Top 6 Android tablets [May 2015]


Picking up an Android tablet isn’t as simple as running to the store and grabbing a tablet. Android tablets range from all different brands and specs. Cheap ones tend to be low on the hardware spectrum, have a lot of stuttering when scrolling, and breaks easy if you were to drop it. You need to find a middle ground, where you can be confident in the quality of the product you bought.

So, which one is right for you? We’ve constructed a list of the top 5 best Android tablets to answer that question. These are the top 6 best Android tablets available in the market right now.

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Sony Xperia C4 announced as the phone for selfie-takers


Another company has announced a phone that targets selfie-takers. This time it is Sony and the new Xperia C4 as it has a 5MP front-facing camera. Sony bundled some of its most popular camera components to ensure that users get optimal results for their selfies. The Xperia C4 features a 25mm wide-angle lens, Exmor R sensor, soft LED flash, and SteadyShot technology. Sony also included special software to add some fun to the device’s experience. The AR Mask app, for example, allows users to take a selfie and place their face over someone else’s.

Hit the break to see what else is going on with the Xperia C4.

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