Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6 pre-orders open April 23 in Japan


Later this month, consumers in Japan will be able to pre-order the Gear VR Innovation Edition headset that is made specifically for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung has set April 23 as the date for device’s pre-orders to open. The device will then ship in the early portion of May; however, consumers can experience Gear VR at Samsung stores setup throughout the country.

Source: Samsung

Samsung adding new smartphones to Galaxy J series


While the world braces for Samsung’s latest devices in their top-tier S series of devices to land in consumers’ hands this week, new information has surfaced about some forthcoming devices at the other end of the spectrum of Samsung’s portfolio. At the budget end, Samsung is working on the J series of devices and earlier this year released the Galaxy J1. Sources indicate Samsung has two new devices to join the J series, the Galaxy J5 and the Galaxy J7. Read more

New patent application reveals possible Samsung smartwatch form for a new generation


As the smartwatch market has exploded over the last few months, one of the characteristics of the devices hitting the market is their resemblance to a wristwatch. Whether square-faced or round-faced, the devices share a common inspiration with traditional wristwatches in having a small display held in place by bands. A recently revealed patent application submitted by Samsung back in September 2013 reveals the company may have plans to break out of that mold with a wearable device that is much larger and wraps around the wrist. Read more

Galaxy S6 goes through scratching, bending, and flame torture tests, because why not?


With every major phone release, we find many torture tests to see how the device holds up. The Galaxy S6 is no exception in this latest video as attempts are made to scratch and bend it, as well as set it on fire. It’s a BDSM-lover’s dream.

The Galaxy S6 should be a little more delicate than previous S devices since it has glass and aluminum. However, the aluminum is 6013 grade, which is even better than what the iPhone sports (6063). Plus, the glass is Gorilla Glass 4.

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Samsung shows off the toughness of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in its own droptest video

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (48)

Every time a new smartphone is released, there are always a spate of drop-tests conducted by various sites and individuals. Samsung has apparently had enough of seeing its babies being put through the ringer and has produced its own video showing that both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets are pretty tough cookies. The results are all the more impressive considering that the front and back of the handsets are made from glass, albeit Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4.

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Samsung working on multiple themes for the Galaxy S6 theme store

samsung_galaxy_s6_front_back_slanted_blueWith the Galaxy S6 global release just a few days away, Samsung is preparing their theme store for the phone so users will have a few different options to spice up their phones on launch day.

The S6 offers a handful of themes already, but the theme should be populated with a few more on April 10th. There’s plenty of diversity in what Samsung is offering, including some darker themes to take advantage of the AMOLED display of the S6 and S6 Edge, but there are also a few more colorful, flashy themes, if that’s your thing.  Read more

How to factory reset or wipe the cache on your Samsung Galaxy device after the Lollipop update


With many Samsung Galaxy devices receiving Android 5.0+ in the US and other areas of the world, performance post update process may not be all that you expected. Some users are complaining of major battery drain, force closes for apps and just an overall abysmal time since Lollipop’s release.

While we may have to wait for Android 5.1 — with all its bug fixes and battery improvements — there may be a few things you can do to make your experience with Lollipop on the Note 4, Galaxy S5, or other Galaxy device a bit better. You know, until Samsung finally starts working on the update.

Sometimes a simple reboot will fix a lot of problems. Like with most updates, sometimes a simple restart and letting the device sit for a little bit will fix a good percentage of problems. However, sometimes you may need to wipe the cache or in the most extreme of cases, factory reset the device completely. We’ll walk you through a few ways to do it.

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Be careful with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge as iFixit teardown shows repairs will not be easy


With Samsung switching to a glass and metal design for their new flagship devices, and a challenging curved screen thrown into the mix on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, iFixit has taken on the challenge of figuring out how these new features may impact the repairability of the Galaxy S6 edge. The results are not pretty with the smartphone only getting a score of 3 out of 10, with 10 being the easiest, on iFixit’s repairability scale. The only saving grace is the modular nature of the components, but getting to them is a challenge. Read more