Images of upcoming Sony ‘Lens Camera’ smartphone accessories leaks along with Honami i1

Sony_Lens_Camera_QX10_with_XperiaZ_1Last month rumors started flying about a new smartphone accessory from Sony called a Lens Camera. It’s basically a lens with full camera hardware that you can attach to the back of your phone. The Lens Camera is paired via NFC and images are transmitted via WiFi. At the time of the leak, we didn’t have any images to go on, but now we do.

There are two models, the DSC-QX10 (pictured above with the Xperia Z) and the DSC-QX100 (pictured below with the Honami i1). The DSC-QX10 is the more economical version and features a 1/2.3-inch 18MP sensor along with a f/3.3-5.9 Sony G Lens. It also sports 10X optical zoom. The higher end DSC-QX100 features a RX100MII sensor and a Zeiss lens.

Word is that these Lens Cameras will not only be compatible with Android phones, but with the iPhone as well.

We have no idea on pricing or when they will be unveiled officially. Hopefully at next month’s IFA. Hit the break for a couple of more images. The last one has the DSC-QX100 attached to the upcoming Honami i1.

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Sony Honami shows up for GCF certification


Sony’s forthcoming Honami device showed up on the Global Certification Forum (GCF) where it received its certification for two models. Referred to as the Xperia Honami HSPA, model number C6902/L39h, was certified for several GSM and WCDMA bands. The other device, model number C6903, is listed as the Xperia Honami LTE and as the name implies, adds certifications for LTE bands 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 20. The GCF certification comes on the heels of the FCC filing for the Sony Honami.

The new Sony smartphone is expected to be revealed on September 4th in Berlin just before IFA 2013  opens. It could be available for consumers before the end of September.

source: RB Men

Curious as to what Sony’s upcoming Honami device UI is like? Then take a look!


Sony’s upcoming flagship, codenamed the Honami, is said to have some amazing specs along with a revamped UI. Thanks to some hard working people over on XDA, a port of the UI has been made readily available for rooted Xperia Z users. Obviously there’s quirks in it and certain things probably don’t work, but nonetheless it’s still great to see what the new Honami has to offer. Check out the video below after the break!

Also, what do you guys think about the route Sony has taken with its upcoming Honami phone?

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Images of what seem to be official teaser for Sony Honami leak


Sony’s upcoming flagship, the Honami, has showed up all over the internet in various forms— leaked images, FCC filings, blurry videos, etc.

Now it looks as though we’ve gotten some official teaser images of the device. But there’s one thing wrong— they don’t look very much like the originally leaked Honami images.

The edges of the device in these pictures appear to be more rounded than the earlier pictures. However we’re not going to bet that Sony re-developed the entire form factor for the device within the past two weeks, so it makes more sense that the angle of the picture is responsible for the odd-looking edges.

The power button, flap and volume rocker can also be seen in the pictures— it can also be deduced that the frame is actually made out of a different material than originally thought. (Perhaps aluminum like the Xperia Z Ultra?)

The image also says “September 4th, 2013 Berlin,” obviously in reference to IFA in Berlin, where the device will most likely be unveiled. Check out the full gallery of shots after the break.

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New Sony FCC filing may point to new Google TV device


Since releasing their Chromecast dongle, Google has insisted the device will live alongside their Google TV platform. Evidence for this surfaced in a recent FCC filing by Sony for a device with the model number NSZ-GU1. The model number is similar enough to previous Sony Google TV boxes, the NSZ-GT1, NSZ-GS7 and the NSZ-GS8, that we can be pretty confident this is part of their Google TV family of devices. Unlike previous models though, the NSZ-GU1 was submitted to the FCC due to some wireless capabilities. Read more

Sony sales numbers up 30% from last year, ships 9.6 million Xperia units in Q2 2013


While HTC’s sales number continue to disappoint, Sony’s growth has continued, as the company posted its quarterly results for the three months leading up to June 30th. They recorded a loss in Q2 2012, but this year, things were different, as the company posted a $35 million net profit, shipping 9.6 million Xperia units in the quarter.

Their Mobile Products and Communication division saw a 36% increase in sales, hitting the $3.9 billion mark. Things look to be good for Sony for the short term, at least. We’ll see if they can sustain these numbers throughout this quarter and beyond.

Source: Xperia Blog

ASUS may be working on super thin 6mm tablet device


According to an unconfirmed report on Hungarian tech site Tech 2, ASUS is working on a new tablet device that is only 6mm thick. If accurate, this would enable ASUS to grab the crown for thinnest tablet away from Sony and their 6.9mm thick Sony Xperia Tablet Z. For the time being, the Huawei Ascend P6 has grabbed the title of word’s thinnest smartphone, so a 6mm thick ASUS tablet would also beat that device.

Beyond the report of the device being super thin, no other details are known, like the size of the screen or what operating system the device might have. We will have to keep an eye out for any devices or announcements surfacing at IFA 2013 about a 6mm thick ASUS device.

source: Tech 2
via: PocketNow

Sony Honami shows up in FCC filing


Sony’s Honami device showed up in an FCC filing submitted on July 23rd, including a confidentiality request to be effective through September 30, 2013. Considering all of the images that have leaked of the device, it is not surprising the device is apparently on track to be released before the end of the third quarter.

According to the information in the FCC filing, the Honami is capable of handling GSM, UMTS, LTE, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wifi, Bluetooth(EDR and Bluetooth 4.0), and a Wifi Hotspot Function with Auto RF Power back-Off and RFID mode capabilities.

source: FCC
via: Tech Kiddy

Sony ‘Honami’ pictured alongside the Xperia Z


We have some more pictures of the Sony ‘Honami’, this time alongside the Xperia Z. You can clearly see the ‘Honami’ is a little longer, but it has a similar design. We also get a another glimpse of the new camera interface.

The ‘Honami’ is looking like a beast, but you know all the competitors will have an answer. Can Sony finally make a dent in the U.S. market? More images after the break.

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Sony announces plans for Android 4.3


Sony shared a roadmap for their devices to be upgraded to Android 4.3, although no timeframes were included. Owners of the following devices will be glad to know Sony is already starting work on Android 4.3:

Sony is in the middle of rolling out Android 4.2 for the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL and is getting ready to rollout upgrades for the Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z in August. Sony indicated other devices in their lineup will be upgraded from Android 4.1 directly to Android 4.3, skipping 4.2 altogether, but they did not give any hint as to which specific devices those might be.

source: Sony Mobile