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Mysterious Samsung SGH-I337 Surfaces In A User Agent Profile, Possibly Implies This May Be AT&T’s Galaxy S IV Model


Are we now seeing our first glimpse of the “Next Big Thing” on AT&T’s wireless network? It sure seems to be the case thanks to a User Agent Profile for a mysterious SGH-I337 device that has surfaced in the wild. While the upcoming global Galaxy S IV model will be likely be identified as the GT-I950X– the SGH models are generally consistent with AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy variants and often times feature some very sexy specs— so the SGH-I337 is no different. Hot off the heels of some very intriguing items we saw at a recent trade show a few weeks ago, the UAProf seems to indicate that this mysterious device will have a 1,920 x 1,080 full HD display. Of course it’s possible this SGH-I337 is possibly some other sort of other Samsung device (possibly a new Galaxy Tab?), but we’re willing to take a small gamble and guess that this is the first sighting of an American variant of Sammy’s next superphone.

Stay tuned with us as we follow this new and developing SGH-I337 saga.

source: pocketnow
via: Samsung