Hootsuite’s Android app receives update bringing better image sharing and content publishing

hootsuitelogoHootsuite’s Android application has been updated with several new features, mostly focused on image sharing and scheduled content publishing. The update brings the app to version 3.1, marking the first iterative update since it’s massive 3.0 update not too long ago.

Most of the new features are noticeable in the tweaked interface. The UI for composing tweets has been moved around a bit, making the send tweet arrow more prominent while hiding scheduling options behind a drop-down menu. When placing images within a tweet, Hootsuite now also shows a live preview of those images, which it didn’t do before. There are a few other slight changes, including Hootsuite being able to send out images to social media as opposed to just links, and a menu for looking at your scheduled content before it goes live. Read more

Lyft tries to get social with latest update


Lyft, the “taxi & bus alternative,” is moving into the realm of social platforms with a new update they have rolled out that makes “Profiles” available to users. The new feature is designed to add a little extra level of comfort and familiarity between riders and drivers and perhaps bridge the awkwardness that is present when strangers meet. Lyft says they were inspired by some feedback they got from users of their Lyft Line carpooling service. Those users reported they ended up sharing interesting connections and in some cases forming friendships. Read more

Twitter introduces new tweet quoting system, rolling out to Android apps soon

twitter_new_banner_620pxTwitter has taken the wraps off of a new system for quoting tweets that makes it a little easier to add your own comment to others’ tweets. With the current quoting system, the contents of a tweet are literally “quoted” and posted to your followers. For longer tweets that hit that 140 character limit, that doesn’t really leave you much room to say anything. Read more

Nuzzel for Android keeps up with the most popular stories from your social circles

nuzzelNuzzel is a service that takes a unique spin on curating content for you by crowd sourcing what your friends and social circles think is popular.

The app hooks into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then sees which stories and content are being tweeted and shared the most over a 24-hour span. Whichever stories are the most popular get dished up on your main feed in the app, from which you can share/tweet/link the stories again, thus completing the bloated cycle of viral news stories on social media. Seriously, though, if you have tons of Facebook friends and follow huge amounts of Twitter accounts, this is a great way to simplify things. Read more

Twitter’s “While You Were Away” feature going live for some users

Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateTwitter has been working on implementing a new feature for the social network that displays the most popular Tweets at the top of a user’s feed so they don’t miss anything important while they weren’t checking Twitter. The point is to drive up user engagement on the site, similar to how Facebook implements its Timeline feature. The feature is aptly called “While You Were Away” and it looks like it’s starting a slow roll out to some users.

The recapping feature is one of the first moves Twitter is making in 2015 to keep users on the site and posting. The tricky part will be finding the right balance between displaying tweets in the app that people actually want to see, and not just junk that takes up space at the top of a Twitter feed. Read more

TuneIn updates app, seeks to build social radio platform


TuneIn has released an update to their TuneIn Radio Android app that not only overhauls the look and feel, it introduces some changes to the way the service works. These changes are part of an effort by the company to become more of a standalone social network platform focused on the online radio shows and stations that users access. Users will find that old methods like “favorite” stations have now been converted to “follows” and users now have access to a personalized feed full of updates. TuneIn will also use your history and the content you are following to suggest stations, shows and categories.┬áTuneIn has also added a feature called “TuneIn Echo” that will let groups access content together. Read more

Twitter plans to redesign and push its direct messaging system to compete with other instant messaging services


Twitter will apparently be looking to revamp and push their direct messaging service to compete with other apps like Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Apple’s iMessage in the near future. Considering Twitter is primarily about sharing things with the public, it’s easy to see how their DM system has been pushed to the back for years. Twitter has already been testing the waters by allowing users to message each other without following each other, and they’re also considering a standalone app for the service, similar to Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts.

If Twitter plans on taking this seriously, I think they’re going to find that the market for messaging apps is pretty crowded. They’ll have to contend with Snapchat, which offers extremely private picture messaging, Google’s Hangouts and Apple’s iMessage (and even Samsung’s ChatOn to an extent) that offer cross-platform messaging, Facebook’s already-well-established Messenger app that integrates with text messaging via Chat Heads, the return of BlackBerry’s BBM, WhatsApp, Line, etc… You get the picture. These apps are all too common in the mobile phone market, and only a select few manage to take a top spot and hang on to it.

Read more

Facebook for Android gets updated, brings voice messaging support

Coinciding nicely with a recent overhaul and a slew of functionality improvements, Facebook for Android has received yet another update today. This time users can expect support for voice messaging and quicker image rendering. Facebookers can now also share their friends’ stories directly on their own timelines, something that previously could only be done through the desktop site. Grab the full update from the Play Store via the download link below.


Play Store Download Link