Samsung releases two more ‘Next Big Thing’ advertisements

There are many things that Android fans have in common. Indeed good taste in phones, great conversions, and support are among the common ones, but they also enjoy “bashing” Apple products in advertisements. The variety of people that watch television have probably seen Samsung’s new Galaxy S III ad, called “The Next Big Thing is Already Here“. The 90 second-long commercial features a simple story:

People are waiting in line for a new device (in this case the iPhone 5), and see Galaxy S III users showing off their features, like Android beam and the spacious 4.8″ display.

To go along with that, a man waiting in line is teased by iPhone fans that his “Galaxy S III didn’t work out for him”… while he is actually saving the spot in line for his parents.

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Samsung and Google executives could discuss patents when they meet on Thursday

Even with the disappointment of Apple winning its litigation on their “special patents”, it looks like executives from both Google and Samsung will meet in Seoul on Thursday. Thats right! Eric Schmidt, alongside Samsung “big-wig”, Shin Jong-kyun, will discuss numerous details about their company companionship.

But it seems that it is very likely that this meeting is focused on, none other than Apple’s patent strikes against Samsung. Lets not forget that just a little over a month ago, Apple won its case in the United States against the company, exclaiming various factors of how the South Korean manufacturer infringed on Apple design and “style”.

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Appears on FCC As SGH-T779

T-Mobile seems to often be late to the party when rolling out devices, or maybe it’s just my perception as an 11-year customer when they don’t offer a device I want on day-one like other carriers. However, T-Mobile seems to end up getting most of the same nice devices as the other major carriers eventually. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is no exception in this case. Revealed through FCC filing, the newest tablet in T-Mobile’s stable will be released as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (SGH-T779). As is usually the case with device sightings on FCC, we will most likely see the Tab 2 on Magenta’s network within the next couple of months if not late next month. Is anyone looking forward to this particular tablet from T-Mobile? Let us know.

source:  FCC

Samsung says Galaxy S III is safe from USSD exploit and is conducting an internal review for other phones

Yesterday we told you about a major security vulnerability with Samsung phones like the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Beam, and Galaxy Ace. This vulnerability could cause your phone to conduct a factory reset from visiting a website containing malicious code. Samsung just confirmed that the Galaxy S III should be removed from this list, well at least ones running the latest software.

“We would like to assure our customers that the recent security issue concerning the GALAXY S III has already been resolved through a software update. We recommend all GALAXY S III customers to download the latest software update, which can be done quickly and easily via the Over-The-Air (OTA) service.”

So make sure your GSIII is up to date. As for owners of the other phones, Samsung said they are “currently in the process of conducting an internal review.” I’m sure Samsung will get updates to all phones affected so stay tuned.

source: androidcentral

New vulnerability found in Samsung devices, TouchWiz to blame

Today a rather catastrophic exploit was found in Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The new hack allows websites to run a USSD code commanding the device to wipe itself back to factory state, and possibly even damage the SIM card. This means that just by simply visiting a infected website could remove all your pictures, contacts, apps and most importantly: your high score on Temple Run.

Luckily this piece of malicious code will only interface with the TouchWiz interface, so if you’re running CyanogenMod or any other custom ROMs, you’re most likely safe. The current list of affected device include the aforementioned Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S Advance.

Source: SmartDroid

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III in Durability Test

First there was that poster-like, anti-iPhone 5 ad that Samsung published in print ads making it look like a “tale of the tape” fittingly before a fight. Well, now we’re about to find out who wins. Only in the arbitrary world of durability tests. Granted, we all like to know how durable that expensive piece of hardware that we’re laying down hard-earned cash for really is. However, with all due respect, this “test” is more for entertainment purposes. Dropping phones from human hands with numerous variables involved is far from scientific and can only be taken as entertainment. Without further ado, check the video for your entertainment and you be the judge.  Hit the break for the video.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II confirmed for October 1 in the UK

We already had an idea of when the Galaxy Note II would release, but Samsung just made it official for the UK. It will officially release on Monday, October 1 in the Samsung Brand Store in Westfield, Stratford City and across all major networks.

Simon Stanford, Vice President, UK & IRE Telecommunications & Networks Division, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “We were delighted by the hugely positive response we received when we first announced the Galaxy Note II at IFA back in August. The Galaxy Note II is a whole new level of innovation and we are confident users are going to enjoy the updated features and design of our latest Galaxy device when it hits the shelves on the 1st of October.”

Full presser after the break:

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Samsung Officially Launches The Martian Pink Galaxy S III Smartphone


We knew there was a sexy new color on the way for the Galaxy S III smartphone, but now Samsung has made it officially official. Samsung has officially launched the limited-edition “Martian Pink” color variation of the Galaxy S III– it only plans on making just 100,000 units available for the general public. Here’s Samsung expressing its delight and excitement of its newest edition:


“The Martian pink Galaxy S III is refined and sensuous. With its distinctive style, we expect a great response from the younger generation and women.”


As of now, the limited-edition color can only be found in Korea across Korean wireless carriers. This means those of us out here Stateside won’t be able to own the unique color of the Galaxy S III… much like we weren’t able to enjoy the pink Galaxy S II or the pink Galaxy Note. Ah well, one can dream, right?

source: Samsung
via: Android Central

ChatONV App Highlighted On Samsung Galaxy Camera, Indicates Voice & Video Calling To App Is On The Way


Samsung’s ChatON messenger service is already growing at a steady pace among Samsung users, but it looks like Samsung is ready for the service to take the next step in its evolution. A leaked screenshot on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Camera highlights a refreshed ChatON app with wait for it— a separate app called ChatONV, which indicates voice calling support. What this means is not only does Samsung plan on integrating voice calling at some point very soon, but perhaps video calling as well.

No additional details for now, but we’ll share additional info for you as we get it.

source: Sammy Hub

New Findings Show Broken Promises From The Jury Selection Process Of The Apple vs. Samsung Trial


It’s no surprise that the recent Apple vs. Samsung verdict drew massive ire and certainly no secret that Samsung not only disagrees with it, but plans to fight Apple to the very death. It now appears that Samsung has the additional ammunition needed to contest the court’s ruling and be granted a retrial. During the jury selection process (also known as voir dire),  a foreman who happened to be part of the jury selection pool as a prospective juror was originally asked if he will set aside all that he knew of patent law from his personal experience, while following the court’s instructions and make an objective judgment based off evidence alone. The prospective juror who was eventually selected to be part of the jury answered yes to the questions, as he promised to follow the law and not use what he knew from previous cases.

As a precaution, lawyers on both sides extensively check and analyze the responses based off the participants of the voir dire. But naturally, the foreman did the complete opposite and broke his promise to follow the law and not have any sort of bias— based off his responses and interviews to the media after the verdict was handed down. Now that this is out in the open, this observation paints a bigger picture. Seeing the different legal experts present these facts and information again gives Samsung a reason to aggressively contest and appeal the recent verdict. However as Groklaw points out, there is “The tendency is for jury verdicts to stand, even if there is a problem“. Samsung will have a long battle ahead if it wants to win.

source: Groklaw