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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 passes through TENNA


Although the tablet market has cooled off considerably compared to just a couple years ago, that is not stopping Samsung from working on updates to their current top of the line tablets. Earlier this year a pair of devices believed to be the Galaxy Tab S3 8.0 and Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 were spotted making their way through the FCC. Now the 8-inch version has surfaced again, this time passing through China’s TENNA certification. The benefit of this is that the TENNA database includes some images of the device. Read more

Samsung Galaxy C5 line in development with metal body


Samsung has started work on a new line of mid-range smartphones that appear to be on track to mimic some of the lessons Samsung has learned in building a portfolio of top-tier devices. Sources indicate Samsung is working on producing smartphones in the line with at least two different display sizes. The new Galaxy C5 series is also expected to get a metal body as that type of construction starts to push down into lower strata as revealed by some newly leaked images of the phone. Read more

The Galaxy S7 Lens Cover kit is now available in Europe for €149


The Galaxy S7 is known for having a great camera, whether it’s used taking images in low-light or making a lovely panorama shot, it will deliver a great image for a smartphone. But what if you want to take even better photos, perhaps zooming in at a distance that would normally require a telephoto lens, or take an image with a wide-angled viewpoint? Well, Samsung teased us with the Lens Cover kit for the S7 back in February, and now it seems the Korean handset maker is finally making it available through its online stores.  Read more