Casio preparing to enter the smartwatch field


The smartwatch industry has a new player ready to enter, this time coming from the world of watchmakers hoping to add some “smarts” to its devices instead of a tech company looking to cram smarts into a watch form factor. Casio has revealed plans to produce a smartwatch for release in 2016. With the company’s history, the move to finally get into the market should probably not be a surprise. Read more

Huawei delays launch of its SmartWatch to September-October in China

Huawei Smartwatch

Huawei’s Watch was first unveiled at MWC back in March, and it is still one of the better-looking Android Wear devices around. There is no set shipping date for the Huawei Watch just yet, although it is available to pre-order in most countries. Not in China though, availability of the Huawei Watch has been delayed until at least September, although October hasn’t been ruled out if things don’t go to plan.

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Samsung reportedly offering mobile payments with new smartwatch


According to a report from Electronic Times, Samsung’s next smartwatch will include NFC, so mobile payments will be possible. One of Apple Watch’s best features is the ability to use the device for mobile payments using NFC, so should Samsung use Samsung Pay in the same way, a similar experience could be expected. While Samsung Pay’s big draw is the ability to pay at all credit card terminals instead of just NFC, just the ability to pay from a watch is still a great feature.

The current target release for Samsung’s new watch is the second half of the year, so we’ll see all the device has to offer in a few months.

Source: Reuters
Via: Droid Life

New Moto 360 may have just been Bluetooth certified

Motorola_Moto_360_Classic_Watch_Face_TAThe next generation Moto 360 has likely just passed through official Bluetooth certification, which might indicate that we’ll see the successor to Motorola’s rounded smartwatch relatively soon.

The device has a model number of BTMW03, which is extremely similar to the Moto 360’s BTMW01 model. The certification also mentions that it’s an Android product, so that rules out any type of Bluetooth speaker, headset, or other accessory. It either has to be the new 360, or something completely out of left field that no one’s expecting. The former is a safer bet. Read more

TAG Heuer smartwatch to come with big price tag and long battery life


Jean-Claude Biver, who is heading up the effort to bring a TAG Heuer smartwatch powered by Android Wear to market later this year, revealed some new details about the device in comments at a recent store opening. According to Biver, the TAG Heuer device is expected to hit the market in October or November at a starting price point of $1,400. Biver did not indicate whether the device that sells for that amount will be the only version available or if that is just the base and prices for other versions could be higher. TAG Heuer hopes to compete against Apple in the smartwatch market, whose watches start at $349, but can go for as much as $17,000 for versions in gold. Read more