Improved water resistance, iris scanner may be in works for Samsung Galaxy Note 6


With all of the good news coming out of Samsung regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, eyes are starting to turn to the company’s next flagship release which should be the Galaxy Note 6. Sources have indicated that Samsung is on an aggressive schedule to push the release date into July, a strategy similar to their acceleration of the Galaxy S7 devices. When it does launch, new rumors suggest Samsung will take another page out of their new playbook and may add a new page. Read more

Verizon delays shipping free Gear S2 offered in Galaxy S7 promo until May


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (reviewed here) handsets are certainly proving to be popular thanks to both the handsets being well-received as well as Samsung and the carriers giving away a Gear VR with each pre-order. Verizon customers had the added bonus of being able to choose between the Gear VR headset or Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch but it seems that demand has outstripped supply of the Gear S2 wearable, with Verizon now informing affected customers of delayed delivery times. Read more

Samsung’s Gear 360 gets priced ahead of launch, and it’s not cheap

samsung_gear_360_3_TASamsung’s Gear 360 was unveiled alongside the Galaxy S7 this year, but without a solid release date or price tag. We still don’t have the release date pinned down outside of Q2 2016, but the price for the advanced camera has shown up ahead of launch. If you were expecting something in the $200 range to compete with LG’s 360 Cam, though, you’re in for sticker shock. Read more

T-Mobile upgrading network with Enhanced Voice Services


While the quality and reliability of our phone calls may seem an afterthought to many of us, running into a poor experience with a phone call is a maddening affair. Luckily, for those of you on the T-Mobile network, poor call quality and dropped calls may soon be a thing of the past. Today T-Mobile has launched Enhanced Voice Services for some of the newest flagships on the market.

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[TA Deals] Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2!

galaxy tab s2 black angle

By now, Talk Android Deals is a familiar section of our site. It’s the place where we can save you a lot of money on high-end products and services. Saving money is great, but not spending any money at all while getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is way better. We’re hosting a giveaway right now on Talk Android Deals that will have one very lucky winner receiving Samsung’s flagship tablet for no cost at all.

Let’s send you a Galaxy Tab S2 for being so loyal to Talk Android.

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Galaxy S7 sales are a hit for Samsung thanks to an early release

samsung_galaxy_s7_edge_titanium_silver_front_TAAfter nearly unanimous reviews praising the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, it looks like Samsung has finally managed to capture that spark again that they’ve been trying to nail down since the Galaxy S III. Early estimates suggest that Samsung has sold 9 million units in the first month of availability for their 2016 flagship, which is almost three times what the Galaxy S6 managed to do last year. Read more

Best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S7


Screen protectors literally add another layer of safety to phones. Whether you’re scared of shattering your phone’s display or just want to prevent little hairline scratches, a screen protector is a cheap way to bring in extra protection on top of well-made glass. Although both sides of the Galaxy S7 are made of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 to resist damage, many people still want to place a screen protector on their stunning new device. Damaging a $700 phone even in the slightest isn’t quite a pretty thing to experience, especially if you don’t have insurance; a screen protector isn’t a bad idea after all. The little accessory could save you from having to pay hundreds of dollars for repairs or an entirely new phone.

Let’s check out the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases


Samsung introduced its new flagship for the year not too long ago: the Galaxy S7. It’s no secret that everyone and their uncle wants one. In fact, units are flying off the shelf, and it’s quite possible that Samsung could beat all previous sales records. That aside, there’s one fact we can all agree on: the Galaxy S7 is expensive. Many will buy carrier insurance in order to avoid any risk if something were to happen to their device; however, the best insurance you can get for your smartphone is actually a case.

There are a lot of benefits to having a case. The first being that it could take weeks to get your smartphone back through an insurance company. If you’ve got a case on your smartphone, it’ll generally protect you against any sort of cracks or damages, saving you from going through that painstaking insurance process. There are a lot of different cases to choose from, but worry not! We here at Talk Android are going to show you some of the best ones out there!

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Samsung’s Galaxy Gaming Pack for the Galaxy S7 includes games and bonus content


It’s early days yet, but it seems that Samsung has scored a home-run with its new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (reviewed here) smartphones. The enthusiastic take up on the handsets has been helped by the Korean electronics giant sweetening the deal with either a free Gear VR, Gear S2, or even $100 cashback, to say nothing of the various carrier deals floating around. Samsung usually throws in a bunch of apps with its flagship models, and it has done so again with the Galaxy Game Pack that is only available for the S7 and S7 Edge handsets. Read more