Google expanding beyond the computer screen to your TV screen


At the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, Google’s president of global partnerships Daniel Alegre spoke at the closing general session about steps Google is taking to increase their involvement with the TV industry. This includes improvements to help viewers find shows they want to watch, changes to the DoubleClick ad platform to make it an effective option for TV, and even a little bit of help for content creators. Read more

Smooth sailing on the horizon with new Google Destinations


Google announced a new feature this week called Destinations on Google that is designed to help users figure out where to go on their next vacation and then quickly complete most of the planning for that vacation. Google says all of this will be available via simple search terms using the Google Search app on mobile devices. Google says part of the inspiration for rolling out this new concept is data they analyzed showing a huge 50 percent increase in travel-related questions as the weather starts to turn nicer with spring and people start considering their options for summer vacations. Read more

Google Search can now dive into app data


Search is one of the foundation functions of Google and recently the company has been working to make improvements to this basic feature. Earlier this week Google revealed that Search could handle complex questions and figure out the meaning of what is being asked. Now they have revealed a tool for the other side of the equation that helps provide better answers. This will be accomplished by being able to dive into the data that is locked away inside of apps instead of just relying on what is available on the web. Read more

Google Maps ready to help Thanksgiving week


Google has been busy making some improvements and adding new features to Google Maps recently, like the ability to check out special store hours during the holiday season or find cheap gas or a detour. Combining Google Maps with data mined by the search giant’s computers from the last three years, Google is offering up some tips and insights for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Read more

Google turns to new RankBrain AI to improve search results


Although Google has expanded to so many areas over the years that a larger, parent company Alphabet had to be created to handle things, at its core Google is still a search company. As important as search is to the company, Google is turning to artificial intelligence solutions to help in maintain a competitive edge. The use of AI inspired machine learning is not new to Google which is actually one of the largest investors in AI research, using it in products from videos to speech to translation. Now a new system called RankBrain is being tested with search functions. Read more