Google’s Sebastian Thrun And Vic Gundotra Show Off A Little Style And Glass

If you still don’t believe that Google’s Project Glass is real, start believing because you’re only going to see more and more news trickle down the pipeline.  We’ve already seen several of Google’s employees trying them on for size, not to mention Google’s own co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted wearing the highly anticipated augmented reality shades not too long ago. It would seem as though Google intends to have a large majority of their employees try these bad boys on for size before they confidently go public with them.  Recently, Project X guru Sebastian Thrun and Vic Gundotra have been seen wearing a pair.  In addition, Thrun was also able to snatch a photo from the inside looking out.  Check out the photo below and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.













Source: Google+ 1,2


Google X Founder Wears Project Glass During Interview And Takes Picture With Head Gesture

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Google X founder and researcher Sebastian Thrun extolled the virtues of artificial intelligence, higher education, and self-driving cars. A researcher on Project Glass, Google’s wearable augmented reality heads-up display, Thrun said that “the hope [of the project] is to really get things out of your life, not into your life”.

When asked what the glasses could do, Thrun seemed to make a subtle gesture with his head and said he snapped a picture and shared it on Google+. The image he took, seen below, was indeed seen on his Google+ page with the comment “I took this picture during the interview“. His goal is for Project Glass to facilitate interaction between people, citing how “other people can now see through my eyes“.

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