CommandWear adopts Pebble smartwatches for first responder solution


CommandWear Systems announced today that they have adopted Pebble smartwatches as part of a solution they make available for first responders. The CommandWear system involves components for communicating with first responders who are actively engaged in the field as well as a system for collecting multimedia information as part of a situational awareness platform. By deploying Pebble smartwatches as part of their solution, CommandWear hopes to help first responders keep eyes, ears and hands free for the job at hand while also improving their situational awareness and communication with central command.

CommandWear indicates the Pebble smartwatch provides the following advantages:
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Hyundai set to launch Blue Link app at CES 2015

Blue Link Smartwatch

One of the big technology trends we expect to see at CES 2015 is increased convergence between mobile devices and automobiles. Today Hyundai announced that they will be releasing the next generation of their Blue Link System on 2016 Elantra GT and Veloster models. Along with the announcement about the next generation of the system, Hyundai also announced they will be releasing a new Blue Link smartwatch app to make it even easier for car owners to interact with their vehicles.

The new smartwatch app will give users the ability to access features like door unlocking, remote starting or even access service information via their smartwatch devices. Hyundai’s executive director Barry Ratzlaff says the new features in Blue Link,
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Alcatel OneTouch to reveal new smartwatch line at CES


Alcatel OneTouch may be poised to catch some people off guard at CES 2015 starting next week when they reveal a new line of smartwatches. As you can see from the image above, Alcatel OneTouch has decided to go with a round watch face for their devices along with several different straps. According to Alcatel OneTouch, they were aiming for a traditional watch look and feel for the hardware, which it appears they may have achieved that goal with their new line of Watch devices.
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Calendar Events Notifier App Will Pester You Until It’s Acknowledged


I can recall very specific calendar events that I missed because the notification disappeared on my phone. This problem happened more often when I got an Android Wear smartwatch because I flicked through my notifications too quickly.

Now, thanks to XDA developer Bartito, you can get bugged to death until you acknowledge that yes, you do have a doctor’s appointment today.
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New E-Paper watch from Sony turns page on a new chapter


Sources have discovered that Sony is working on a new smartwatch that focuses on fashion over function. The watch is going to be constructed out of a new e-paper display from Sony that spans not only the watch face, but the band as well. This means users will be able to change the appearance with a tap or two. The smartwatch is not only unique in eschewing functionality – it only provides the time and date – but development of the device has revealed a new business unit within Sony that is part of an effort to get the company back on track financially and in terms of innovation.
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