Galaxy Tab 2 screenshot surfaces

by Chris Stewart on
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What’s this we have here, another Galaxy leak? Thankfully the Galaxy S III is now official and that rollercoaster ride has closed so this new leak is for the Galaxy SCH-I705 which is said to be the Tab 2 for Verizon. BriefMobile received the above image from a tipster who told them that the SCH-I705 will be a 7 inch, 4G tablet running Android 4.0.4 with Samsung TouchWiz. The mystery tablet will run a 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor with an Adreno 225 GPU.

We have no more specifics at this time however stay tuned to TalkAndroid and we’ll being you the updates as soon as we have them.


source  : BriefMobile

Samsung Brings Free Scan-and-Match Feature to Its Music Hub Subscription Service

by Jack Holt on
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In the wake of the official announcement and unveiling of the Galaxy S III there have been some other announcements made by Samsung that you should take interest in. For instance Samsung also announced that it will be bringing a Scan-and-Match feature to its Music Hub Subscription service. Similar to iTunes Match, this service will scan your hard drive for any and all music and if it matches a song from Samsung’s library in the cloud it will be accessible to you via the cloud. However there is one key difference between this feature and iTunes Match; Samsung’s feature is free where iTunes is a $24.99 per year charge.

Music Hub costs $9.99/month for one smart phone or tablet or $12.99/month for the ability to access the service from up to four devices and the web. One could argue that it’s not actually free as you have to pay the monthly fee but it’s important to note that there isn’t an additional cost for this feature. As the subscription service contains over 17 million tracks this Scan-and-Match feature sounds pretty good. The music service and this feature are available on any Galaxy S II or newer device, the Smart TV, Galaxy Tab, Smart Blu-ray player, smart home theatre systems or even through the good ol’ internet from your favorite browser. So if you are a user of Samsung’s Music Hub service you can expect to see this feature real shortly if not already. If you missed the full S III event and would love to see it then you’re in luck as we have it here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Samsung Galaxy S III shreds the iPhone 4S in GPU benchmarks

by Robert Nazarian on
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Looks like Tim Cook has some explaining to do. Did you expect anything different from Samsung’s Exynos quad-core? It’s built on Samsung’s 32nm high-k + metal gate LP process. It integrates four ARM cortex A9s that run up to 1.4 GHz. Each core can be controlled individually when needed to save power consumption. They also operate on their own voltage and frequency plane. You won’t find a fifth core, but Samsung feels they don’t need it with the 32nm HK+MG LP process.

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Samsung to provide ‘Pop-Up’ stores in the coming months

by Tony Rosario on
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Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for all things Samsung. Along with the new Galaxy S3 announcement, Sammy let us in on some extra goodies like the S-Pebble and my personal favorite, the Allshare Cast Dongle. Now the company is looking to expand their accessibility, much like the way Apple has, with “pop-up” stores for all of your Samsung needs. It’s unclear whether or not the actual stores will resemble what was displayed at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event yesterday, but Sammy is looking to open up shop starting in London in the coming months.

Missed the Samsung Galaxy S III event? Check it out here

by Robert Nazarian on
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I know most of you weren’t able to make it to London for yesterday’s big event. Our own Chris Stewart did and he said it was amazing as pretty much all Samsung events are. Of course it was streamed live for anyone to watch, but in case you missed it, Samsung has made it easy for you. Just hit the source link below and you can see all the fun. Even if you’ve seen it before, it might be worth another look since there’s always things you catch the second time around. So was it worth the wait?

source: thenextgalaxy

How Does The Galaxy SIII Compare To The Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, and HTC One X?

by Ed Caggiani on
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Now that Samsung has released their latest flagship, the Galaxy SIII, everyone wants to know how the specs compare to some other heavy hitters. The folks at Droid Life have put together a handy comparison chart between the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, and HTC One X. Click the image above to see the details.

source: droid-life

Did the Samsung Galaxy S III meet expectations?

by Robert Nazarian on
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Whenever anything gets a tremendous amount of hype, it’s usually a letdown more than not. The Galaxy S III had a lot of hype over the last few months so the question is did it meet expectations?

As far as the specs, it came up a little short. I think a lot of people were expecting more megapixels, but honestly 8MP is fine as long as it takes great pictures. Knowing Samsung’s history, I don’t think we should have any worries here. The quad-core processor is on par as well. The letdown has to be the display. Unfortunately we didn’t get a “Plus” after Super AMOLED, so that means PenTile. It will still be a great display, but unfortunately it won’t be as good as the HTC One X’s Super LCD 2 display.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Sign-Up Page Goes Live, Lists All the Top U.S. Carriers

by Stacy Bruce on
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You didn’t think we were done with the Galaxy S III news did you? OK, good because this time it’s something you might want to pay attention to – the official GSIII sign-up page. Sammy has launched the phone’s sign-up page for everyone who want’s more device availability information as it is released. We still don’t know exactly all the carriers who are going to carry Sammy’s new flagship handset, but if the sign-up page is any indication you U.S. folks might be pleasantly surprised.

As it was with the Galaxy Nexus sign-up page, the GSIII’s page asks for your personal contact info along with your zip code and carrier preference. Among those carriers listed are; AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, C-Spire Wireless, U.S. Cellular, and Metro PCS. Now this doesn’t mean for sure that all those carriers will get the device, it’s just nice to see when your carrier is a listed option. Don’t forget, we’ve already seen the device listed in a Verizon User Agent profile so that one is most likely in the bag. We are also hearing that the GSIII should land in the U.S. in June so hopefully we will have more details very soon. Stay tuned and we will fill you in as we learn more but in the meantime, head to the source link to get signed up for future information from Samsung themselves.

source: Samsung


Vodafone UK To Carry 32GB Samsung Galaxy S III Model Exclusively At Launch

by Roy Alugbue on
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It’s only a few weeks before we see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone in Europe, so it’s safe to run out to your local mobile carrier to grab the 32GB version, right? Wrong. Most carriers will likely carry a 16GB version of the device at launch, but there’s one carrier that has an exclusive model that will be available. Vodafone UK announced through its Twitter page that it will indeed carry the 32GB model exclusively, in addition to the standard 16GB model. It looks like Vodafone is trying to have the leg up on attracting customers to its network thanks its newfound exclusivity.

The 16GB and 32GB versions of the smartphone will be available on May 30th. Feel free to start drooling in the meantime.

source: Vodafone UK Twitter
via: Eurodroid

Samsung & Dropbox To Offer 50GB Of Free Cloud Storage For Galaxy S III Owners

by Roy Alugbue on
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You want to know how Samsung intends on enticing potential customers now that it’s Galaxy S III smartphone is out? No, it isn’t the quad-core processor built-in nor the sweet lineup of accessories. My friends, Sammy is offering an attractive 50GB of free storage courtesy of Dropbox— similar to what HTC has done in the past. The key difference is HTC offered “only” 25GB, while Sammy is offering double the storage space.

Keep in mind as awesome as this is, it won’t last forever. Samsung and Dropbox will be offering this awesome promotion for Galaxy S III owners for a limited time only— owners who take advantage of this will have free storage for only 2 years. But hey— by the time 2 years comes around, we’ll probably be seeing a bigger and better promotion by then.

source: Venture Beat