Japan – Preorder the Sony Ericsson Xperia NX Feb. 10th, street date Feb. 24th

NTT Domoco, Japan’s largest carrier, has announced its plans to begin taking pre orders for the Xperia NX on February 10, with units to go on sale the 24th.  So get your wallets ready, although, no word yet on pricing.

The Sony Xperia S, an international version of the NX is due to debut a few weeks later in Europe. Curiously, only the NX version will bare the Sony Ericsson branding while all else will be simply Sony.

source: NTT Docomo
via: AndroidCentral

The Box.net App Updates to Version 1.5, Adds Widgets, Uploading From Any App

The other day we brought to you news of how you could sneakily snag yourself 50GB of free online storage from Box.net. As you know, folks who owned either a Sony Xperia or LG Android smartphone received 50GB of cloud storage for free as part of a promotional deal between Sony, LG and Box.net. Well today we bring you news that Box has updated their Android app bringing it to version 1.5. Besides updates to the interface the app boasts some awesome productivity features. They are:

  •  A widget that shows the progress of files that are currently being modified or updated.
  •  The ability to upload email attachments or files directly from the app you’re currently using.
  •  The ability to create documents in an office app of your choice and saving the file in Box, rather than in  the document editor.

Given Box.net has 1.9 million users, the company is doing what it can to provide important improvements to the user experience. This goes a long way in customer satisfaction and it’s a relief to see that some companies still value the consumer. Hit the break below to find the Market link or QR Code, and if you are truly interested to read the press release. Even if you missed the 50GB promotion you can still snag 5GB of free online storage which is more than enough for most folks, enjoy.  Read more

Sony Ericsson Rolls Out Gingerbread 2.3.4 For All Countries

Owners of Sony Ericsson devices rejoice! We mentioned previously that a few lucky owners in the Nordic/Dutch region receiving the Gingerbread 2.3 update. The moment the rest of you have been waiting for is finally here with SE rolling out the coveted Gingerbread update to the rest of the owners around the world. Owners of SE devices (which will include the Xperia Arc, Play, Neo, and so on) can look forward to some noteworthy features with the update: Read more

2011 Sony Xperia devices-Your Android 2.3.4 update is arriving NOW

It has been quite a while now that we have been hearing a bunch of hype from Sony about plans to update all of their 2011 Experia phones to Android 2.3.4 starting in October. If you look at your calendar you will notice that it is still September yet and some users are reporting to have already received the update. It is pretty rad when a manufacturer beats there own proposed roll out date, huh?

Yesterday we told you about the Xperia Neo receiving the 2.3.4 update to users with Nordic/Dutch devices, now we have further confirmation of expansion to the Xperia Play and the Xperia Arc. Unfortunately, there has been no word yet on the Xperia Pro but should soon join the ranks of 2.3.4.

One of the more popular features for the Neo and the Arc is the ability to take 3D pictures! “No way,” you’re saying right now, “you can’t do that with a 2D camera, can you?” Oh, but with Sony Ericsson’s 3D panorama software you can! The only caveat, you must display your photos on a 3D capable T.V. in order to enjoy your new multidimensional memories. For you Xperia Play owners, I regret to inform you that you have been omitted from this feature for reasons unknown.   Read more

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 family will not receive Android updates


Well, looks like Sony decided to pull the plug on any future support for teh XPERIA X10 family of devices with regards to available updates after Android 2.1. This is not going to sit well with owners of the XPERIA X10 models, which includes the X10, X10 mini, and the X10 mini Pro. This means no Froyo, or Gingerbread, or anything further Android OS. iSad.

Sony did state that they will continue to develop updates for some of the proprietary software included in the XPERIA X10 line such as multitouch and mediascape going forward. If you’d won’t take NO for an answer though, you can always find a good unofficial ROM for Froyo or Gingerbread too.

[via Android Community, CES]

O2 Android Updates Nov. 15th for Xperia and Galaxy S Devices

If you have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S device on O2, you’re in luck, because plans to get you upgraded are in place for November 15th!

Sony Ericsson Xperia family users on O2 (that includes X10, X10 Mini, and X10 Mini Pro) will be receiving Android 2.1. Samsung Galaxy S family users will be receiving Android 2.2. Sorry Xperia people.

The update is likely to get rolled out in stages, but you can at least expect it to begin on Monday November 15th.

[via Android Central]

Sony Ericsson is Back in Black with the New Xperia X8

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is now available in ”Piano” black. Previously you could find it in white or white-dark color palate, and photos of the new black model have begun to surface, but this is the first look on video we have of the new black Xperia X8 in full action.

Watch the Video below.

Sony Xperia Users Need to be Happy too

Sony Happiness App

Who doesn’t want to be happy? I want to be happy. I bet you do too as you’re reading this. Sony also recognizes its Ericsson Xperia users like to be happy, but haven’t been lately due to the long wait for Android 2.x updates for the Xperia family of handhelds. To make amends, Sony is releasing an app called simply “Happiness”, available to all Xperia users via the Android Market.

The Happiness app will offer “free entertainment content such as music, videos, as well as exclusive discounts across leading brands, high street retailers, restaurants and bars.” You may be asking what that really includes. Well, it includes discounts on meals, deals on clothing, footwear, free downloads, and ticket discounts. Xperia users can also share these discounts with up to 3 friends who don’t have to be Xperia users themselves to receive the benefits.

Not bad Sony, not bad. But they will be happier if you just update the Xperia family and move forward we think. What do you think?

Read the full Press Release below