Hodor has a place in Google search


Fans of Game of Thrones have a new way to get a bit of the HBO hit show into their daily lives thanks to an update to Google search. When using the Google search app on Android or iOS devices, users can say “Hodor” and they will get a “HODOR!” response from the app. Even on desktop search, if voice search has been activated, Google will respond with an info card full of “Hodor.”

Along with the nod to Hodor, Google also added some new functions to search. You can ask Google to “roll a die” (dice will work as well) and the search results will give you the results of the roll. Thus far that function is limited to a single six-sided die. Google can also “flip a coin” in response to the command. Finally, if you need a romantic quote on short notice, you can ask Google for a love quote and get something appropriate.


source: CNET

You can now filter apps in the Play Store by ratings


Google has finally added a much needed option to finding apps in the Play Store: filtering apps by ratings.

Normally if you’re looking for a new app, you’d have to scroll through every app on the Play Store. If any of you have done that for more than five minutes, you probably know there’s just as much junk and spam as actual apps. Fortunately, most of those apps get poor ratings and it’s easy to see bad apps from a distance, but with this new filter, you won’t even have to see those apps. 
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You can now easily correct a misheard word in Google Now with “no I said” command

Google Now car rental

Has Google Now ever misheard a word you meant to say?

Chances are, it has. Although the service is pretty damn accurate, it’s still a developing technology and has a ways to go before being perfect. Google knows its product isn’t perfect, and in addition to improving voice recognition in Google Search, it has now added a “no I said ___” command for when the app mishears something you said.

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Google Now rumored to include an ‘Inferred Events’ feature


According to a new rumor, Google Now will grasp events posted on other Google apps such as Gmail and Hangouts and then ask if you’d like the event to be added to your calendar.

The information will be clearly displayed to the user as to where the event was taken from and if the user would like to edit the event prior to adding it to the calendar such that when a recipient tells you about a time and location, Google will take that information and allow you to edit it beforehand. The image at the top of the article is a dummy interface of this rumored feature. 
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Google expands search engine to try to respond to complicated questions


Although we see Google branching out into many new areas and products over time, that doesn’t mean they ignore the base of the company, search. Over the years Google has continued to expand the ability of their search engine to respond to queries from users. They have now reached a point where the Google Search engine is able to handle some “complicated” questions.
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New analysis shows Google Search not compatible with many “on device” apps in Android 4.4


Some poking around in the settings for Google’s Search app shows it is largely incompatible with many of the apps on a typical smartphone or tablet. This means that users hoping to take advantage of “universal search” are unlikely to get the results they were hoping for. Universal search has been the subject of patent skirmishes, especially for Samsung devices. Nonetheless, the function is now present and has been for a while on Android powered devices. With universal search, users can get results not only from the web, but from applications that are running on their device. As the latest analysis shows, the applications capable of delivering results to Google Search are made up of a small list.
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New Google Search easter egg will get you in the holiday spirit

lets_go_carolingHere’s a nice little treat from Google. Head to your Android device and perform a Google search for “Let’s go caroling.” Your phone or tablet will turn into a holiday-themed karaoke machine, with everything from Jingle Bells to We Wish You A Merry Christmas available for sing-along, including a bouncing ball to help keep you on track. What better way to get you in the holiday spirit?

Be sure to also check out our complete Google Now easter egg collection.

Source: Phandroid

New update for Google Play Music rolling out


Following up yesterday’s release of an update to Google’s Play Movies that enables saving movies in low resolution, Google has started pushing out an update to their Play Music app that enables a similar feature for music. Instead of giving users an option to save a smaller file, the app will now prompt users to save their music files to external storage if their device has any available. Google also added a standardized “Share” option to make it easier to keep your friends updated on what you are listening to. The code for this latest update reveals support for the redemption of coupon codes as well, though it is not apparent in the app how that might be done.
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Huge Google Search update (3.1.8) rolling out, brings Google Experience Launcher to Android 4.1+ [Download]


Today, an absolutely huge Google Search update started rolling out to all Android devices running Android 4.1 and above. The update is version 3.1.8 and is big for a number of reasons.

First of all, the update brings Google Search version 3 (or 3.1.8) to all devices running Android 4.1 and above. This is the version of Search that comes with KitKat, and brings a new UI, as well as a new refreshed animation. The update also allows the Google Experience Launcher APK to work properly when installed. Hit the break for more information on Search 3.1.8.

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