Samsung struggling with producing metal cases for Galaxy A3 and A5

Galaxy-Alpha-Production_02-636x424Samsung recently formally announced the Galaxy A3 and A5 smartphones, but they’re currently slated for a relatively small Asian release with no concrete plans on bringing them to other markets around the world. Apparently, a big reason behind that is due to Samsung’s low yield on production of the unibody metal frames for the devices.

With these phones being among the first full metal Samsung devices with no removable batteries, production for components was a little different than what Samsung was used to. Reportedly only about 50% of the cases made it past Samsung’s quality control, which is a very, very low yield and explains the limited availability.
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Samsung will invest in $3 billion smartphone plant in Vietnam

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Front_Samsung_Logo_TAAccording to a report from Reuters, Samsung is looking to invest several billion dollars into building a smartphone manufacturing plant in Vietnam soon. The company already owns a $2 billion smartphone plant in the Thai Nguyen province, which is where the second, $3 billion plant will be built. Right now, that 3 billion number is just an estimate, as Samsung is still in talks with the Vietnamese government to make the plans official.
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Here’s how Android Lollipop differs from KitKat on the Galaxy S 4


Last week, we were able to see what the Android Lollipop update will look like on the Galaxy S 4, but if you want a more detailed comparison with the current KitKat version, you’ve come to the right place. Sam Mobile put together a video detailing the differences as well as some screenshots.

The overall look of the UI will be the same, but the core apps will get updated with Material Design and a lot of the functionality gets improved. There are a notable amount of performance improvements as well.

We have a bunch of screenshots and the video after the break.

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New Note 4 commercials hit YouTube

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Main_02_TADo you Note? That’s the question of the latest in Samsung’s newest Note 4 commercials. One shows a man in dire need of a place to relieve himself. Another shows a “photo war” between two friends. It’s nice to see that Samsung has gone away from bashing the competition and highlighting the fun you can have with Samsung’s latest large screened phone. We have the commercials for you after the break. Enjoy.

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Samsung releases Smart Home videos to elaborate on its purpose

Samsung_Logo_01_TA_CES_2014At 2014′s IFA, Samsung chief executive BK Yoon said, “The biggest change, the biggest transformation, it will happen in our Homes, at a speed we can barely imagine.” Samsung wants to explain what they mean by that, and have released six new videos showing how Smart Home will make your life easier through their automation. The videos show how the company can make everything from powering your home appliances to watching movies a lot simplified.

You can check out all of the new videos past the break.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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Test build of Android 5.0 leaks for the Galaxy S 4

S4-LollipopEarlier this week Samsung confirmed that the getting-long-in-the-tooth Galaxy S 4 would, in fact, receive Android 5.0 Lollipop. Of course we’re curious about how that will look on the device and today we get to see a sneak peek. Like the Galaxy S 5, SamMobile was able to score an internal build of Lollipop for an S 4 and as such, made a video for it.

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Samsung to launch new phone series after Galaxy A arrival


We all know that Samsung has a lot of devices on the market. In the last few months, the company did start to condense its range of tablets. That is not likely to happen with its phones, but Samsung will take a look at how they are named. On the heels of the Galaxy A arrival, Samsung is going to introduce another series with the single letter approach.

The logical series to assume that this is for would be whatever falls under Project Zero, Samsung’s next flagship.

Source: SamMobile

See which apps and games are draining your phone battery and chewing up the most storage

android-appsApps are easily the biggest draw of owning a smartphone, but unfortunately, they can also be what hinders the performance of our devices, too. AVG anonymously collected data from over 1 million smartphone and tablet users to measure just which apps drained battery the fastest and used up the most storage space, and the results are pretty interesting.
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Samsung will offer watch straps and bangle options for the Gear S

Gear s wrist strapsIf you’re planning on picking up Samsung’s Gear S, you should be happy to know that the company is planning on supporting the 3G smartwatch with several accessories, including multiple colors of wrist bands and some extra bangle straps. Samsung has updated the listing for the Gear S on their UK website to show several different straps that will likely become available once the watch starts shipping.
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