Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Active may be released in November


The latest tip to surface about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 involves an Active version of the smartphone that among other changes, will come with a beefier 4,100 mAh battery. Although the new Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 3,000 mAh battery that has been found to provide plenty of usage thanks to Samsung’s optimizations, there has been some criticism about why Samsung did not bump up the size. Packing in a 4,100 mAh in this new version of the stylus-equipped smartphone might help address some of those concerns. Read more

Samsung offering free 30-day trial of Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge+ and Note 5 to iPhone owners


In what can be considered a great customer poaching ploy, Samsung is now offering a free trial of its Galaxy S6 Edge range as well as the Galaxy Note 5 to iPhone owners for a month. Yeah, you heard it right – if you happen to be a not so proud iPhone owner, you can consider this 30-day Samsung-promoted test drive to see whether you are ready to switch to Android or not.

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Huge 18 inch tablet in the works from Samsung?


A new report indicates Samsung has a new tablet device codenamed Tahoe that is in the works that will be equipped with an 18.4-inch HD display. Unlike 2014 when Samsung made it a point to work on the tablet market, they have quietly been working on new models in 2015 like the Galaxy Tab E, the Galaxy Tab A, and the Galaxy Tab S2. This new super-sized tablet could join the ranks in Samsung’s portfolio this year. Read more

Samsung’s global market share continues to dip, falls over 5% from last year

global market share 2015 Q2Samsung’s Galaxy S6 doesn’t look it’s moving the needle in a positive direction for the company, as the latest market share numbers show Samsung’s global dominance continuing to slip to Apple and cheaper Chinese OEMs.

In Q2 of 2014, Samsung held 26.2% of the global market, more than doubling Apple’s market share. This year, Apple has steadily increased their market share to nearly 15% while smaller vendors like Huawei and Xiaomi have scooped up more of the low end, leaving Samsung with just 21.9% market share. That’s over a 5% drop from a year ago, which is pretty substantial. Read more

Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ in South Korea


Samsung has now launched the recently-announced Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ in South Korea. The former retails for 899,800 Korean Won ($758) for the 32GB model and 965,800 Korean Won ($813) for the 64GB edition, and is available in White Pearl, Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum colorways, whilst the latter is only up for grabs in Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum, and carries a price tag of 939,400 Korean Won ($790) for the 32GB variant.

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