Mysterious Sony ST21i Smartphone Has Been Identified As The Xperia Tipo Smartphone

Ah yes, another bit of news for that mysterious, but well-known Sony ST21i Tapioca people have been talking about. Well apparently Sony¬†wanted to play coy and not give up any details since we had seen additional photos, but we managed to get some information on the smartphone. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Technology, the 800Mhz single core and Ice Cream Sandwich-powered smartphone will be identified as the Sony Xperia Tipo and no— it’s not a typo. Oh and if you don’t think this is the real deal, check out the screenshot below which highlights the phone’s model number and model name:

Now that we have a name to the device, all we need now is where and when the phone will be released. Come on Sony— stop with the teases already.

source: Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Technology
via: Phandroid

More Sony Xperia ST21i Tapioca Pictures Leak

We just showed you the first glimpse of Sony’s Xperia ST21i “Tapioca” handset, and now courtesy of Russian site Mobile Review, we get several more pictures of an early ST21i prototype to inspect. Tapioca pudding isn’t very expensive, so perhaps that’s why this device got that particular moniker… these specs are definitely entry-level:

  • 3.2-inch HVGA screen
  • 800 MHz single-core CPU
  • 3-megapixel fixed-focus camera
Yeah. Nothing fancy here. It’s expected to sell for around $260 off contract, which seems a tad bit high for these specs.¬†The prototype in these pictures still shows Ericsson branding, which will undoubtedly be removed in the final revision. Check out some of the pics after the break, or hit the source link for the full set.