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Engineer Uses HTC One X Display as a Hammer and Drives Actual Nails [Video]

Besides serving as a phone and a mobile computing device, have you ever wondered what other purposes the HTC One Xcould serve a user? How about a hammer for those annoying times you may want to drive a nail into some wood and you just so happened to be without and actual hammer? Well sure, this HTC engineer wants to show you that that is completely plausible. Not recommended, but plausible.

As you will see in the video below, this gentleman creates his own form of scratch-drop-crash test and uses the One X’s display as a hammer head. I guess the folks at HTC wern’t too happy once they got wind of this demo because the fella you see in the video is apparently now without job. Maybe he should submit his resume to Gorilla Glassnext. I am sure they love seeing someone put that much faith into their product.

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Galaxy S III Gets Abused and Doesn’t Flinch [Video]

Ever wondered how the Galaxy S III would fare in a scratch test? Well thanks to Android Caotic and a dude named Paul from Samsung Italy, we now have a video showing the device being abused (sort of). The video is supposed to be a demonstration of a scratch test but as you will see the guy uses the round metal plug from a European phone charger. While I wouldn’t try this test with any of my devices, when I think of a scratch test I think of some dude using a key to repeatedly scratch a device’s screen. Either way, this is decent proof that the Gorilla Glass 2 screen on the GSIII can handle some unwanted abuse. Oh, and they also show how the polycarbonate back plate can be nearly bent in half repeatedly without any damage. I imagine the earlier rumored ceramic coating would’t have fared so well. The device may be plastic but at least you know it won’t shatter like an iPhone! Jump past the break to check out the video. Read more

[Video] Galaxy Nexus Submitted to Vicious Scratch Test

Many of you have expressed concern with the fact that Samsung has decided to equip the Galaxy Nexus with an alternative fortified glass as opposed to Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Just because the the popular glass maker wasn’t chosen to outfit the GN’s display doesn’t mean that Sammy cut any corners.

A video recently surfaced on the interweb showing somebody putting the screen to the test by trying to scratch the crap out of it with a key. Although I definitely cringed a bit and felt a shiver down my spine, I was pleased to see the outcome. Here, just check it out for yourself and tell us what you think. Will you be issuing such a test once you get your mitts on one?

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Motorola Defy put to a stress test (video)

Recently, retailer Expansys tested the Motorola Defy’s ability to, for lack of a better word, defy various situations that would normally spell the end for a smartphone device, such as being dropped on the floor or immersed in water.

This rugged Android device is seemingly being pitched to the ultra-clumsy smartphone user who needs a device that can withstand more physical abuse.

So, for you European smartphone users who are interested in a rugged but equally capable Android device, preorder starts soon. Continue after the break for a video of the Defy going through a series of stress tests.

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