Samsung focusing more on enterprise with 360 Services for Business



Enterprise is one of the most valuable segments in the mobile industry right now because no company has run away with it. One of the companies making a big play for enterprise customers is Samsung. The company announced 360 Services for Business, but we are not to sure how it differs from the existing KNOX security platform.

The new offering from Samsung focuses on support, management, security. 360 Services for Business is highlighted by Technical Support & Service Desk, Application Support, Security Support, Deployment Support, and Samsung MobileCare for Enterprise. The name of each feature speaks for itself. The most interesting would be the final one as it includes extended warranties for Samsung devices.

360 Services for Business will launch in early 2015 after testing is completed with select companies.

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Samsung officially announces ruggedized, business-oriented Galaxy Tab Active


Roughly a month ago we reported that Samsung had announced a new ruggedized tablet geared specifically for business appropriately called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. Today they have officially announced the tablet with a very detailed press release, revealing more information about Samsung’s upcoming device. As we knew before, the Tab Active features a shock-resistant body that is said to hold up after being dropped from as high as 1.2 meters and will be water and dust-resistant. It will also have a removable 4450 mAh battery that lasts up to 10 hours and will feature a ton of enhancements and apps geared towards business. The Galaxy Tab Active should be released by the end of the month and will come in WiFi and LTE-capable models.

You can pre-order this bad boy for $699 directly from Samsung.

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New leak about Samsung Galaxy A7 seems to confirm previous info


As Samsung continues the march to launching a new line of devices based on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha design, bits of information about the three devices continue to leak. We recently saw images surface of two of the devices, the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5. Information has been less readily available about the third device, the Galaxy A7. However, a new source seems to have confirmed some previously suspected specs for the device.

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Samsung releases video showcasing the Galaxy Note 4′s S Pen features


The S Pen has been improved annually since the Galaxy Note series was introduced in 2011. To really cover everything this year’s Galaxy Note 4 can do with the S Pen, Samsung has released a video showcasing its features. It feels more like an informational video than an advertisement. That is a good thing considering Samsung has generally pushed the product straightforward instead of focusing on individual features.

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Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 show up on video along with Galaxy A5 official renders


Now that Samsung has broken the seal on the use of metal on their phones, they won’t be stopping at the Galaxy Alpha. The Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 are both on the way, with the A5 probably closer to release.

Android MX was able to get their hands on the both the A3 and A5 and put together a short little video (see below) showing off the devices. They even included the Galaxy Alpha for reference. As you can clearly see, both the A3 and A5 designs are similar to the Galaxy Alpha.

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Samsung Gear VR release date and pricing revealed


The Samsung Gear VR was introduced at the Unpacked back in September, but we haven’t heard much chatter on when we can expect to buy the device or how much. it will cost. One would think with the Holiday season approaching, that it would certainly be by the end of the year barring any production issues.

According to Samsung internal documents, we are looking at a release date of December 1st in South Korea with a price of 200,000 Won, which equates to about $187. Unfortunately South Korea is the only region mentioned, but we can only assume other areas will launch around the same time. As to the pricing, my guess was $199 for the U.S., which is inline.

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