Samsung details the selling points of the Galaxy Note Edge’s side screen

galaxy note edge flip case'Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is a weird device. The curved screen on the side of the device definitely puts a unique spin on a smartphone, but some people might be put off by how unorthodox the screen is. Samsung knows that, so they’ve released a brief article going over some of the finer details of the Edge’s screen to try and sway buyers that might be on the fence about it.
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New, Advanced S Pen revealed by Samsung


Although Samsung’s S Pen may seem like a simple piece of hardware that helps make the company’s Note devices a bit more useful, that doesn’t mean Samsung hasn’t been looking for ways to make it even more powerful. At their ongoing developer conference, Samsung has announced the new Advanced S Pen and a special SDK that developers can use to tap into the new features.
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is on its way to UK


Today, Samsung confirmed in a statement it sent to The Inquirer that the curved variant of its flagship phablet of 2014, the Galaxy Note Edge, is en route to the United Kingdom.

According to a spokesperson for the South Korean company, the handset will be available to purchase from selected retailers from Friday, November 28, with the option to pre-order from Samsung’s eStore and The Carphone Warehouse starting tomorrow, November 14.

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Samsung and BlackBerry team up to improve Knox security on Android

Samsung_Knox_Galaxy_S_IVSamsung’s Knox security solution is getting some pretty massive improvements today, which is great news for government and enterprise customers looking at Samsung devices. BlackBerry has announced that they are teaming up with Samsung to integrate BB’s end-to-end encryption into the existing Knox software suite. There are also a handful of other new features to better deal with Android’s security, too, so both companies are taking this pretty seriously.
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Samsung Flow initiative to make movement between devices easier


Over the last several years, as computers became more powerful and take increasingly different form factors, the landscape changed so that it is no longer unusual for users to have several devices at their disposal. With all these devices, it is not uncommon for a user to find themselves working on something on one device and needing to transition to another device. Apple recently introduced Continuity features as part of iOS and OS X Yosemite to address this need. Not to be outdone by one of their major rivals, Samsung announced at their developer conference that they too are working on a system called Flow intended to address similar consumer needs.
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Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition coming in December


Ready or not, here comes the Gear VR. The virtual reality headset from Samsung is going to be available in the United States early next month. Owners of the Galaxy Note 4 can purchase the Gear VR Innovator Edition to enjoy a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Samsung worked with Oculus to make the Gear VR possible. Software built into the Gear VR from Oculus includes Oculus Home, Oculus Store, Oculus Cinema, and Oculus 360 Videos and Photos. The name for each piece of software speaks for itself.

The Gear VR will also have exclusive content at launch through different partners. Marvel brought over Tony Stark’s lab from within the Avengers Tower. Cirque du Soleil Media produced an entire experience. And Temple Run is playable and makes users very interactive. Those are just some of the content partners for the Gear VR. Of course, there are many more and developers will (hopefully) support the platform so it can grow into something great.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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AmpliTube for Android is here (but only for Samsung devices)


There has yet to be a formidable solution on Android for a guitar amplifier simulator. The big reason for that is because the operating system has not been too good at handling sound. With Android 5.0 Lollipop, that all changes and AmpliTube is here following success over on iOS. IK Multimedia, the company behind AmpliTube, worked with Samsung to bring it exclusively to the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge first. At some point, it seems like AmpliTube will open itself to additional Android devices.

IK Multimedia has a few items to get started. Aside from having a Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge, there is a $40 iRig HD-A adapter required. The app for AmpliTube is available only in Samsung’s App Store with free, Limited Edition, and full versions. The full version is $20.

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NVIDIA responds to false advertising lawsuit filed by Samsung

NVIDIA_Tegra_3_CES_2013NVIDIA recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm for violating seven of NVIDIA’s GPU patents. Samsung filed a counter lawsuit, of course, claiming that NVIDIA violated six patents, and Velocity, a small client of NVIDIA’s, violated eight patents. Samsung also claims that NVIDIA is using false advertising when they say the Tegra K1 CPU is the “world’s fastest mobile processor,” as Samsung believes the Note 4′s Exynos 5433 is faster.

NVIDIA has responded to this lawsuit, and it’s definitely putting Samsung in a negative light for dragging a much smaller company (Velocity) into the mix. The response accuses Samsung of suing Velocity to keep the lawsuit in Virgina where Velocity is based, as Virgina has a faster time to trial than most other places in the US. It makes sense for Samsung, but it feels like a cheap shot at the much smaller company.
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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for US Cellular stops by the FCC


The Galaxy Note Edge is heading to carriers in the United States this week. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all going to release the unique Samsung device on November 14. Verizon, at some point in the near future, will join in doing so. So the Galaxy Note Edge will be found the nation’s four largest carriers. There is good news for customers with smaller carriers as well.

A Samsung device with the model number SM-N915R4 showed up at the FCC. This matches that of the Galaxy Note Edge and the ending “R4″ belongs to a specific carrier. Which one? It seems that US Cellular will be getting its own Galaxy Note Edge.

Source: FCC
Via: G 4 Games

Samsung releases 30 second commercial for the Gear S smartwatch

Gear s wrist strapsSamsung isn’t pulling any punches with marketing for their Gear S smartwatch. They’ve already posted up an “unofficial review” of the watch, and you can also check out a TV commercial that shows off how the watch will completely integrate into your lifestyle. It’s nothing flashy, but it demonstrates using the watch without having your phone on you all the time, which is really the stand-out feature here.
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