Enpass adds TOTP support to Android app in latest update


The Enpass password manager app gets a new feature in the latest update that is rolling out, support for time-based one-time password (TOTP) authentication. This was a feature the developers included previously in the iOS and Mac versions of the app. In addition to including it in the Android version, Enpass is also adding it to the Linux and Windows desktop clients. Read more

Verizon Enterprise Solutions loses customer data to hackers


In a strange twist of fate, Verizon Enterprise Solutions finds itself the victim of a data breach that has exposed 1.5 million customer accounts to hackers. Normally Verizon Enterprise is leading the way in helping businesses, many on the Fortune 500 list, avoid this kind of situation, so finding themselves victims is particularly painful. Read more

BlackBerry boasts about patching security holes on the Priv, calls out other OEMs

BlackBerry-PrivBlackBerry has always been known for their security expertise, and when the Priv was announced that expertise was listed as a great selling point. Now that the Priv has had some time in the wild and new security issues have cropped up, BlackBerry wants the world to know how well they’ve handled getting those issues patched and how poorly everyone else is doing. Read more

Skycure reveals clickjacking malware that could affect over half a billion Android devices


Proving the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, mobile security company Skycure revealed a proof of concept malware at the RSA cyber security conference this week that attacks Android devices via a technique called “accessibility clickjacking.” The attack has been shown to work on versions of Android up through KitKat placing over half a billion Android devices at risk. Read more