Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE to hit Sprint stores later this month

A newly leaked internal document suggests Sprint could be prepping another mid-range Samsung smartphone, but this time to debut on its fresh LTE network. Ironically dubbed the Galaxy “Victory” 4G LTE, it sports a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. It’s also rumored that the device will feature a somewhat underwhelming 480×800 display, though a 4-inch screen could potentially justify the lower resolution.

The document in question shows the handset as being part of Sprint’s September promotions program, which means representatives will earn $3 in commission for every Victory smartphone sold. An exact release date is unknown, but with the GS III earning $7 in commission, reps will be less inclined to recommend it to customers with a bigger budget.

The fact that Samsung is continuing to release phones without even the slitest hiccup is a good sign, considering its ongoing patent war with Apple. Let’s just hope this device doesn’t get caught up in the crossfire.

Source: Android Central
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Apple patent lawsuit targets more Samsung devices including Samsung Galaxy S III

You may have thought things were over for Samsung after last week’s loss to Apple in the highly-covered patent lawsuit between the two. Surely the $1.0+ billion judgment and ensuing stock losses for Samsung are enough to drive them out of the smartphone and tablet markets. For all the hype, last week’s jury verdict in favor of Apple was just one battle in a war. Even Apple recognizes this. Rather than sitting on their laurels and waiting for Samsung and the rest of the world’s Android manufacturers to slink off in defeat, Apple was back to work in a San Jose federal court filing documents on Friday. This time, it is a request to add more devices from Samsung to a case filed back in February 2012 alleging a variety of patent infringements. The original lawsuit covered 17 devices that had been produced between August 2011 and the filing. The new request adds four more devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S III. Nor word or response from Samsung yet regarding the latest filing.

source: Reuters

Samsung Smart TVs to launch later this year with Google TV

Samsung has built a major part of its reputation with its line of Smart TVs, but has yet to fully dip its toes into Google TV — until now, that is. While not a part of its press conference, the company is showing off new Google TV hardware on the show floor of IFA 2012.

Details are scarce, but Samsung plans to utilize its Smart Hub as the central user interface for switching between television and apps. As expected, the company has already ported some of its own Smart TV apps to the Google TV unit. With these added tweaks, the company hopes to “enhance the Smart TV experience.” 

Google TV has undoubtedly failed to catch on with consumers, but Samsung is hoping that it can make an impact with its prominent branding. Let’s just hope Samsung can actually bring this thing to market for a reasonable price. More on this story as it develops.

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Moleskine App Launching Exclusively For Galaxy Note 10.1 And Galaxy Note II


It looks as if that Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1 are going to be a wee bit more appealing thanks to famed paper notebook company Moleskine. Moleskine has partnered with Samsung to unveil the Moleskine app for Android, which our friends at The Verge was able to get some hands-on time and get a feel of the app and its uniqueness to the Note devices. The Moleskine app brings complete sketching, drawing, and note-taking functionality and will feature options like color, size, handwriting-to-text and brushstroke— as well as the ability to delete pages. While they sound pretty standard, the functions operate through each device’s S Pen, so there’s a cool sort of appeal there. The app is exclusive to the Galaxy Note II and 10.1 for 6 months, so for now— you’ll only see the app preinstalled on those two devices and not available anywhere for some time. However you have to admit, it is pretty awesome and it’s cool that Samsung has that type of exclusivity.

source: The Verge


Reports Indicate Samsung Resales Are Taking Over The Marketplace Since Last Week’s Apple Verdict


It looks as if Samsung hasn’t gotten the last laugh after all. After a recent study pointed out Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone gained in popularity since the landmark verdict last week, another study pointed out Samsung users are actually reselling their smartphones like the Galaxy S II in massive droves. According to online retailer Gazelle, there has been “a 50 percent increase in sold-in Samsung phones“, which caused a subsequent “10 percent drop in prices for these devices“. More importantly– the cost of the device is likely to drop even further, especially with more resells of the various Samsung devices and the impending arrival of Apple’s iPhone 5 in a matter of weeks. A random sample of the cost of the Galaxy S II as an example currently ranges between $80 – $116, depending on the Galaxy S II’s condition. Conversely, an Apple iPhone 4 averages $200, while the iPhone 4S averages $300.

Naturally this could be a classic case of one jumping the gun because after all— the Galaxy S II is still no doubt a good phone, but an aging phone at that. Perhaps the masses sold their Galaxy S II’s in anticipation for a better phone like the Galaxy Note II? Yeah… that sounds like a stronger argument to me.

source: CNet

Samsung gets the upper hand with Apple in Japan

It’s not all doom and gloom for Samsung after losing one of the biggest tech cases of the year because they just scored a victory in Japan. A Tokyo court ruled that Samsung did not violate an Apple patent that involved syncing mobile devices and computers.  It was obviously the Kies software that Apple was going after.

Samsung said, “We welcome the court’s decision, which confirmed our long-held position that our products do not infringe Apple’s intellectual property.”

To make matters worse for Apple, Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji ordered Apple to pay the costs of the lawsuit after his verdict.

source: bloomberg


Samsung shows off the Galaxy Note II in official hands-on video

After unveiling its Galaxy Note II earlier this week at IFA 2012, Samsung has decided that hands-on videos from countless technology publications wasn’t enough. The company has taken to YouTube to show off its very own hands-on video, detailing every feature the 5.5-inch behemoth has to offer. The 13-minute video dives into some of the incredible new enhancements that Samsung has made to its traditional TouchWiz Nature UX software. Don’t take our word for it. Instead, you can catch the official video after the break.

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Samsung strikes back, vows to sue Apple if next iPhone features 4G LTE

While Samsung may have suffered a massive blow in its lawsuit against Apple, the Korean-based manufacturer isn’t giving in anytime soon. A new report has confirmed that Samsung will immediately sue Apple if its next iPhone utilizes long-term evolution (LTE) technology.

Samsung has been a major player in the development of 4G LTE and holds a vast portfolio of relevant patents, equating to 10% of all LTE patents in existence. Considering Apple has already introduced an iPad with LTE, it’s almost guaranteed that the company’s  upcoming iPhone will feature the same connectivity option.

Unfortunately for Samsung, this task may not be as easy as it sounds. LTE is a market-wide standard, which means Samsung’s patents could (and probably will) be subject to FRAND law. Either way, if Apple chooses to incorporate LTE into the iPhone 4S successor, things are sure to get heated.

Source: Korea Times
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Samsung Galaxy Note II headed to Vodafone with LTE, pricing revealed

Samsung didn’t offer any information regarding carrier availability for the Galaxy Note II during its keynote yesterday, but a new sign spotted on the show floor of IFA 2012 could give us some insight as to how much the phone might cost. According to the placard, when the superphone makes its way to Germany in the coming months, it will be priced at €639.90 on Vodafone, equal to about $803 in the United States. Keep in mind that’s the unsubsidized price, meaning customers wont be locked into a 2-year commitment. For comparison, AT&T’s original Galaxy Note costs $549 off-contract. Lets just hope Samsung can can collaborate with carriers to shed a few dollars before it brings the device to the North American market.

Source: Engadget

Samsung Confirms The Galaxy Note II Will Land In U.S. By “Later In 2012″


As great as the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note II was yesterday, many of you out here in the States are wondering when the device will land in U.S. retailers, right? Well Samsung confirmed yesterday that the 5.5-inch behemoth will indeed be available “later in 2012″. Here’s the full statement below:


“Samsung Mobile is planning a U.S. version of Galaxy Note II, which will be available later in 2012. Building on the success of the original Galaxy Note, we’re confident that the Galaxy Note II continues to redefine what consumers should expect from their smartphone and delivers a powerful, innovative and unique experience. Exact timing and retail channel availability is not being announced at this time, we will continue to share information as it becomes available”.


Considering we’re nearing the end of Q3, it shouldn’t be too much longer of a wait and we won’t have to wait as long as we did for the original Galaxy Note to hit U.S. shores. Any of you folks plan on copping on the Galaxy Note II?

source: The Verge