AT&T pushes Digital Life through partnerships with Samsung, Qualcomm Life, LG, Lutron


More home automation and Internet of Things news from CES 2015, this time coming to us from AT&T. The communications giant has developed its own platform for home security and automation called Digital Life. At CES 2015, AT&T announced that they have struck deals with Samsung, Qualcomm Life, LG Electronics and Lutron Electronics to expand their offering and compete with other systems. According to Kevin Peterson, senior vice president of Digital Life with AT&T, “Innovation in home automation is skyrocketing, but to really drive mass adoption, we need to leverage the strong platform that we have built working with key industry leaders and developers to bring the best ideas together to benefit the customer.”
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Here’s the complete list of model numbers for the Galaxy S 6


The Galaxy S 6 will be here in less than two months, and you know it will be available on just about every carrier in the world. The full list of model numbers has leaked, which means you can start combing through benchmark sites and the FCC for more information about Samsung’s next great phone. If you do find anything, please let us know.

Now one thing that is very interesting with this list is that there are two model numbers for most carriers. For example, AT&T has SM-G920A and SM-G925A. This could mean that an “Edge” version of the S6 is definitely going to happen. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Hit the break for the full list.

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Official Galaxy S 6 accessories confirmed


I know it might not seem all that exciting, but if you’re a Samsung fan and looking forward to the Galaxy S 6, anything is exciting right? One thing you can bet on is there will be a Galaxy S 6, and the second thing you can bet on is there will be accessories. To bad you really can’t bet on them.

Anyways, the official accessory list has leaked and you can expect the usual S-View, Flip Wallet, and Wireless Charging accessories to further empty your wallet. We have the full list along with their code names after the break.

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Does this metal chassis belong to the Samsung Galaxy S 6?


While the Galaxy S 6 is not going to debut this week at CES 2015, leaks regarding its design will. A French media outlet obtained images of what is allegedly the metal chassis for the upcoming Samsung flagship. The company is finally moving away from designs that are predominantly plastic in favor of metal, giving a more premium feel. The metal chassis has various cutouts for items such as the camera, speaker, and antennas.


Samsung shows unidentified handset in KNOX tutorial video


In December, Samsung released a tutorial video for its My KNOX app. The video stayed under the radar until now because of the handset seen running the software. There is no indication as to what exactly the handset is. Clearly, it is neither the Galaxy S 5 nor is it the Galaxy Note 4. So, is the handset in the video a render of the upcoming Galaxy S 6? Perhaps. The bezels are extremely thin and the overall design leans more towards the Galaxy S 4 rather than last year’s flagship. Of course, chances are that the handset is merely a render made strictly for the video.

Hit the break for the video.

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Samsung promotion to extend 1-year Netflix subscription to buyers of some devices


If you are considering buying one of Samsung’s top devices for the new year and you enjoy Netflix, you may want to check out this new promotion that is getting ready to start up according to some leaked information. The tip indicates that buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 4, or the Galaxy Tab S will get one free year of Netflix, an offer that is supposed to be good for both new and existing Netflix subscribers.

Sources indicate the promotion will run from January 4th through January 17th, although only the first 115,000 customers to take advantage of the offer will get the Netflix credit. Consumers who get one of the qualifying Samsung devices can head to to stake their claim.

source: AndroidCentral