Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 4 available through Amazon


This fall, Samsung will be launching one of the most anticipated devices of the year. The Galaxy Note 4 will have a spot on each of the nation’s four major carriers. However, some consumers want an unlocked device. For those people, we have good news. Amazon is carrying the Galaxy Note 4 unlocked in black ($859), white ($869), and gold ($904). The only catch here is that there is no warranty included since the devices are unlocked.

These are all international models, so prospective buyers on Verizon or Sprint networks are unable to use this unlocked Galaxy Note 4.

Source: Amazon [Black Model Product Link] [White Model Product Link] [Gold Model Product Link]

Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and other Samsung devices could get banned from entering the U.S.


About a month ago, we reported that NVIDIA was taking Qualcomm and Samsung to court over GPU patent infringement. Well we have a little update that could prove to be a crack in Samsung’s spine. That’s something they don’t need right now considering their financial situation.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) voted to investigate whether any of Samsung’s smartphones and/or tablets should be blocked from entering the U.S. The devices in question utilize either the Snapdragon S4, 400, 600, 800, 801, or 805. This means the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge could literally be blocked from entering into the U.S. Other devices in the complaint include the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note Pro, and Galaxy Tab 2.

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HERE Maps available for select Samsung Galaxy devices


HERE Maps is here for Android… if you have have a Samsung device. The application is available through the Galaxy App Store and works only with select Galaxy devices approved by Samsung. It does much of what you expect from a maps app, but the offline mode is unique. HERE Maps can continue to utilize turn-by-turn driving or walking without an internet connection. It has more than one hundred maps ready to download for offline use. The web component of HERE Maps is useful, too, because of its ability to plan something and then have the information sent over to the app.

Hit the break for a video and the download link.

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New patent for Samsung reveals work on Iconic UX user interface


A new patent that was filed in Korea reveals some work Samsung has been pursuing in developing new multi-window features for a user interface dubbed Iconic UX. The interface appears to be focused on an interface that provides several windows for apps to utilize. Similar to what Samsung has done with their Touchwiz multi-window function, users would be able to share content between open windows using drag and drop type interactions.
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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge may be coming to AT&T and US Cellular


We’ve heard that Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge may not actually end up being a full-scale production device, but instead just a limited run device to gauge consumer reaction to the curved display. Despite that, it’s looking like we’ll see the device launched on at least two US carriers, if new FCC filings are accurate.

The filing for a device with the model number SM-N915A show that it has LTE bands for both AT&T and US Cellular. While that doesn’t mean that we’ll see the Note Edge hit shelves at the same time as the Note 4, at least it will be somewhat available at some point. Since AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the Galaxy Alpha, the carrier seems fairly committed to keeping their portfolio up to date with Samsung’s products.
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Gear VR overheating causes Samsung to limit demo times in stores


The Gear VR has yet to be released, but there are already concerns about prolonged use. At a Samsung store in South Korea, employees are limiting customer’s demo time to twenty-five minutes. Why? Because apparently the Gear VR has some serious overheating. This is a pretty big problem considering the device will be on your face. But the Gear VR has yet to be released, so there is still time for Samsung to make some changes that reduces the amount of heat it gives off.

Source: Asia Today
Via: G 4 Games

Watch a Galaxy Note 4 get thrown around in Samsung’s drop test video

samsung_galaxy_note_4_demo_1After all the commotion about Apple’s bending iPhones, companies are making a point to demonstrate how durable their devices are as a selling point for consumers. Samsung was quick to jump on that bandwagon, and they created a “bend test” video to poke at Apple and show how sturdy their phones are. Today, they’re going a bit further by releasing a drop test video.

The video shows off the kinds of tests that the Galaxy Note 4 goes through to ensure that it’s durable enough for consumers. The device gets systematically dropped from several different heights and angles and even gets put in a rotating machine to simulate the effect of being dropped down a flight of stairs. And, believe it or not, the phone comes out in really good shape.
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Samsung focusing more on enterprise with 360 Services for Business



Enterprise is one of the most valuable segments in the mobile industry right now because no company has run away with it. One of the companies making a big play for enterprise customers is Samsung. The company announced 360 Services for Business, but we are not to sure how it differs from the existing KNOX security platform.

The new offering from Samsung focuses on support, management, security. 360 Services for Business is highlighted by Technical Support & Service Desk, Application Support, Security Support, Deployment Support, and Samsung MobileCare for Enterprise. The name of each feature speaks for itself. The most interesting would be the final one as it includes extended warranties for Samsung devices.

360 Services for Business will launch in early 2015 after testing is completed with select companies.

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