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Customers are redirected to retail partners as Sony shutters it’s Online Store in Europe

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Europeans looking to purchase products online from the company will have look elsewhere from now on it seems, with Sony having closed its online store in the region. While you can still browse through Sony’s products on the website, selecting a purchasing option will steer you to other online retailers such as Argos, Curry’s and John Lewis in the UK.

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Sony says it can stay in the mobile devices market


Despite being a major brand in the world of electronics, Sony has struggled to find succes, or a profit, in the mobile devices market. This is notably true in the U.S. market. These forces led Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai to announce in February that a plan to return to profitability by 2018 may not include smartphones based on their absence from his statements. A new statement from the company says mobile devices will be part of Sony’s future and to back that up, a new, major advertising campaign is launching this month. Read more

No, Sony will not be having a press conference at MWC this year

sony_logo_720While many look toward Mobile World Congress (MWC) as a place to go to be updated on the new smartphone tech coming up in 2015 and beyond, some companies opt for their own announcement press conferences. Unlike Samsung, that will most likely announce the new Galaxy device at a press conference at MWC, Sony is taking a different path this year.

According to Xperia Blog’s sources, Sony Mobile will not be having a formal press conference or live stream this year, which is unlike what they’ve done in previous years. Instead, the company will have a welcome greeting to open the booth on Monday, March 2, for those media who are present.That said, we  can still expect to see something from Sony in the mobile category.

source: Xperia Blog

Sony Mobile is now set to only manufacture high-end smartphones


The past few months have been somewhat difficult for Sony, to say the least. Following a successful launch of not one, but three Xperia-branded smartphones in 2013, the Japanese company is now facing a serious loss in profit.

As a result, the firm has cut the amount of skilled workers it employs by 15% and adjusted operational strategies to primarily focus on the development of high-end smartphones, in order to seek financial gain rather than the global market share.

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Sony may unveil two new Xperia devices in Russia on March 18th


We’ve been keeping up with two budget-level Xperia devices lately; the dual-core, 4.6 inch Xperia SP and the 4.3 inch, 8 megapixel-toting Xperia L. Supposedly, the launch dates for both devices were scheduled for March, but we’re halfway through the month with no word from Sony about either device.

Well, it turns out Sony Mobile Russia is holding a press event on March 18th. There’s no official word about what’s being announced at the event, but we can put two and two together, especially with the rumor mill churning around both of those devices lately. Keep an eye out for any details on the 18th, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated when anything gets announced.

Source: Xperia Blog

HTC giving away free Playstation Mobile games to Sense 4+ users

Are you a fan of using Playstation Mobile on your certified HTC device? You’re about to get pretty excited. HTC is giving away free Playstation mobile games to users with devices running Sense 4.0 or above, and Android 4.1. This includes several HTC devices, but unfortunately leaves out AT&T and T-Mobile users that are still waiting on their Jelly Bean update. It’s hard to blame HTC for that, though, as they’ve updated their other versions of many of their devices.

They’re running a different free game every week until the end of February. This is pretty similar to Sony’s giveaway that’s going on right now. All you have to do is set up your account and download away. Happy gaming!

source: HTC

Sony overtakes HTC for second place in UK Android market

Good news for Sony, bad news for HTC. The latest figured show the Xperia manufacturers outselling HTC over the past summer in the UK. Sony moved 500,000 Android phones compared to HTC’s 440,000. They both lost market share to Samsung, however, who maintains first place with a whopping 3.2 million Android phones for comparison.

This news shows Sony’s new intense smartphone drive appears to be having some success, and if Sony does announce their new flagship in early 2013, they stand a good chance to eat up even more market share. Sony did say they though its recent restructuring to become Sony Mobile, as well as the James Bond marketing tactics, has caused a “positive reaction” with consumers, and the numbers seem to agree.

source: Mobile Today

Sony Mobile to Cut 1,000 Jobs

Reuters has reported that Sony will be cutting roughly 1,000 jobs from its mobile phone unit, Sony Mobile. This follows the Japanese company’s slashed 2012-2013 operating profit forecast.

Sony took over the struggling Sony Ericsson mobile phone unit earlier this year for roughly $1.3 billion, thus renaming it Sony Mobile.

Over half of the cuts will affect its Lund mobile plant in Sweden, which will now be used to focus on software and application development. Sony plans on moving its corporate headquarters from Lund to Toyko this October.

Source: Reuters

Carphone Warehouse Expects to Ship the Sony Xperia Miro This Month, Pre-orders Already Started

Sony recently announced the new Xperia Miro, a 3.5-inch entry level device with a 5MP camera and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a great device for people not wanting to spend a lot of money and just want a decent phone. Well, up until now we were given no indications as to when the Sony Xperia Miro would be release.

Carphone Warehouse has updated their product sign-up page to show potential buyers they can expect a ship date of August 2012. The phone was announced back in mid-June and looks to be just about ready for prime time! Are you getting one? Hit the source link below to pre-order yours!

source: Carphone Warehouse

Unlocked Xperia S, P and Sola Now Available In the U.S.

Sony Mobile is now delivering on its promise to deliver their NXT lineup of Android devices unlocked in the U.S.  The Xperia S with a dual core 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm CPU, 4.3″ (1280 x 720) HD display, and capable 12MP camera is available for $469.99 from Newegg in black or white. The Xperia P rocking a 1Ghz dual core CPU, 4″ (960 x 540) qHD display, and 8MP camera is up for $388.99 from Newegg. While the budget friendly Xperia Sola with its 1Ghz dual core CPU, 3.7″ (854 x 480) display, “floating touch” technology, and 5MP camera can be had for $299.00 from Newegg.

All three models will receive Sony Mobile’s ICS update and will work on AT&T’s 3G network. The Xperia U is not yet available, but should be up sometime soon. These are all capable devices and should only get better once they have the Android ICS update installed. Anyone interested in one of these devices?

source: Xperia Blog