Rumour: Samsung to release the Galaxy Note 5 in August to avoid competing with new iPhone?


It’s the season for Galaxy Note 5 rumours, and along with this year’s handset sporting auto-ejecting S Pens, dual edges as well as a bigger display, we have rumours about the launch date of Samsung’s premier phablet. While the Samsung President, Jong-Kyun Shin, denied that the launch of the Note 5 would be brought forward  to July, he never mentioned August, did he?

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Samsung releases new app to fix disappearing quick settings toggles

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_Edge_Front_Top_Samsung_Logo_TASamsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have reportedly been having issues where some of the quick settings toggles in the status bar have mysteriously disappeared from some devices. The mobile data, mobile hotspot, and private mode toggles were the few that were disappearing.

Fortunately, Samsung has released a new application onto the Galaxy Apps store that should resolve the issue, if you were affected by it. They haven’t mentioned exactly why these toggles weren’t appearing for some users, but it’s hard to complain too much when they’re pushed out a simple fix for the issue. Read more

Samsung prepping security update for SwiftKey keyboard vulnerability

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_Edge_Right_Edge_Slanted_01_TAEarlier today, a massive security exploit involving Samsung’s default SwiftKey keyboard spread across the internet like wildfire showing the dangers of manufacturers pre-loading third-party software on their phones. The vulnerability was pretty obscure and wouldn’t affect everyone with a Samsung device, but it was still a fairly serious exploit Fortunately, Samsung has issued a relatively quick response about the whole situation.

Samsung has stated that they’re working on a fix, and it will be deployed through a security policy update via Knox. The vulnerability was based in how language packs for Samsung’s SwiftKey-backed keyboard were updated, and doesn’t affect the normal version of SwiftKey that you may have downloaded through the Play Store.  Read more

Best Android phones [June 2015]


There are a wide range of smartphones that are up for grabs today with varying price points. So it can get a bit tricky to pick the best of them, mainly due to the sheer volume of devices. Some handsets, however, stand out in the crowd and we’re going to discuss the best of the best. Choice is one of the best things about choosing an Android device over other platforms. Read more

Third-party app exploit reveals remote code attack vector on Samsung smartphones


Some recent security work on new Samsung smartphones will likely increase the pressure on manufacturers and carriers to dispense with preloading third-party apps. According to security researchers, they were able to figure out a way to deliver a payload capable of executing remote code via the Swift keyboard app that comes pre-installed on new Samsung devices. The vulnerability gives an attacker the ability to run code as a system user, one step shy of being root, and can be launched without input from the device’s user.  Read more

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active survives 12-foot drop test unharmed


On Saturday, June 13, Jeremy Judkins, the proud owner of a brand new Galaxy S6 Active, took to his YouTube channel in order to share a drop test he recorded of the handset. In the short clip, Judkins taxes the durability of the device by dropping it from various different heights all of which are in accordance with real-life scenarios and every single time the handset emerges unharmed.

Check it out after the break.

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Samsung’s smartwatch market share sharply dropped in Q1 2015


The growing competition in the smartwatch game has caused Samsung to see its market share drop significantly. The company’s smartwatch market share, based largely on its Tizen operating system, slid to 23.1% in Q1 2015. This, according to Strategy Analytics, is down from 47.8% in Q2 2014. Consumers want smartwatches, and wearables in general, that are compatible with various devices and platforms. Tizen, which is featured on the Gear S, only works with select Samsung devices. Android Wear, Pebble, Fitbit, and other platforms are much more open with support.

Samsung plans to gain back market share with the release of its next smartwatch that will feature a round display, refreshed user interface, and enriched developer support.

Source: Naver
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Samsung holding back RAW and RAM fixes until Galaxy S6 edge Plus released?


As the first of the Android 5.1 updates for Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge devices start to roll out on T-Mobile with other carriers likely to follow before too long, rumors have surfaced that a couple expected updates may have been withheld from the update. The two issues that have been identified include support for RAW images in the camera app and a fix for some RAM issues that have been plaguing some users. Perhaps even more frustrating for users hoping for these items to be addressed in the update is the reason Samsung may be holding back on them – to include them in the Galaxy S6 edge Plus device before rolling them out to existing devices. Read more