Samsung shows off flexible, bendable wire batteries for smartwatches and wearables

samsung wire batterySamsung has shown off some new battery tech that we could start seeing in smartwatches and wearable tech in the next few years. The battery is unique in that it features a wire shape that’s extremely flexible, which should theoretically maximize the amount of juice a device can hold that takes up all of the available space in a watch face or wristband. Samsung claims this could result in up to 50% better battery life. Read more

Fossil Q is the watchmaker’s first ever Android Wear smartwatch

fossil QFossil is one of the world’s biggest watch manufacturers, and they’re getting their feet wet with in the smartwatch market with the Fossil Q.

The Fossil Q is the company’s first attempt at an Android Wear smartwatch, and it looks like one of the more compelling designs we’ve seen on some of these connected watches. It features a design worthy of the Fossil brand, and it’s powered by Intel and Google’s wearable platform. Read more