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GetGlue app for Android gets UI overhall, but loses important features

getglue_android_updateThe guys at GetGlue have redone their social networking app for Android from scratch, giving it a completely new interface and a set of different features. The user interface has been refreshed and cleaned up, giving a Google Now card-style look to the app. Aside from the nice new aesthetics, there are added tabs to monitor TV shows, movies, and sports, as well as a search tab. Curiously, and disappointingly, books, movies, topics and games have been removed in this update.

In addition, a personalized “smart guide” feature that syncs with your cable provider’s guide which suggests the best movies, TV shows, and sports to watch has been added to the app. Also, you can now check in and chat with friends while you watch, as well as watch clips of your favorite programs through the app. However, Foursquare integration has been removed.

The new UI is nice, but the axed features make it a bittersweet update. You can check out the full change log and download the free update after the break.

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Facebook Gets Updated To Give Users Ability To Share News Stories And Improved Photo Sharing


Facebook has gotten a much needed update recently. While the update version will vary with each device, Facebookers can look forward to some much-welcomed features such as the ability to share a news story right from your timeline to your friends and family, an enhanced status update feature and an even better means of photo tagging. All in all, the latest update just makes sharing your life with your family and friends even easier than ever before.

Of course the world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of that native app just around the corner, but every little update helps, right? Hit the Play Store link or scan the QR code to grab the latest update today.


Google+ Updated To Version 3.2, Includes Google+ Pages Support


One of the best and fastest growing social networks has just gotten a major update. Google+ has been updated to version 3.2 and brings Google+ Pages support. That means if businesses— both small and large— can now post and comment, right from Android devices. In addition, the new update brings the ability to “find people” and a homescreen widget refresh. Every little bit to make apps is always welcome and appreciated, so kudos to Google for making the app better than it already was.

To take advantage of the new features found in the latest update, head on down to the Play Store below.


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Samsung Plans to Launch It’s Own Social Networking Service


Based on a report from The Korea Times, Samsung is going to debut a social network that a Samsung official says will compete with Facebook. They noted that the project is called in no subtle terms, “Samsung Facebook”. They don’t seem to be hiding the fact that the project is definitely geared toward a Facebook-like feel. Well there is no hard evidence on what this all entails, but it has been confirmed that it should go live in the Q1 of next year. Samsung’s idea is to have this social network span across their many internet ready devices for consumers.

It’s quite hard to say that this project, ‘Samsung Facebook’ could ever be real competition for the social giant Facebook in my opinion, but what’s another social network? Go ahead and toss it right in there with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+?  Whatever your feelings are on this move, Samsung is going to give it a shot.

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Facebook Wants To Recommend More Than Just Friends, Introduces New App Center


As Facebook continues to evolve as a social networking platform, so does its services offered to all users. You already know that Facebook knows anything and everything about you when it comes to friends and families, so now it’s turned its attention to your friends and families with smartphones and their apps by introducing the App Center. Basically— the App Center will identify users’ existing apps of your Facebook contacts and recommend similar apps for users to use. The App Center is by no means small either— it’s expected to launch with over 500 apps between web, iOS and Android users, while also providing users with nothing but “high-quality” apps.

The App Center will be built-in to the iOS and Android apps in addition to the main Facebook website. Once users see an app they may like, Facebook will have a “send to mobile” feature to get content on a device and when installation is required, users will get a link to the Play Store for download. You folks excited about Facebook getting to know you even better than it already does?

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ooVoo Video Chatting App Gets Updated, Now Includes 12-Way Video Chat

In case you’re not familiar, ooVoo is one of the better video chatting options available. Well the app and service has taken something good and made it awesome. ooVoo has confirmed the ability for users of its service to participate in an unprecedented 12-way video chat. This means if you use ooVoo on your Android, desktop or even through Facebook, you’ll be able to get in on the action. In addition to the expanded number of users who can connect to the video chat, the new update includes the ability to connect to friends whether not they have ooVoo by simply emailing, posting or texting an ooVoo Call Link as well as a brand-spankin’ new user interface which has been improved, yet simplified for all. In addition to the improvements brought by the latest update, ooVoo also announced its continued and successful growth. Here’s CEO  Yuval Baharav:

“Today’s product announcement is a major milestone for ooVoo and our users. ooVoo’s community is over 46 million strong and our average user spends significant time engaging in fun and interesting activities including watching TV, playing music and games, doing homework and just being together.”

The newly improved app is now available for all Froyo 2.2+ devices. We know you’re ready to get in on the improved ooVoo action, so hit the break to see the full presser as well as find the Play Store link and QR code.

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Google Introduces The New Google+: An App With Sense And Soul


Google+ is no doubt one of the more revolutionary social networks available– and that’s why Google is taking the steps necessary to evolve its mobile app for its users. Specifically— Google is interested in transforming the Google+ app into an application that fully utilizes a device’s touchscreen capabilities and high-resolution display. That means users of the app will be able to see a revamped homescreen, crisper fonts, more fluid UI (such as improved response when swiping the screen) and important actions like +1 now float atop the stream, which makes it easy to endorse all your favorite items. The end result of this is “an app with sense and soul” according to Google.

While the new version of the app is available for iOS to begin, Google highlights the app will be available for Android within a few weeks— which will include “extra surprises”.

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