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Nextbit hopes pedigree will help it break into smartphone market


Nextbit, which started life as a software firm, hopes to move into the smartphone manufacturing business with a planned announcement of their first device on September 1st. Some skepticism may be in order for any company, especially a relative startup, that wants to get into the smartphone industry as it is a tough business. Nextbit hopes the pedigree of some of their members will attract the attention they will need to make it a successful endeavour. Read more

Unidentified HTC smartphone passes through the FCC with support for Verizon’s carrier bands

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.01.07

Earlier today, an unannounced HTC-branded smartphone carrying the model number 0PM9310 passed through the United States of America’s official certification authority — the FCC. Information included in the brief filing documentation reveals that we’re looking a mid-range handset with a removable backplate that’s heading to Verizon.

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