Get into the Christmas spirit with the Velvet Red Galaxy Note 4, that is if you’re in South Korea


Samsung has launched a beautiful Velvet Red Galaxy Note 4 in time for the Christmas season, but there is one big Debbie Downer to this story. It’s only available in South Korea, and more specifically, SK Telecom.

There are no signs that this one will make it’s way to other markets, but we can be hopeful right? How about a Verizon exclusive with a giant Verizon logo on the back and/or on the home button? Anyways, the phone appears to be identical to the original Note 4, which gets the octa-core Exynos since it’s the international version.

source: SamMobile

Corning announces that the Galaxy Alpha sports the new Gorilla Glass 4

Samsung_Galaxy_Alpha_blackWhile it’s been a few weeks since Corning announced the new Gorilla Glass 4, what it didn’t announce was that there were phones already sporting the new glass. While we don’t know why Corning waited until now to announce it, the company announced in a press release that the Samsung Galaxy ALPHA sports the new Gorilla Glass. While there are suggestions that the Galaxy Note 4 also sports it, Corning did not mention it in its press release. That said, Corning states that the new Gorilla Glass is a part of what makes the Galaxy ALPHA as thing as it is.

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Sprint and Verizon now rolling out Gear VR compatibility update for the Galaxy Note 4


American customers of the Galaxy Note 4 were quite excited when Samsung and AT&T officially launched the Gear VR a couple of days ago. However, their excitement was very short lived as it was revealed that carrier branded units of the Galaxy Note 4 weren’t compatible with the Gear VR. Samsung’s support page mentioned that the Galaxy Note 4 needed a software update to bring support for the company’s head mounted wearable. Well that changes today with Sprint and Verizon officially sending out the update for the Galaxy Note 4, thus bringing official support for the Gear VR.
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New Galaxy S6 benchmark shows a 16-megapixel camera and QHD display

galaxy s 6 benchmarkThe Galaxy S6′s specs have already been leaked thanks to a previous AnTuTu benchmark, but like with all rumors, things change as we closer to an actual announcement date. The latest benchmark confirms some of the hardware that we saw in the previous score, but a few things are a little different.

Most of the major hardware, like the QHD screen, octa-core CPU that will likely end up being Samsung’s Exynos 7420, and Android 5.0 are the same as last time around. However, the megapixel count on the camera has dipped from 20 megapixels down to 16 megapixels. It’s not a huge difference, and Samsung will obviously be toying around with different hardware combinations until they find one that works, but it’s interested either way.
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Some Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices need carrier updates to work with Gear VR


Earlier this week Samsung finally started selling their new Gear VR device through their web site for $199. Even AT&T jumped in on the excitement, listing it on their site as well for interested consumers even though the device sold out quickly. As the devices are getting into the hands of consumers, buyers on Verizon and Sprint are discovering their Galaxy Note 4 devices are not quite ready to be used with the Gear VR for lack of a software update.

The users who find themselves in this situation are reporting that attempts to use Gear VR with their Galaxy Note 4 just generates a warning message that “you need to update your device.” Unfortunately, even though this was disclosed in the official press release about the Gear VR, it seems most people missed it. Even worse, thus far there is no information forthcoming from Verizon or Sprint regarding how long their customers will have to wait for the software update to be issued.

source: SamMobile

Galaxy A7 specs leak online


Earlier in the year, Samsung launched the first two models in its Galaxy A series, the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, and now it looks like the manufacturer is gearing up to launch its third and final offering, the Galaxy A7. According to a leaked spec sheet from SamMobile, the handset is set be a beast of a devices and is aiming at the high-end market.

Hit the break to view the full list of specifications.

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T-Mobile pushes updates to Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Tab 4, and Galaxy Avant


A trio of devices from Samsung operating on T-Mobile’s network are receiving software updates. The Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE, and Galaxy Avant are the devices getting attention today.

The updates for the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Avant are identical. Both devices added Chinese as a supported language. The build for the Galaxy S 4′s update is M919UVUFNK2 while the Galaxy Avant’s is G386TUVU1ANK3.

The Galaxy Tab 4, though, is getting a heavier update that stabilizes the user experience. The build is T337TUVU1BNK4.

Source: T-Mobile (1) (2) (3)

Samsung is developing a Snapdragon 810 variant of the Note 4


According to an anonymous tipster, Samsung is preparing to launch yet another market dependant variant of the Galaxy Note 4. At present, the South Korean company’s flagship phablet is available with one of two different processors on board, the first is its own Exynos 7 Octa chip and the other is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805, but if this speculation turns out to be true, we could be seeing a Snapdragon 810 model of the Galaxy Note 4 on the market as soon as January, 2015.

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