Google improves Android TV engagement with enhanced search and recommendations


There is a massive amount of content to be found on television but actually finding it is the difficult. The entire reason for Android TV’s existence is to be able to offer relevant content to individual users. So, today, it was announced that television apps on Android TV are searchable. Simply perform a search for a television show or movie and relating apps will show what content they offer. Right now, services like YouTube, Sky News, and Hulu Plus are allowing their Android TV apps to be searchable. EPIX, which also supports platform-wide search, just arrived on Android TV this afternoon.

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Google now bigger on mobile than desktop, company says


As the mobile industry grows, so does Google, it seems. The search giant announced that users are now searching more on mobile than desktops in ten countries. The company mentioned that the US and Japan were on the list, but refuses to reveal the other eight.

Smartphones are certainly a major part of this statistic, but tablet searches are included as well. Adapting to this new change, Google will be rolling out a new smartphone-friendly ad format that will be richer and more engaging than the traditional mouse clicks of AdWords.

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Google Search history now downloadable


Last year Google started testing an option for users to download their search history instead of just viewing it in their browser. Google appears to have now rolled out this feature to all users. If you surf to your history, accessible at, you can click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and you should see an option to Download. According to a statement from Google, Read more gets a makeover for Android phones


Just because you have an Android device doesn’t mean that you must use Google as the go-to search engine. There are plenty of options available and one of them just received a makeover. Today, Microsoft unveiled a new look for Bing that focuses on content consumption. Rather than being so straightforward and emphasizing search, Bing now serves popular content. Also, Bing Rewards has a new home on the homepage.

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Google Search will show you how to make the perfect cocktail


Next time you decide to put together your own cocktail, there is chance that Google Search is all you need. Starting today, the search engine (on mobile devices) will display full recipes for cocktails. To become your own mixologist, just fire up Google Search and input the name of any cocktail. At the top, before any other links appear, Google will provide the ingredients, preparation, and process to make the cocktail.

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Yahoo joins Fleksy Keyboard with new Search Extension


The expansion of Fleksy Keyboard continues due to a partnership between the application and a leader in the search engine industry. Through Yahoo, users of Fleksy Keyboard are able to perform searches from any app. The feature, called Search Extension powered by Yahoo, places a search bar above the keyboard for quick access.

Earlier this week, we learned that Fleksy Keyboard would be included as one of Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts featured on the upcoming Galaxy S 6.

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