Galaxy S 5 Mini leaks with a not-so-mini 4.8 inch screen


A GFX benchmark for a Samsung SM-G800H has surfaced, confirming what will probably end up being the Galaxy S 5 Mini. However, instead of the 4.5-inch screen we were originally anticipating, this benchmark shows a device with a 4.8-inch display. Now, that is technically “mini” compared to the Galaxy S 5, but 4.8 inches isn’t small by any stretch. It’s much bigger than the 4.3-inch screen on the S 4 Mini and the same size as Samsung’s older Galaxy S III. Bigger phones clearly have their place in the market, but Samsung is completely missing the point of offering a mini device. Read more

Samsung attorney says Apple will get nothing in patent wars, sees end coming soon

Apple Android 2

Samsung attorney John Quinn had some sharp words for Apple in a recent interview after the latest round in the Apple v Samsung patent wars ended in a California courtroom. Apple managed to prevail in the case, obtaining a ruling in their favor in the amount of $119.6 million after it was determined Samsung had infringed on three of five patents that were the focus of the case. However, that was a far cry from the $2.2 billion in damages Apple sought, prompting many to conclude Samsung had effectively won this round. Quinn went on to say that Apple will never receive any money from this latest litigation once appeals are exhausted. He also predicted the last case that yielded Apple a $930 million judgement will eventually be resolved with little to no money actually paid. According to Quinn “They (Apple) have nothing to show for the hundreds of millions of dollars they’ve spent” and “years into Apple’s holy war on Android, they haven’t collected a nickel.” Read more

Samsung replaces mobile design head

Samsung_Galaxy_S_5_Back_Camera_Samsung_Logo_TA_02As Samsung’s latest flagship device — the Galaxy S 5 — receives criticism for its design, the company has decided to replace the head of its mobile design team. Lee Min-hyouk, who’s the vice president of mobile design, will be replacing the departing Chang Dong-hoon who offered to resign last week.

“The realignment will enable Chang to focus more on his role as head of the Design Strategy Team, the company’s corporate design center which is responsible for long-term design strategy across all of Samsung’s businesses, including Mobile Communications,” an official Samsung statement said.

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Samsung announces Swarovski partnership — now you can truly ‘bedazzle’ your device

Samsung bedazzle

Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market by offering things that other OEMs wouldn’t even dream of doing themselves.

Today, the company announced a new partnership with Swarovski, the worldwide crystal jewelry company.

The new “Swarovski for Samsung” collection will offer different designs to ‘bling out’ your device.

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Copper Gold variant of Samsung Galaxy S 5 coming to Verizon

Gold-galaxy-s5When Samsung initially unveiled the Galaxy S 5 back in February, they said that the device would be coming in Shimmery White, Charcoal Black, Electric Blue and Copper Gold. Until now, we’ve only seen the device in black and white here in the States, but that Copper Gold color is on the way. According to sources, the gold variant will be a Verizon exclusive.

There isn’t any pricing or availability information just yet, but Verizon usually sells the S5 at $199.99 with a two-year commitment. That color looks awfully bandaid-esque, doesn’t it?

Source: evleaks 

List of Samsung devices getting Android 4.4 update leaked


An internal document of Samsung devices that will be getting the Android 4.4 update has been leaked, showing some interesting choices. As can be seen by the image above, the list will feature the Galaxy SIII LTE, Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy Grand 2, the Galaxy Mega 5.8, and the Galaxy Mega 6.3.

The list also confirms something which we hoped wouldn’t be the case – due to “unresolved problems” the international Galaxy SIII will not be getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update. This is likely due to issues implementing TouchWiz applications.

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 review: Sticking with what already works


It’s hard to believe we are already on the 5th generation of the Galaxy S phone. The Galaxy S series is by far the most popular line of Android smartphones, and the reason is simple – marketing, marketing, and did I say marketing? It’s hard to watch anything on television without seeing some sort of Samsung commercial. The “Galaxy” name has become a household name much like the iPhone has. Samsung is also famous for its consistency. Their smartphones and tablets look and operate very similarly from year to year. Hardcore fanboys don’t go for that, but Samsung didn’t get to the top of the mountain selling hardcore fanboys, they did it by catering to the mainstream audience. These are the folks that when they buy a new phone, they want it to operate just like their previous one. Samsung does that better than anyone. Last year’s Galaxy S 4 didn’t change much in terms of design, so most people thought the Galaxy S 5 would bring a radical change, but that didn’t happen. Much like last year’s Galaxy S 4, the Galaxy S 5 appears to be a slight upgrade. Some will say this is a lack of innovation, but Samsung feels the Galaxy S 5 is very innovative. Will the Galaxy S 5 keep the Samsung faithful happy? Well hit the break to get started.

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Galaxy S 5 Mini could be called Galaxy S 5 Dx


A Samsung UK listing is showing a phone called the Galaxy S 5 Dx, and it very well could be the mini version of the Galaxy S 5. If this is the case, this isn’t surprising since they went with a different naming convention for this year’s Zoom, calling it the Galaxy K Zoom. However, this phone still has the “Galaxy S 5” as part of the name. Yup, this is Android folks, and the device names don’t always make sense.

source: evleaks

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S 4 receiving Android 4.4.2

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Back_Camera_Samsung_Logo_Version_2_TAGood news for you if you’re on Verizon and have a Samsung Galaxy S 4. You’re getting KitKat. That’s right, Android 4.4.2 is being pushed out to devices as we post. The update also includes bug fixes, the addition of more apps to the Multi-Window tray, a whole updated set of Emoji icons to the Samsung QWERTY keyboard, and a number of new apps including Isis Wallet, VZ Protect (version 2.0.0), Verizon Cloud and Audible app.

Verizon says it will take a total of 18 minutes to update the phone from start to finish, and that you should be connected to a Wi-Fi network at the time of the download, and make sure that your battery is at least 50% charged.

Source: Verizon