Siri, an AI orphan, almost landed on all Android devices from Verizon

In a new story published yesterday, The Huffington Post delves into the history of Siri, Apple’s voice-assistant that seems to be ubiquitous to the iPhone experience since the 4S came out. One of the interesting bits of information from the article deals with how the technology almost ended up on all Android phones that were going to be sold by Verizon. Read more

Here’s another hilarious Siri vs Google Voice Search video, Is that a scallion or a stallion?

There has been so many videos lately that pit Siri against Google’s new Voice Search from Jelly Bean. Google seems to win the majority of them and this video is no different, but it’s pretty funny as well. Annie Gaus from App Judgement decided to test them both out with actual questions that she Googled in the last week. Let’s just say Siri didn’t fair to well, and this video will definitely give you a nice chuckle to start off your Monday.


source: androidpolice

Apple sued in China for patent infringement involving Siri [Video]

We don’t normally report what’s going on in the world of Apple, but since they have been a thorn in everyone’s side with patent lawsuits, we though you might find this interesting. Apple has been sued in China, but not by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, or another Android manufacturer. Zhizhen Network Technology is the culprit and they say that Apple’s Siri voice assistant infringes on their Xiaoi voice assistant.

The patent in question is ZL200410053749.9 and it relates to a “type of instant messaging chat bot system,” which happens to be called Xiaoi Bot. The Xiaoi patent was applied for by Zhizhen back in 2004 and was granted in 2006. What really has Zhizhen ticked off the most is the way Apple marketed Siri on their Chinese website. They said, “It (siri) can understand what you say and what you’re asking for, and it can find the answer that you are looking for on the web”. It’s no longer on the website.

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Google’s Voice Search vs. Apple’s Siri, Who Do You Think Wins? [Video]

Once Google launched its newly revamped Google Voice Search on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, we were bound to see many people pitting it against Apple’s Siri to see how it fares against the competition. It is also important to note that Google’s Voice Search software isn’t interactive much like Siri’s. Meaning you won’t be able to hold simple conversations with it like the ones you see on Apple’s Siri commercials. I have always thought that part of Siri is just a gimmick and a way to market the software and entice customers to buy the iPhone. After all, the reason we would use a voice activated assistant program is to get as much information and as quickly as possible, right? That’s exactly what Google’s New Voice Search program does exceptionally well, even more so than Siri.

The video below provides various tests that were handed out to both Google Search and Siri, and each time Google Search came out on top in speed and detail. There were even some instances where Siri could not pull up the information whereas Google’s Search did it with ease. Google’s Voice Search not only provides a direct response, it also completes a web search every time a question is asked. You simply scroll down to see the results of the web search. Considering Google is the worlds most used and largest search engine, who wouldn’t want their question automatically searched every time? That’s something that Siri doesn’t offer and I feel that gives Google Search a big leg up in the battle. By no means is Siri a bad program, it’s still great at what it does. I just feel that Google Voice Search is a vastly superior product, and when paired with Google Now, Siri just doesn’t stand a chance. Jump past the break to see the two in a head to head competition.  Read more

LG Announces “Quick Voice” in Korea, Their Answer to Siri and S-Voice

With voice command assistants being all the rave these days, LG just couldn’t resist and decided to join in on all the fun. To attempt to stay on pace with Samsung, LG released their voice recognition software dubbed as “Quick Voice”. There’s nothing really new here if you’re already familiar with the Galaxy SIII’s S-Voice software and the iPhone 4S’s Siri. It’s a voice activated software that will enable the user to ask for various questions such as what the weather is and will assist you in setting up certain tasks such as setting up an alarm or calendar events. Quick Voice will launch “soon” on some of their current smartphones in Asia such as the Vu and LTE II. So far, no word yet on whether it will appear on some of their American handsets such as the Optimus 3D and LG Thrill 4G.

I’ve never really cared too much for these types of dedicated voice recognition apps as Android has already had this since the Eclair days. Having a dedicated app such as S-Voice and Quick Voice just seems gimmicky to me. But with the popularity it gained from Apple’s Siri, I can’t blame the competition for taking a crack at it.

source: LG Korea

New Virtual Assistant Robin Looks To Put New Spin On Driving


We may have seen our fair share of Siri clones out here in the Android world, but there’s one that’s looking to put all other virtual assistants to shame called Robin. This virtual assistant is aimed specifically for use when driving and allows drivers to use voice in/out and hand gestures in order to establish communication with the device. Robin comes jam-packed with the abilities and features such as give navigation, real-time traffic and parking information, gas prices, weather and more. When you’re sitting in rush hour or just plain bored during your drive, Robin can narrate personal Twitter news and even tell a joke or two.

The app is currently in beta, but it’s certainly looking like it’s on the right track for impressing users. Hit the break to see the full presser from the developers as well as grab the QR code and Play Store links.

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Samsung’s S Voice And Apple’s Siri Go Head To Head In A Battle Down Under


The iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S III debate is a seemingly endless debate and we now have another face-off adding fuel to the intense rivalry. Sure we’ve already seen Siri go up against other Android devices— but a savvy user took some time to pit two of the most popular devices in the world against each other. While Sammy’s S Voice is nearly identical to Siri in every way, S Voice touts itself as the greatest virtual personal assistant in the world. Despite Sammy’s claim, each virtual assistant matched one another in almost every possible way— though S Voice was able to give navigation in the user’s home country of Sydney, Austrailia… while the iPhone 4S was unable to give directions unless the user is in the U.S. Looks like Sammy will have something more to brag about until Apple addresses the minor shortfall in Siri— which would perhaps be found in the latest iOS 6 update I suppose.

Enough chit chatter— you’ll see the battle in action once you hit past the break.

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Vlingo Labs Beta App Tests New Siri-Like Features For Ice Cream Sandwich Devices


Ever since Samsung announced S-Voice, an exclusive voice-activated virtual assistant for the Galaxy S III, people have been scrambling to try to install it on other devices. S-Voice is actually powered by Vlingo, which has its own voice app in the Play Store that has been around for quite some time.

Now, Vlingo has released Vlingo Labs, a beta version of their latest virtual assistant that provides much of the same functionality as S-Voice minus the device restrictions. Labs is where Vlingo will test new features, such as being able to wake up Vlingo with a spoken word, SMS/search/voice calling dictation, and truly hands-free operation. These features, when fully fleshed out and tested in the Labs app, will then graduate to the full Vlingo app.

Vlingo Labs looks and acts a bit more like Apple’s Siri, bringing Android closer to parity with iOS’s much heralded voice assistant.

Labs only supports U.S. or Canadian devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Download it from the Play Store link or QR code below.

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Motorola Challenges Siri With Android Voice Actions, Claims Victory (Video)

Motorola has released a series of videos using several of its devices to take on iPhone’s Siri application.  And though Siri might be amusing to talk to at times, Moto is touting that the voice actions on several of their devices takes the title.  Check out the video demos below of the Atrix 2, Photon 4G and Moto Electrify as they go toe to toe with Siri.  Voice actions included sending text messages, asking for driving directions and loading up specific web pages.  The Motorola devices beat the iPhone out every time.  But hey, if you want to know if there is life on other planets, we’re sure Siri will offer up something entertaining.   Read more

This Siri Competitor for Android Looks Utterly Awesome [Video]


Ever since Apple released Siri for iOS, Android developers have been coming out with their “Siri-killers”. We’ve seen Speaktoit Assistant, Cluzee, Iris, and even Google’s upcoming Project Majel, which promises to improve the current Voice Actions for Android. The latest is called utter! by XDA member brandall, and promises something a little different.

Through a video the developer posted on YouTube, we find out that utter! knows about and can use the apps already installed on your device. For example, when asked “search eBay Galaxy Nexus,” the app responds by displaying the results through the installed eBay app rather than opening a browser.  Of course, if the eBay app was not installed, utter! would indeed use eBay’s web site to return the results.

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