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Android Set to Overtake Apple in the Tablet War, Grows Nearly 30% in One Year

In a move that has certainly caught this writer off-guard, Strategy Analytics’ latest report tells of Android’s rise to 30% share in the tablet market last quarter, up from just 2.9% last year. Microsoft, even though they haven’t released their tablet-optimized Windows 8 yet, still manages to outsell RIM’s Playbook 4.6% to 3.3%. Apple still stands at a dominating 61.3%, though this is down from last year’s 94%.

Last week we predicted that Android would turn the tide in this tablet war, as it has with smartphones, and Google is definitely on track to make this a reality. Truth be told, we don’t ever want to see one OS completely overtake another. Competition is good for innovation, and innovation is good for consumers.

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HTC reports profits of $268 million over last 3 months

HTC Profit

If you’re and Android user, I’m sure you have heard of HTC and you might even be using one of their phones as well. With the explosion of the Android OS HTC has been pushing out a number of devices to fill our pockets and in return we have helped fill theirs. HTC has posted their second quarter reports, which ended June 30th, and the news is good for them. Their records show for the last three months a profit gain of NT$8.64 billion which calculates to USD$268 million. That is a profit to really be proud of.

HTC also posted a year on year growth of 58.45% for June 2010 with total revenues of USD $1,881,330,504. HTC stated “2Q earnings result is better than its original 2Q guidance, both June and 2Q revenues continuously hit record high shows good execution of brand strategy and grow scale strategy.” With the continued developments for the Android platform I would not be surprised if the trend continues for HTC and other companies. I look forward to seeing how the third quarter does with the new phones coming out and Froyo starting to release for more users.

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