Samsung is pleasing its most loyal fans with Galaxy S7 specs


Now that we’re officially in 2016, all eyes are going to be on Samsung. The world wants know what the company will be doing with the upcoming Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handsets. Moving from the Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy S6, Samsung made moves that shocked even its most loyal fans. Build quality improved with the introduction of glass and metal; however, what opened the eyes of many was the slimmer profile that nixed the microSD card slot and compressed the battery. The Galaxy S6 also left behind Samsung’s usual inclusion of water resistance. Samsung was still able to sell millions of units of its 2015 flagship, but the company could have learned its lesson to not upset those faithful to the brand.

In late November, “trusted sources” told that Samsung has considered bringing back the microSD card slot for the Galaxy S7. Today, Evan Blass — writing for VentureBeat, is repeating what was said a few months ago while adding additional information. It seems like Samsung will be bringing back the microSD card slot, water resistance, and bigger batteries.

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Samsung unveils its brand new “Family Hub” smart refrigerator


Earlier today, Samsung took to the floor at CES to unveil its first true smart refrigerator. It’s called the “Family Hub”, and features a 21.5-inch Full HD display, a barcode reader and multiple inwards-facing cameras, which enable you to tune into the video stream using your smartphone to take a peek at what’s inside while you’re doing your grocery shop.

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Samsung tempers expectations for 2016 after weak fourth quarter

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Front_Samsung_Logo_TA2016 doesn’t look like it’s going to be one of Samsung’s strongest years, as the company has already warned that this year will likely be very tough for many companies. Market saturation has been a real problem for smartphone growth lately, but now there are bigger financial risks from investing in emerging countries and falling prices of components that make up Samsung’s core business. Read more