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Froyo Port For Samsung Moment Available Thanks To SDX Developers

Remember the Samsung Moment for Sprint?  Yeah, it seems like a lifetime ago since we’ve last heard about the 800 MHz slide out qwerty.  But, it has not been forgotten thanks to some dedicated and determined folks over at SDX.   The device officially received a 2.1 update, however, it was left with no hope of ever receiving 2.2 Froyo along with the HTC Hero via an official tweet by Sprint back in June.  But fret not 2.1 dwellers, because there’s  a small yet very much alive, group of developers who have not given up on the device.   These select and elite developers have managed to successfully get Froyo up and running on the device from scratch.  They were able to use the kernel and software from the Acclaim R880 and Intercept successfully with the exception of some GPS issues.  So, there might be a slight trade off.  I guess you’ll just have to ask yourself if it’s worth it to not have a functional GPS, but finally be rocking 2.2 on your device?  If you’re ready to give it a go, then head on over to SDX here.  And remember, Talk Android is not responsible for any modifications you make on your device aka if you brick it, it’s not our fault.  So, good luck and if you managed to get this up and running, stop back over and let us know how well it’s working.

[via sdx by androidcentral]