New video shows Android 5.0 running on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


On Monday, a collection of leaked screenshots appeared online supposedly showcasing the latest beta build of Android 5.0 Lollipop running on a Galaxy Note 4 and the Google Play Edition of a Galaxy S4. Now, today, SamMobile has posted a video on YouTube airing the alleged ROM for Samsung’s latest flagship phablet.

At first glance the software does look much smoother and more fluid than the previous version and there’s a truckload of additional features on board, too. If you’d like to see the ROM in action — hit the break to watch the new leaked Android 5.0 firmware running on a Galaxy Note 4.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 gets certified in China


There are no signs to indicate that Samsung is slowing down. In China, the Galaxy A7 just received certification and this means that the handset is likely to be released rather soon. The most noteworthy item about the Galaxy A7 is that it measures 6.3mm in thickness. Samsung has never released a phone that thin. The body of the Galaxy A7 is metal, a step in the right direction after Samsung’s long years of using plastic and faux leather.

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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 3 gets incremental update to Android 4.4.4

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_3_Back_White_Event_TAVerizon is pushing out an update to its variant of the Galaxy Note 3, and while it’s not Lollipop, it does bump up the Android version slightly to 4.4.4. Plus, there a handful of fixes and improvements on the device, so it’s a worthwhile update.

In addition to the improvements from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, you’ll also get a handful of tweaks on Verizon’s end, including changing Isis Wallet to Softcard, plus updates to Verizon Support and Protection and Caller Name ID. As far as apps go, you can expect Knox 2.0 to be on board, plus Find My Mobile, Samsung’s Kids Mode, and the Virtual Camera Tour feature. If you use Samsung Side Sync with a newer tablet or PC, you’ll also finally be able to take advantage of call forwarding with this update.
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First Galaxy A3 hands on video surfaces

samsung galaxy a3We’re finally getting a hands on look at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A3 thanks to an Italian site that’s posted an early brief review of the premium device. Samsung didn’t pack in any surprises, so is still just a slightly refined version of the Galaxy Alpha. It ditches the textured back cover in favor of a smooth design, and there’s no heart rate monitor on the backside. It does still feature a full metal frame, however, which is the biggest selling point behind the A series devices.

The A3 features a fairly low resolution, 4.5-inch screen, but it is a Super AMOLED display which partially makes up for the low pixel count. The processor is a Snapdragon 410 CPU, and you’ll get 1 GB of RAM with 16 GB of internal storage plus a micro SD card slot. The device runs Android 4.4 with all of Samsung’s latest TouchWiz features, including the ultra power saving mode found on the Galaxy S 5 and Note 4.
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Samsung may be working on a mobile GPU to pair with Exynos processors for 2015

samsung_exynos_5_chipA major component of Samsung’s business deals with mobile processors, and their Exynos CPUs are always top-notch chips even when compared to offerings from Qualcomm and NVIDIA. However, Samsung typically relies on other manufacturers for the GPU in their mobile devices, but it looks like that might change next year.

A new report suggests Samsung is in the process of developing its own GPU to pair with its Exynos processors, and it’s slated for release as early as mid-2015. If that date is accurate, we’ll probably miss seeing it in the Galaxy S6, but there’s a good chance we could see it end up in the Galaxy Note 5 or whatever else succeeds the Note lineup in the second half of the year.
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Samsung explains how difficult it was to bring the Gear S to market


The Gear S is an interesting smartwatch to say the least. It has a curved super AMOLED display, and features 3G/2G connectivity, not to mention a full QWERTY keyboard. Packing all of this into a smartwatch wasn’t easy as Samsung explains.

The obvious factor here is that smartwatches are a lot smaller than smartphones so you can imagine trying to fit extra components in it. 3G/2G connectivity isn’t something that you see on other smartwatches, but Samsung wanted to be the first. Who cares if you really need it or not! Anyways, Samsung explains that they needed to use their own relay server to facilitate forwarding notifications from smartphones to the Gear S.

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Samsung shakes up mobile division after disappointing Galaxy S 5 sales


Samsung has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success through marketing and the fact that they offered larger displays before anyone else. Now that Apple has finally given the iPhone a respectable display, and other manufacturers are cutting prices, things haven’t been so wonderful for the Korean giant. It was reported last week that sales of the Galaxy S 5 fell short by as much as 40%, so it can’t be surprising that Samsung is shaking things up with the management team.

Out are Lee Don-joo, who was the chief of the mobile business unit’s strategic marketing office, Kim Jae-kwon, chief of the global operations office, and Lee Chul-hwan, who headed the mobile R&D office. Interestingly enough, mobile chief JK Shin will retain his job based on his past contributions of helping Samsung to become the global mobile market share leader.

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Samsung to release Galaxy S 6 Edge alongside flagship phone


Surprise! The next flagship phone introduced by Samsung will be marketed with the name Galaxy S 6. That is not too surprising, right? We did not think so either. The device, currently known internally as Project Zero, will follow its Galaxy S predecessors by carrying the number indicating its order in the line. The specifications for the Galaxy S 6 (allegedly) include a 2560×1440 resolution display, Exynos 7420 (or Snapdragon 810) processor, 16MP/5MP cameras on the back and front, and storage options ranging from 32GB to 128GB.

The real bit of news, though, is Samsung apparently having a Galaxy S 6 Edge on the way as well. It would follow the Galaxy Note Edge by being identical to the Galaxy S 6, but having the right side of the display being tapered with a curve. The specifications remain the same but the overall design slightly changes.

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