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Talk Android Apps of the Week: September 6, 2015


Welcome to Talk Android’s very first Apps of the Week column! Every Sunday, I’ll supply a report on some of the best applications I’ve been using over the course of the last seven days. To get things started, this week I’m focusing my attention on a great Reddit client, a functional note-taking app, an extremely addictive game and last but not least a second-to-none photo editing tool.

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Best photo editing apps for Android [May 2015]

android-photo-editingPhoto editing apps on smartphones as a necessity to deal with early low-resolution cameras. Instagram even built up a social network off of the idea of filters and editing to make low megapixel shots look decent. Today, smartphone cameras have gotten significantly better, even replacing smaller point and shoot cameras for many people, but many of the editing apps have managed to evolve and stay relevant alongside the new, better cameras.

We went through some of the best available apps for tweaking your camera shots a couple years ago, but over the past few years the landscape of the best apps has changed. In this guide, we’ll go over the top apps for fine-tuning your shots to look perfect on whatever social media site you plan on uploading them to. Read more

New Google+ Android app update adds new photo features


Android’s Google+ app is seeing a big update today that adds in a few new features, all focused on photo editing. It’s a gradual update that will slowly roll out to devices over the next week or so.

One of the new features is a non-destructive editing mode, which now lets users continue editing photos on a device other than the original device that started the editing. A full resolution can be backed up on a desktop, touched up on a tablet, then finished up on a smartphone, and all of the changes can be completely reverted at any time. Before now, if you began editing a photo on a phone, you wouldn’t be able to get the original photo back if you finished editing the photo on a different device like a laptop or tablet. On top of the editing feature is a whole new set of filters and creative tools that borrow heavily from Snapseed. Read more

Snapseed update with HDR Scape now live in the Play Store


Earlier today, Vic Gundotra unveiled a slew of new stuff for Google+. One of them was a new featured called HDR Scape for the Snapseed app, which adds HDR to your photos. You are probably saying to yourself that your phone already has HDR, but according to Vic, this processes uses an advanced pixel-edge contrast method, which yields better quality. Just take a look at the before (left) and after (right) in the image above. The full changelog per Snapseed is as follows…

  • The new HDR SCAPE filter brings a stunning look to your images
  • A new Shadows slider in Tune Image that brightens dark areas naturally
  • Plus bug fixes and other small improvements

Give it a shot and let us know what you think. Download Links after the break.

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Google brings Snapseed editing tools to Google+

Google+Google’s purchase of Snapseed is finally making a difference to end-users. Snapseed photo editing tools, like filters and fine tuning have made their way to the web version of Google+ in Chrome. The new features include:

* Auto Enhance already makes the photos you add to Google+ look great. Now you can customize and fine tune these adjustments if you have a different look in mind.
* Selective adjust lets you make edits to specific parts of your image, so you can make that summer sky look even more blue without affecting the beach in the foreground.
* Filters like Vintage, Drama, Retrolux or Black and White give your photos a new look. Add the finishing touch with a frame.

The features are abailable by opening one of your own photos and clicking “Edit” in the lightbox. The features are rolling out gradually, so you might not have them just yet, but be patient.

Source: +Josh Haftel

Google+ Android app update includes photo enhancement and auto-backup features

google_plus_photosThe Google+ Photos enhancements that were announced last week were already available on the web, and they have now been added to the Android app as well.

Auto-backup is added in the update to automatically backup user’s photos taken on their phone to the cloud, of course with permission. Snapseed features are also included. Users can use tweaks like cropping, rotating, and exposure adjustments, as well as the popular filters Snapseed offers. Google’s own “Auto-awesome” feature which was demonstrated at the I/O is also available in the app after the update. Searching for the best photos is also improved in the update, using the new “highlights” feature which allows Google to pick and display the best photos from an album on the main page of that album.

Among the other features the update offers are improved location sharing and automatic related hashtags. You can download the updated app through the link after the break. Read more

Best Android photo editing apps [February 2013]

As Android devices become faster and more capable computer-replacements, we’re expecting them to do things our traditional computers do, like photo editing. While Google provides a bit of support for effects on your pictures, and many OEMs provide some basic photo editing functionality in their software, sometimes it’s not quite enough, especially if you’re used to more in-depth editing on your desktop. That’s where this guide comes in; we’re going to list some of the best photo editing apps available for that supercomputer in your pocket. Read more

Snapseed, Award Winning Photo Editor, Hits The Play Store

Photo editors certainly are not lacking in numbers at the Google Play Store but Snapseed, today’s entry, comes in with the most fanfare since Instagram brought its Lomography inspired filter set & square frames to Android. Apple named Snapseed the iPad App Of The Year for 2011. This year the Technical Image Press Association awarded it with the 2012 Best Mobile Photo App honors. If the awards aren’t enough to pique your interest, Google apparently thought enough of the app to buy the developer, Nik Software.

So what does the app itself bring, besides quick and easy Google+ integration? It has a  lot of the same settings you’d expect from a photo editing app. It has a quick auto fix option, a variety of filters and several borders. It packs a pretty thorough set of adjustments (white balance, contrast, saturation, cropping, straightening, etc.). While these settings are nothing new to photo editors, its the execution that sets Snapseed apart. The adjustments work well and in a sleek easy-to-use interface. I was all set to drop the $10 on Photoshop Touch for the Nexus 7 but now I think I’ll have to give this a shot first!

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