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Could an LG phone powered by the Snapdragon 800 be announced by Qualcomm at CES?

Snapdragon 800 SoC

To bring a little excitement prior to CES, Qualcomm took to its Twitter account to post a small teaser of a ‘mysterious’ phone that will be powered by their Snapdragon 800 processor. This new device will debut during CES and while the brand of the phone hasn’t been released, all indications point towards it being from LG (most likely the rumored LG Flex 2). Read more

Alleged Moto X+1 benchmark test shows older Snapdragon 800 inside


When the Moto X was announced, there were complaints that the specifications were not cutting edge and on par with other flagship handsets. Motorola stood by its device. Nevertheless, it did not perform how the company had hoped. So with the Moto X+1 right around the corner, Motorola has a chance to deliver what everyone really wants. A recent benchmark showed that the device would have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor. Another benchmark making its way around today, though, says otherwise.

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Photo suggests Vivo Xplay 3S to be made available in five colors

Vivo Xplay 3s

The Vivo Xplay 3S, which is supposed to be the first 2K display phone with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, should be announced on December 12th. It should also pack a Snapdragon 800 processor and massive battery. Performance will be unknown until testers get their hands on the device.

Today, a picture of the five Vivo Xplay 3S’s leaked, each one featuring a different chassis color. This is all rumor for now, but some time next week this should all be confirmed.

Via: Phone Arena
Source: Weibo

Xiaomi MI3 with Tegra 4 to be released October 15, variant with Snapdragon 800 to come later


There’s been a lot of hype about the Xiaomi MI3, especially because of its awesome specs, and we finally know that it’s coming out on October 15. Thing is, though, that this variant will only have Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor, and is tailor made for China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA 3G network.

The other variants have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor. We currently have no word on when the other variants will be released, but rumors suggest late November or maybe even early 2014.

It’s a weird situation, and very well may delay Xiaomi’s plans to go international.

Source: GizChina

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active with Snapdragon 800 set to launch in Korea next month


After seeing a version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active with a Snapdragon 800 processor pop up in some benchmark testing, we are finally treated to some news about when the device may hit the market. Reports indicate the faster version of the ruggedized smartphone is set for an October launch on Korean carrier SK Telecom with an estimated price of 900,000 won ($840 USD). In addition to the upgraded processor, the new version will support SK Telecom’s LTE-A network, much like the Galaxy S 4 sibling already announced that supports LTE-A.

Perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding the device is what version of Android it may ship with out of the box. There is no indication of any other markets that may see this variation of the device.

source: SamMobile

ZTE Nubia Z5 NX501 passes through FCC, could launch in United States relatively soon


A device going by the name “SRQ-NX501” recently passed through the halls of the FCC, which is more than likely the ZTE Nubia Z5 NX501.

The device will work on both GSM and WCDMA networks, and is Bluetooth and WLAN capable.

The China version of the device comes with a 5-inch display, a full HD 1080p resolution, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, has 2GB RAM, features a 13MP camera, and ships with 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Rumors say that the American variant will feature an upgraded processor, the Snapdragon 800. This is quite the surprise, since in the past, Chinese devices making their way over to the United States normally have downgraded specs, including RAM and processor speed.

Via: GSMInsider
Source: FCC

LG G Pad confirmed to pack Snapdragon 600 rather than originally rumored Snapdragon 800


Sources have confirmed that the upcoming LG tablet, known as the “G Pad,” will not come with the originally rumored Snapdragon 800 processor, and will instead pack the Snapdragon 600. A few other important details about the device have been released as well, including that the tablet will have an 8.3-inch WUXGA display with 350 knit brightness and 60% color reproduction rate. It will be available in two variants including WiFi and LTE, and that the WiFi variant will be for the Korean Market, and the LTE variant will be available from Verizon Wireless. More details to come on the tablet as we approach the rumored unveiling date at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

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Source: NewsTomato


Galaxy Note III coming in three colors with Snapdragon 800 to start


With the quickly approaching announcement of Samsung’s giant flagship device we’re seeing more “leaks” detailing what to expect. This time it appears that the third generation of the Note series will initially arrive in a few colors. When it finally debuts it will come in the typical black and white models. A few weeks later (mid-October) a pink model will be available. We’re not sure if the pink model will be available for anyone other than South Korea, much like the S4, but we’ll know in just over a month. That being said, the next rumor could mean that even if the pink model is exclusive to non-American and European markets, they may not see it for a while.

According to another report it appears that Samsung will be using a Snapdragon 800 exclusively at launch. The Exynos 5420 octa-core processor that was supposed to run in the device is not stable enough and is presenting with overheating issues. Samsung is said to be waiting for a more stable batch of the Exynos processor before incorporating it into the Note III. What this could mean though, is that at launch American and European markets will be the only markets to get their hands on the device.  Here’s hoping Samsung gets their stuff together before the launch. Of course if you’re curious about whether or not you’ll see the Exynos or Snapdragon variant you can check it out here.

source: SamMobile 1, 2

Upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire HD will likely ship with Snapdragon 800


An Amazon mystery device (codename: Apollo) running Android 4.2.2 has shown up on GFX Bench with some pretty high-end specs, leading some to believe that this could be the next Kindle Fire HD. With a 2560 x 1600 pixel display, Adreno 330 GPU, and a 2.15GHz maximum CPU clock speed, one would most likely be right to assume that this new tablet will ship with a Snapdragon 800 processor. The device is also rumored to have an 8MP main camera, a front shooter, 2GB RAM, optional cellular connectivity, and 16/32/64 GB internal storage.

Announcement for the new Kindle Fire models are likely to come in the fall, with pricing and release date remaining a mystery.

Via: PhoneArena
Source:  GFX Bench

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 comes with built-in support for always-on voice recognition


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor that’s slated to be put in just about every high end phone for the rest of the year has an easily overlooked feature that predates some of the touchless controls that have been gaining traction in the past few days thanks to the Moto X. In fact, since it was announced, the Snapdragon 800 had support to always-on voice activation on the CPU level. Not the undercut Motorola’s achievement on doing this with their impressive custom processor work, but it’s very likely we’ll start to see that voice activation hitting more phones this year as they start to hit shelves with a Snapdragon 800 inside.

source: Qualcomm

via: Phone Arena