Samsung starts teasing “The Next Galaxy” in new Twitter campaign


Samsung has just kicked off a new teaser campaign entitled “The Next Galaxy” with a Twitter post and video. The 17-second clip gives very little away about the device in question. In fact, it doesn’t show anything at all. The movie is simply intended to get us all excited for its upcoming flagship smartphone, and, we have to say, its succeeded. We can’t wait to see what the South Korean company comes up with.

Anyway, if you want to see the teaser video, hit the break below.

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Samsung starts pushing out Lollipop update to Galaxy Note 3 (LTE) & Snapdragon Galaxy Note 4 in Germany


Hot on the heels of the Exynos variants, Samsung has today started pushing out the much-anticipated Lollipop update to all Snapdragon-powered models of the Galaxy Note 3 (LTE) and Galaxy Note 4 located in Germany. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings the latest build of the Android operating system, together with a multitude of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Hit the break for the full changelog.

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Samsung is working on a second generation Galaxy Tab S


According to a new report published online earlier today, Samsung is busy designing a second-generation Galaxy Tab S. There’s allegedly two new variants on the way — the SM-T710 and the SM-T810. The devices are expected to be revamped 8.4- and 10.5-inch models of the current slates, so it looks like we’re not going to be seeing at any major changes.

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Samsung working on 24×7 live chat support for customers


If you own a Samsung device and reside in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, or New Zealand, you’ll soon have the ability to chat live with a Samsung representative at all hours of the day, any day, for support on your Samsung products.

The app, Galaxy Life, will soon be receiving an update that allows for this 24×7 live chat support. Also mentioned is that there will be a gold tier service for owners of flagship devices, but what services are rendered in that tier have not been disclosed.

The Galaxy Life app currently offers many deals and vouchers for residents of those five countries, including rewards to restaurants and theatres.

No word on when or if we may see this customer service feature expanded to other global markets.

Source: via SamMobile

Samsung Galaxy S 6 will feature noticeable software changes


When the Galaxy S 6 is unveiled at MWC 2015 in a few weeks, the software behind the handset will be very different than any Samsung device before in history. Practically every Samsung device released to date has been filled with pre-installed apps from both the company itself or third-party providers. The company is known for its inclusion of ‘everything but the kitchen sink.’ The Galaxy S 6, though, will change that.

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Galaxy S 6 could get released around March 22


The Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge will be unveiled on March 1 at Mobile World Congress, but when will you be able to buy one? Phone Arena has received a tip from a Samsung employee that says that a vacation blackout period has been set for March 22 through March 30.

Of course we don’t know for sure, but it’s likely that the Galaxy S 6 and the Galaxy S 6 Edge will be released during that period.

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Galaxy Note Edge review: Super cool, but is it useful?


The Galaxy Note Edge was introduced alongside the Galaxy Note 4. It’s essentially the same exact phone except the right edge is curved and it serves as a secondary display. On the surface, it looks kind of cool, but when it comes to technology, cool stuff isn’t always useful or worth your money. If it cost the same as other flagship phones, it might be an easy decision, but at $399 on contract, this thing is either the next best thing or something to stay clear away from. Let’s find out which after the break.

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