Google adds Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition to lineup


If you have been looking for a large screen smartphone, but want that latest stock Android experience and hopefully faster access to updates, Google has added yet another device to their Google Play Edition lineup that may meet your requirements. The Sony Z Ultra, a 6.4-inch behemoth is now available in the Google Play store for $649 in the U.S. and capable of running on the AT&T or T-Mobile networks. The Sony Z Ultra comes with a Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM to help push the full 1080p HD screen. In addition to being really big, the Sony Z Ultra is dust and waterproof. It also has a unique screen covering that lets you use a pencil or ballpoint pen as a stylus.

If you are interested in super-sizing your smartphone and want something that blurs the line with tablet devices, hit the source link to place your order.

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Sony pushes out update for Smartwatch 2 with several new features


Sony has released a new update for their Smartwatch 2 that includes a handful of new features and fixes a few quirks of the device. You’ll find several new watch faces, an increased font size, automatic light sensing and a built-in stopwatch app. On top of that, Sony has built in a fast-scroll option for notifications and an option to mark all notifications as read. That seems like something simple enough that it should have been included from the beginning, but take what you can get.

You can launch the update through the Smartwatch’s Play Store app below.

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Mystery surrounds Xperia Z1s as yet another image leaks


Sony has seen yet another image leak of a forthcoming device, but as more images leak the mystery as to just where it fits in the portfolio continues to deepen. We have previously reported on a device named the Xperia Z1s appearing briefly on the Sony web site, followed by leaked images of a Sony device apparently headed to international markets and another purportedly showing an Xperia Mini that was thought to be the Z1s. However, sources now think the Xperia Z1s may be a completely different version than the Xperia Mini and may be an updated version of the Xperia Z1.

As hinted at in previous leaked images, the new image clearly reveals the headphone jack relocated to being just off center in the top edge of the device instead of being over close to the side. Based on the angle and relationship of the devices, it appears this new Z1s device is slightly larger than the current Xperia Z1 as well. Meanwhile, we will have to continue the hunt for news about the Xperia Mini as well. Hopefully all of these new devices are ready to be revealed soon by Sony, perhaps at CES 2014.

source: Xperia Blog

PlayStation Store support arrives for nine new countries

PlayStation_Mobile_01The PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile is expanding to nine new countries soon. Sony announced that beginning on December 18 of this year, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand will have access to the store. In addition, these nine countries will also have support for the PSM Developer Program as of December 5.

These new countries are in addition to Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia, which are already supported, bringing the total number of regions supported to 18.

Source: Xperia Blog

Sony files patent for “smart wig” with computing technology and sensors built in

Sony wig

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, especially after the Motorola filed a patent for a “smart tattoo” to be placed on one’s throat, Sony comes along to outdo it all.

The company filed a patent today for special wigs with computing technology and sensors built in. It’s definitely not as permanent as the tattoo concept, but perhaps a bit more bizarre. We’re one step closer to being complete cyborgs. Here’s an excerpt from the patent application:

Wearable computing device, comprising a wig that is adapted to cover at least a part of a head of a user, at least one sensor for providing input data, a processing unit that is coupled to the at least one sensor for processing said input data, and a communication interface that is coupled to the processing unit for communicating with a second computing device. The at least one sensor, the processing unit and the communication interface are arranged in the wig and at least partly covered by the wig in order to be visually hidden during use.

Like I’ve said before, we can’t really judge whether this is totally insane or not, because most of the things we now see as mundane would have seemed pretty insane back in the day.

Source: Techaeris 

Photo of Sony Xperia Z1S leaks, seen next to Z1


The Sony Xperia Z1S has received a lot of attention lately, and another shot of the device appeared on the web this week. This time, it was seen next to the 5″ Sony Xperia Z1.

Some specs came along with the photo— the device will come with an IPS display panel, a huge improvement over the TFT displays currently used in Sony’s phones. The internals and camera is supposed to match that of the Z1 as well, all wrapped up in a 4.3″ display.

The device is rumored to launch late this month.

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Sony and Steve McCurry create Lifeframes, an exhibition of photos taken with the Xperia Z1


Steve McCurry, the photographer best known for his photo “Afghan Girl”, and Sony Mobile have teamed to up to create a contest and exhibition of photos taken entirely with the Sony Xperia Z1. They have called this contest “Lifeframes”, and the aim of it is to celebrate the fact that thanks to smartphones, important moments are captured every day.

The top 10 photographers of the contest, dubbed lifereporters, were recently announced and the results are simply stunning. Who knew that smartphones could capture such incredible photos!?

An exhibition showcasing the top photos will take place on the 11th of December this year, and will be open to the public in Milan, Italy. In case you can’t make it to Milan in December, hit the break to see a gallery of some of the top photos of the contest!

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New PlayStation app released in the Play Store to coincide with launch of PS4


With their new gaming console being released on Friday, Sony has released a brand new PlayStation app in the Play Store. The app’s interface is nearly identical to that of the PlayStation 4 with its blue background and transparent boxes with content. And rightfully so, there is a ton of content to be toyed with. Hit the break for details and download links. Read more

63.3% of all Android devices are Samsung branded


When it comes to Android, Samsung has been the reigning king, and it doesn’t appear that’s going to change anytime soon. As of right now, 63.3% of all Android devices has a Samsung logo on it. This includes phones and tablets, and let’s not forget about phablets or phonblets (whatever the kids are calling them these days). The next closest manufacturer is HTC with only 6.5%

When it comes to smartphones alone, the top 10 phones represent a 40.2% market share, but Samsung owns a total of 8 of them for a 37.8% market share. Only the HTC One and the DROID RAZR was able to make the list, and their combined market share is only 2.4%. The Galaxy Ace actually has a larger market share than both of these phones, which is mind boggling.

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Sony Xperia Z1S makes a cameo on Sony’s site


With just one day until a possible announcement, Sony’s Xperia Z1S is seeing what could be its final leak. As you can see at the top left, the device is a miniature version of their flagship Xperia Z1. But here’s the catch, the specs aren’t going to be dumbed down even though the form factor is smaller. Behind the 4.3-inch 720p screen is the Snapdragon 800 processor and a 20.7MP camera. If you’re interested, it may even windup on U.S. shores.

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