Lollipop testing on Moto X 2013 Developer’s Edition commences


Some owners of the first generation Motorola Moto X smartphone are reporting they have received emails alerting them to a forthcoming soak test for their devices. The update that will be rolling out to those who choose to participate is expected to be an update to Android Lollipop.

This is welcome news to owners of the device since Lollipop has been delayed due to issues with the processor used in the Moto X 2013. The soak test is a good sign that Motorola is very close to rolling out an official update. However, owners of the device that purchased them through specific carriers will have to wait a while longer for carrier certification to be completed.

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Lollipop soak test for 1st Generation Moto G starting to roll out

Moto_G_Back_TAWhile most other manufacturers are busy getting their flagship devices ready for Android Lollipop, Motorola is prepping its first generation Moto G for the update. Some users with the 8 GB, 3G-only Canadian model have been notified about the Android 5.0.2 upgrade, so while that’s being limited to a very small selection of devices, it does mean that a bigger rollout is on its way.

This soak test brings devices up to Android 5.0.2, skipping 5.0.1. The incremental update really only affected tablets, but at least you’ll be able to say you’ve got the latest and greatest on your Moto G when it hits. At least until Google takes the wraps off of Android 5.1, anyway.
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HTC Elevate members getting “HTC Preview” program to soak test updates


One of the tools manufacturers can use to get updates ready for their devices is the soak test wherein the update is distributed to a small group of end users to see if they can break it or otherwise find issues. One company that does this frequently is Motorola. HTC has announced to members of their HTC Elevate private community that they will offer a similar program called “HTC Preview.”
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Motorola sending out soak test invites to Moto X owners on AT&T


Owners of the Moto X on AT&T should be expecting a software update soon. Readers that own the Motorola flagship have notified us that the company has sent out soak test invitations to Motorola Feedback Network members.

While we do not know exactly what this update is for, chances are Android 4.4.4 is incoming. The update should be pushed to everyone else within the next two weeks.

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Soak test with Android 4.4.2 rolling out for Sprint Moto X owners


Owners of the Moto X on Sprint should be on the lookout for the Android 4.4.2 soak test. Some are reporting that the Motorola Feedback Network has contacted them regarding the update and saying there is a “preview software release” incoming. Both T-Mobile and US Cellular owners have already been updated to the latest version of Android, meaning it is only a matter of time before everyone else issues the update.

If you are one of the people taking part in the soak test, let us know about the update in the comments.

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Original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Soak Test Happening, No It’s not KitKat


If you’re the owner of the original DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX, an update should grace your devices here in the next week or two. A soak test is currently going out for each device. While some of Motorola’s older devices are slated to get KitKat, neither of the devices that kicked off Motorola’s new generations of RAZRs didn’t make the cut. As Motorola has made it clear on its web site, neither device will receive Android 4.4 and will stay on 4.1.2.

What we can expect from the update would be fixes for problematic bugs, boosts in mobile signal, and/or the addition of bloatware. As soon as Verizon drops official support documents with what exactly the update brings to the table, we’ll let you know. Usually once the soak test goes out, it’s a short matter of time before the update becomes official.

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Sprint sending out Moto X KitKat soak test invites


Just about everyone with a Moto X has or is getting KitKat relatively soon. Verizon got the update first and AT&T followed shortly after. US Cellular’s update is even around the corner. And according to a tipster over at Phone Arena, Sprint is sending out soak test invites for the Android 4.4 KitKat update. If you’re part of Motorola’s Feedback Network, you are likely to have received the invite. Being a part of the soak test allows Motorola to have a sample size good enough to identify problems and fix them before a major roll out.

Sprint Moto X owners, have you received a soak test invite?

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AT&T Moto X Soak Test invites go out, presumably for Kit Kat

Moto_X_Blue_TAThis evening, AT&T Moto X owners who are members of the Motorola Feedback Network began receiving invites to test out an upcoming software update. We expect this to be Android 4.4, considering Verizon Moto X owners just received Kit Kat as well. Droid-Life was also told that  the soak for AT&T models should start around November 22, with the full rollout to all users beginning the first week of December.

Certainly exciting news for AT&T Moto X owners.

Source: Droid-Life

Verizon rolling out Moto X camera update to soak testers, doesn’t break root for all users [Update: now pushing to everyone]


Verizon sent out soak test invites about a week ago, and the first users are reporting that they’re finally receiving that elusive camera update for their Moto X phones. Verizon didn’t manage to get this one out in a timely manner, but hey, better late than never, right? The update adds in camera improvements as well as touchless control improvements and a fix for choppy audio on calls that some users were experiencing.

A pretty major part of this update is the fact that it’s not breaking root for all users. When signing up for the soak test, Motorola and Verizon stated the users would have to be okay with losing root access, but for users that rooted their X with MotoRoot, it looks like you’ll be able to keep. Other root methods are seeing mixed success, so your mileage may vary.

Update: We have no idea how, but the soak test is already over and everyone will be getting the update soon. Full changelog after the break.

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