Google+ And YouTube Are Now #2 And #3 In Terms Of Daily Active Users Among Social Networks


It’s no surprise that Facebook reigns king among the masses out there in terms of daily active users, but it appears that Google+ and YouTube are certainly trending towards overtaking Facebook as the most widely used social networks in terms of active users. According to a report done by UK market research firm Trendstream, Facebook’s active users in December 2012 was at 693 million, compared to a more modest 343 million for Google+ and while the report does not give an exact number of YouTube active users, approximate estimates seem to have the figure somewhere in the neighborhood of 280 million. So while the exact number of combined active Google+ and YouTube users seems to fall short of the number of active Facebook users, the approximate number would almost certainly be greatly larger than the current 343 million Google+ users. Seems like all those clever integration ideas Google implemented recently are finally coming to full fruition as Google+ and YouTube each experienced tremendous growth in terms of active users… and it probably doesn’t hurt that the Android platform continues to grow and grow— giving Google+ and YouTube and extra leg up on the competition.

You’ll find more details and fun charts in the interesting report once you hit the source link.

source: Forbes