Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra passes through FCC on same day as official announcement

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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It appears as though Sony’s upcoming flagship, the Xperia Z Ultra, (yes, the same Xperia Z Ultra that was officially announced by Sony earlier today) has finally passed through the FCC. This specific version was a whopping 6.4-inches and had 1,700MHz HSPA and GSM 850/1900MHz radios built-in. There is plenty information on the cellular and dual-band WiFi radios, but nothing on LTE thus far. Because of this, we’re still somewhat in the dark as to the bands that the device is working with. If you wish to know any more information on the device, check out the source link below.

Source: FCC

Sony announces its Xperia Z Ultra smartphone, comes jam-packed with Android 4.2.2, Snapdragon 800 chip and 6.44-inch display

by Roy Alugbue on
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We already knew about one of Sony’s worst-kept secrets of the year, but the manufacturer has finally come out of the shadows and introduced its Xperia Z Ultra  handset— which will probably shape up to be one of the most influential devices of the year when all’s said and done. The device is ultra in every sense of the word as it comes jam-packed with tons of premium goodies inside. Right off the bat, you’ll probably notice the large bright and colorful display, which is understandable because it the display is actually measured in at a whopping 6.44-inches. What’s even more astounding is that it isn’t like the display is an average 1080p display either— the display features Sony’s Triluminous display technology (found in Sony’s TV sets). The end result is a display with deep blacks, bright colors and incredible detail for any image it is you see on the screen.

There’s much more to the device than the large display as well. Sony is pulling no stops to introduce cutting edge technology into the Xperia Z Ultra and is the first to utilize a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor that’s marked at a scintillating 2.2GHz, easily making it among the fastest smartphones in the smartphone game. Rounding out the additional goodies are a built-in 4G LTE radio (with HD voice capabilities), 2GB of RAM, a 3,000mAh battery and 16GB of on-board storage (complimented with a microSD out). As if those juicy specs weren’t enough to tickle your fancy, this might: Sony managed to cram all those features into a 6.5mm profile— effectively making it the world’s thinnest Full HD smartphone. Oh and yeah, the device is IP58-certified, making it completely waterproof.

The device is set to arrive sometime in Q3, though there’s no concrete cost of the device just yet nor do we know which markets will receive the new toy, but we should see more information as we get closer to the Xperia Z Ultra’s release. While we wait for more information, why not hit the break for the full presser.

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Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 coming in September with better design, display, and battery

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Sony’s first attempt at an Android smartwatch didn’t break any records, but they will give it a go again. It was teased last week so it’s no surprise they went ahead and introduced the Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 earlier this morning at the Mobile Asia Expo. Already I like the look of this one over its predecessor. They are calling it a “second screen” as it not only serves as a watch, but a notifier, and Android interface, and a phone remote control. It’s also water resistant and includes NFC.

Other upgrades from the previous model include a better design, better resolution, better visibility in sunlight, longer battery life, easier interface, standalone watch functionality, and better pre-installed apps. The standalone watch functionality is the key because last year’s model needed to be connected to your phone at all times in order for it to do anything. The SmartWatch 2 will be available in September, but no word on pricing.

Hit the break for a full list of features, videos, and press release.

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Sony Xperia ZU image leaks ahead of tomorrow’s unveiling

by Jeff Causey on
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As the clock winds down to Sony’s expected announcement on their take on a “phablet” device, a new image has leaked showing a “stylus” in action on the device. The image was posted on the Chinese portion of ePrice and shows a user drawing with a pencil on what appears to be a sticky note on top of the screen of the new Sony device. According to some sources, there is a rumor floating around that the Xperia ZU, or Z Ultra, will be able to accept input using a pencil or possibly even a ballpoint pen as opposed to a dedicated stylus device like one finds on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This latest image would certainly seem to support that concept.

We should have more on Sony’s announcements scheduled for June 25th, so check back here at TalkAndroid to see what they may be up to.

source: ePrice
via: UnwiredView

Sony quietly working on refreshed Sony Xperia Z smartphone with Snapdragon 800 processor

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Considering all the other cool kids on the block are developing refreshed versions of their flagship phones with Snapdragon 800 processors, it’s only fitting that Sony gets in on the party as well. In a series of tweets by notorious info leaker Eldar Murtazin, a test unit of the new Xperia Z variant with the faster processor can only be described as “really fast”. Additionally, the same test unit featured an even sweeter display than the original. In a follow-up tweet, Murtazin describes the refreshed unit as having an LCD3 screen similar to the HTC One smartphone, though he doesn’t believe the same display will make it to the production models.


Considering Sony is expected to utilize the same chipset in other upcoming flagships like its quietly-hyped Xperia ZU smartphone, we’re going to go ahead and take this leaked information as true. Hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait before the refreshed device hits the Android world.

source: Xperia Blog

More details leak about Sony’s upcoming smartwatch

by Jared Peters on
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Remember that teasing smartwatch announcement Sony made the other day? We’ve got a few more details about the new device that should keep you interested.

According to Cnet, the smartwatch will come with a few enhanced features over the current $100 model, including a bigger screen and a slightly water resistant design. Sony is pushing their water resistant designs on a majority of their flagship devices, so this shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone. The smartwatch will also run Android and use a capacitive touchscreen, and will have a three icon layout under the screen for navigation. The biggest new feature, though, is the inclusion of NFC. An NFC enabled smartwatch would be able to pair with a smartphone very easily, so that’s a handy feature worth looking forward to.

The device announcement should be at Mobile Asia Expo, so we should know all the specifics and pricing in just a few days. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

source: Cnet

Sony teases new SmartWatch with an announcement expected at Mobile Asia Expo

by James Gray on
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Sony are no strangers to technology innovation, especially in the portable space. The same company that brought us the WALKMAN also brought us the first “smart” watch in 2007, two points they made very clear in recent tweets with hashtags #itstime and #MAE13 (short for Mobile Asia Expo). These tweets and a couple more in the same vein seem to indicate that Sony have a new SmartWatch up their sleeve (pun absolutely intended).

Aside from the Mobile Asia Expo, Sony has some upcoming media events in Shanghai and Europe in the coming weeks, where they are expected to announce their hotly anticipated 6.4-inch phablet, presumably alongside an updated SmartWatch. The timing is perfect as multiple companies including Google and LG have stepped into the smartwatch arena, and as Sony knows, there is always room for innovation.

Source: Xperia Blog

Sony now allowing 3rd party firmware for their SmartWatch platform

by Macky Evangelista on
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Lately Sony has been very “developer friendly” with their Android devices such as the Xperia Z, and that trend won’t stop as Sony recently fully opened up their SmartWatch platform to all developers. Per Sony:

We are now taking the next step to open up SmartWatch. Previously, you’ve been able to create apps for SmartWatch with the Sony Add-on SDK, but now we hope to see even more innovation as we’re making it possible for advanced developers to create and flash alternative firmware, by sharing technical details and instructions.

Doing so does come with some limitations as you will no longer be able to use SmartConnect or any compatible SmartWatch app that’s available in the Google Play Store. So keep that in mind. For more info, hit the source link!

source: Sony

Sony sends out July 4th Save The Date invites, all but confirms the arrival of Sony Xperia Z Ultra phablet

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Yup, it finally looks like Sony is finally about to reveal its next great device for the masses, the Xperia Z Ultra— which is a larger-scale smartphone set to compete with the likes of the Optimus G Pro and Galaxy Note smartphones. How certain are we, you ask? Well— a nice press invite has gone out from the fine folks from Sony Mobile France highlighting “Sony Mobile reserves a big surprise for you” on July 4th. Moreover, the same invite encourages folks to “not forget to mark your calendars! “, all the while using a nice stylus-type pen to handwrite the note. So yes friends, all that’s left to do is wait for Sony to finally confirm the arrival of the device featuring a 6.44-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, potential waterproof capabilities and Android 4.2.

source: Xperia Blog

Sony’s Xperia ZU slated for June 25th announcement, specs revealed early

by Jared Peters on
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Remember that monster phablet from Sony, the Xperia ZU? If you’re in the market for devices that big, we’ve got some more details on a release date and the hardware behind the ZU. According to Taiwanese site ePrice, Sony will make the Xperia ZU official on June 25th, which fortunately isn’t too far off. ePrice also listed some specs for the device, including that massive 6.4-inch, 1080p screen. The ZU will be one of the first devices to run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 CPU, clocked at 2.2 GHz, and will also feature 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot, an 8 MP rear camera, and a 3,000 mAh battery. Compared to phones of similar size, that battery isn’t particularly large, (the Galaxy Note II has a 3,100 mAh battery, for reference) but hopefully some extreme software optimization from Sony and Qualcomm’s latest monster processor will keep battery life as a positive for the device.

As soon as June 25th rolls around, we’ll keep you up to date on Sony’s official announcement.

source: ePrice