Motorola refines the Moto 360 by tailoring the smartwatch for everyone


The world is full of rectangular displays, but the original Moto 360 actually resembled a traditional watch with its display’s round shape. Motorola pushed engineering boundaries with the design of last year’s standout smartwatch. Now the company is back with a new, refined Moto 360 that is made the way you want it. The Moto 360 may have not changed too much since its debut, yet you’ll notice that customization is as important as ever to Motorola.

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Smaller Motorola smartwatch is outed as the Moto 360 Sport, will arrive in November according to leak

Moto_360 2nd_Gen_LEak (1)

The leaks have arrived with increasing frequency, even Motorola tweeted (temporarily) about the 2015 version of the Moto 360, but now it seems like we finding out the details we really want to know. The seemingly back-in-the-game, Evan Blass (@evleaks), leaked an image of the Moto 360 (2015) a little while ago, and not to be outdone, @upleaks has leaked pictures and news about its smaller version. This smaller version is apparently called the Moto 360 Sport and is said to arrive in November.

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Samsung Gear S2 might include nano SIM card slot

samsung_unpacked_2015_gear_s2_teaser_3At Samsung’s famous Unpacked event in NYC, the company teased an upcoming smartwatch called the Gear S2. The smartwatch will likely replace the original Gear S, but will include a round face and a rumored circular bezel for easy navigating. A new report states the smartwatch will likely include a nano SIM card slot for connection to cellular networks.

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Android operating system brought to Samsung Gear S thanks to XDA developer and CyanogenMod

Gear s wrist straps

Samsung might not have been the very first smartwatch manufacturer, but they definitely have been one of the most adamant companies in pushing the appeal of a wrist-borne computer. Additionally, one could easily argue that they also produce the most beautiful of all the smartwatches: the curved Gear S. Also, arguably, the Gear S has one of the biggest flaws of all the smartwatches out on the market: Tizen.

Until XDA developer biktor_gj stepped up and brought Android to the Gear S via CyanogenMod 12.1. And what was Biktor’s opening comment upon success? “Hey GearS! Welcome to the Android family!”

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Samsung teases upcoming smartwatch to be shown off on September 3rd

samsung gear s2After announcing the Note 5 and S6 Edge+, Samsung quickly teased a new smartwatch that they’re planning on officially unveiling at IFA early next month. The watch looks completely rounded and more like what some other manufacturers are going for, but the interface looks considerably different from what Samsung ships on their current watches.

Unfortunately, they didn’t go into any details aside from the way it looks and when it will actually be announced, but we should know more in the next few weeks.