Walkman update allows users to view songs in a playlist on Android Wear


The Walkman application received a new update today that moves the build from 8.5.A.2.10 to 8.5.A.3.2. While there are visual improvements to the app, the key part of the update is the ability for Android Wear users to view songs within a synced playlist and start playback from any song in a playlist. Some users are reporting seeing other things as well.

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A render of a mysterious new Sony device has surfaced; Possible Z4 design?

sony render

For the past year or two, I’ve always felt Sony’s Xperia Z line has been the most underrated of Android flagships. Thus, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see what they have in mind for their Xperia Z4 device – which brings us to the image above. As you can see, a new Sony render has surfaced and could possibly be our first look at the upcoming Xperia Z4 that’s slated to be unveiled this April with a Summer release. Read more

The VAIO Phone launches in Japan for $420 off-contract

VAIO Phone

Many of us are familiar with the VAIO brand name from the time that it was part of Sony. Those days are gone however, and now VAIO is mostly owned by Japan Industrial Partners. As such, VAIO is now creating its own designs and competing against Sony in its home market, Japan. VAIO has just launched its first smartphone, the imaginatively named VAIO Phone in collaboration with the Japanese carrier, b-mobile.  Read more

Sony’s PlayStation Mobile platform to close this summer


This summer, Sony will close its mobile gaming platform after more than three years of service. The company launched PlayStation Mobile as a platform to deliver high quality games to certified mobile devices; however, it never really caught on despite partnerships with multiple companies such as HTC. The decision to stop certifying devices last year hinted at PlayStation Mobile’s true fate.

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Several Sony Xperia Z devices seeing Lollipop update in India

Sony XperiaSony is only planning on rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its Xperia Z line of smartphones, which isn’t great news if you own a different class of Xperia device. If you do have an Xperia Z phone, though, you’re in luck, as the company is beginning its rollout of the software in India.

Sony’s Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3, and Xperia Z3 Compact are all seeing the Android upgrade going live, and it’s likely going to follow suit in other markets as well. Carrier versions might have to wait a little longer, but rest assured, Sony’s working on it. Hopefully 5.1 won’t be too far off. Read more

Lollipop spotted on Sony Xperia C3, but that doesn’t mean consumers will get it


Over the weekend we reported on Sony’s apparent plans to release the Android Lollipop update to their Xperia Z series line of devices and only the Z series. This conclusion was based on the responses users on Twitter have been receiving from Sony’s support reps. Sony’s position seems to have taken a curious turn since then as some screenshots have popped up that appear to show Android Lollipop running on a Sony Xperia C3. Read more

Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 chassis gets compared to Xperia Z3


At MWC 2015, there was some belief that Sony would announce its next flagship phone. The Xperia Z4 was never unveiled in Barcelona and, instead, the company introduced the Xperia Z4 Tablet. It is strange that Sony separated the phone’s announcement from the tablet, but it seems like we should learn about the Xperia Z4 soon because of alleged images of its chassis. The images show parts of Xperia Z4 compared to the preceding Xperia Z3.

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Sony’s Xperia Z3 is seen running Lollipop at MWC (Video)


Lately, it seems that everyone is getting an Android 5.0 Lollipop update on their smartphones, there are even rumours that Android 5.1 might be rolling out to Nexus devices in the next few days. Even Samsung has been pretty speedy with updates to its older phones, with the Indian Note 3 being the latest to receive Lollipop. This isn’t any comfort to Sony Xperia Z3 owners though, as they are still on the waiting list of devices to receive the update. There may be cause for hope however according to this video (after the break) taken at Sony’s MWC booth shows a Z3 handset running Android 5.0.2, while the narrator says that the Z3 Compact was also seen running Lollipop.

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