But then again, one can only hope and dream, right?

source: Playstation Lifestyle
via: Droid Life

O2 UK launches “Bond Phone” Xperia T variant

Last month we reported that the UK carrier O2 would have rights to release the exclusive “007 James Bond Skyfall branded Sony Xperia T phone. The phone is now available through O2 priced from free at £36 per month on O2′s “On & On” tariff.

While the device is identical to the normal Xperia T in the outside, the exclusive bond phone comes pre-loaded with Bond-themed ringtones, wallpapers, “screensavers” and geo-tagged photos from the production of the upcoming 007 movie Skyfall.

source: O2

Sony Provides Specific List Of Xperia Tablet S Serial Numbers Affected By Water Resistance Defect


It looks like we have an update to the Sony Xperia Tablet S fiasco. As stood before, all Sony mentioned is that there was approximately 100,000 tablet units that are affected by a water-resistance defect— though there was no way of confirming which tablets exactly were affected. However Sony UK and Sony US each have identified a means to pinpoint which exact tablet models are indeed affected. Both have released statements highlighting owners of the tablet can use the device’s serial number to see if it is part of the massive recall. For now, the specific Sony US units affected are:


  • SGPT121US/S
  • SGPT122US/S
  • SGPT123US/S
  • SGPT121US/MC
  • SGPT122US/KB


Sony UK hasn’t provided a list of what specific serial numbers are potentially affected, though it plans to release the full list “soon”.

source: Sony US | Sony UK

Sony halts sales of the Xperia Tablet S over lack of ‘water-resistance’, will fix already purchased units

The Xperia Tablet S launched only a month ago, but Sony has already halted sales. The tablet itself is supposed to be water resistant, but they found gaps between the screen and the case that would actually make the tabs susceptible to water damage. So far, there are about 100,000 units in the wild, but Sony said they will fix any and all of the tablets sold. As to when sales will start up again, nothing was announced.

source: reuters


Sony Xperia T release day commercial shows Bond-like action

Today the Sony Xperia T was released in the UK and to commemorate the occasion, Sony released a commercial that resembles a 007 movie. The most exciting part might be at the end when you discover that the phone comes “packed with exclusive Bond content”. This is the second Xperia T commercial Sony has released recently, but this one undoubtedly had a larger budget. Directed by Joe Carnahan, it features a car chase and some explosions that will certainly add to this phone’s high expectations. The phone is only available in the UK right now with a roll out for the rest of Europe not far behind. It will hit the states as the Xperia TL on AT&T soon. Hit the break to watch the commercial.
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Playstation Mobile Is Officially Live For Those Who Love All Things Playstation


It’s official Android gamers— Playstation Mobile is now live. This means select Sony and other Playstation-certified Android devices will be able to access the Playstation Store in order to access all of the Playstation games and content you can handle. The cool thing too is if you’re an users of the service will only need to buy a game once— the games will be playable on any certified device or PS Vita.

Playstation Mobile is now available for users in Japan, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia. If you don’t see your country listed, don’t fret— Sony pledges additional countries will follow.


Playstation Mobile .apk

source: PSN Stores