Samsung’s upcoming device with three-sided display to be part of Galaxy line, says Bloomberg

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As we reported yesterday, Samsung is planning on manufacturing a new device with a three-sided display. Today, Bloomberg said that this device would be part of Samsung’s Galaxy line, and it would feature a flexible display.

These reports come right after plans for a possible Samsung version of Google Glass have been outed, as well as the release of the first version of Galaxy Gear.

Innovative products are nothing new for Samsung, but this will certainly bring something very different.

Full notifications, better app control come to Galaxy Gear


Since Samsung started selling their Galaxy Gear smartwatch devices, users have been struggling to make the device more useful than what was originally rolled out by Samsung. A good example of this is the AllTheNotifications (ATN) Manager app created by XDA forum member Sepiroth887. Until the release of the ATN Manager app, users could only receive full notification messages from the text and email apps on their associated devices. The ATN Manager app worked around that limitation by enabling full notification information from any app selected by the user. Samsung has replicated that functionality in a new update to their Gear Manager app.

The update to Gear Manager does require the latest firmware update on the Galaxy Gear. Once updated, users can select which apps can send notifications to the smartwatch. Users are no longer limited to only certain predefined apps as any app capable of providing a notification on Android should work. On a Galaxy Gear device, an option exists to let users display the notification on their smartphone instead of the Galaxy Gear. Users who want the update should head to the Samsung Apps store to grab it.

source: SamMobile

Samsung looks to increase market share two-fold in Africa in coming year


It’s no secret that Samsung’s meteoric rise in the smartphone industry is still continuing today. Surprisingly, there’s even more that the company can be doing to keep its success going.

By the end of this year, Samsung expects that half of the smartphones sold in Africa over the course of 2013 will be Samsung-branded, and hopes to double these sales in Africa in 2014.

It’s the perfect demographic— Africa’s growing tech savvy and urbanized growing young population is growing, and foreign manufacturers are swarming.

Of the total 100 million mobile phones solid in Africa this year, about 20% are smartphones, and half of those are Samsung-made. Samsung has its work cut out for it, and it’ll be interesting to see what it can do.

Source: Reuters

Samsung plans for flexible screen on next-gen of smartphones leak, features interactive side-pane

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The race to release the first smartphone with a flexible screen is over. The LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round have been released in all their glory. Now, the race begins to create an a smartphone that actually utilizes the flexible screen correctly.

Some Samsung sketches just leaked, which show exactly what they’re trying to do here with their next generation of smartphones. These ideas aren’t anything new, as Samsung showed us a prototype with a bent screen on the side of the device, creating a control/information bar.

Bloomberg brings us today’s leaked plans. Hit the break to see just a few things that could be done with such a phone:

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Samsung gives further clarification on their SIM Regional Lock policy


When the Galaxy Note 3 launched, many people were up in arms over a SIM Regional Lock policy that Samsung implemented, which made it difficult for people to import the global version. At first, it appeared the Note 3 would only work with the SIM for the country that the particular model was intended for. Then it was later clarified that if you powered on the phone with the proper SIM (from the country it was intended for), then it would be unlocked and could be used anywhere. However, many people found this wasn’t the case.

Now Samsung has chimed in again with more clarification on how it works.¬†Apparently there is one more step that is needed in order to free the phone of the Regional Lock: Once the phone is powered on with the proper SIM, you will need to make or received calls for a total of 5 minutes. Once that is completed, the Regional Lock will be removed. Now if you have no way of doing this because you’re in the U.S. with a European model, you can still go to a Samsung Care Center, and they will unlock it for you.

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Apple Demanding $380 million from Samsung in damages over patent dispute


Patent wars between Apple and Samsung have been raging for years and there really is no end in sight. The most recent breakthrough is that Apple is demanding Samsung give up $380 million for infringing on Apple’s patents.

This demand comes over a year after Apple won $1 billion from Samsung, even though this figure was later reduced to $600 million.

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AT&T’s Galaxy S 4 receiving update to Android 4.3


Right on queue with the leaked projected date, the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is now receiving the Android 4.3 update. While it may not be Android 4.4 KitKat, it’s still an update. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi when downloading the file because it is a hefty 719MB. Isn’t it interesting that the AT&T model has been updated after Verizon and Sprint? Maybe all of the carriers are finally understanding that consumers want updates in a timely fashion.

Via: Android Central

Samsung outsourcing Galaxy Trend Duo, sees major advantages

Samsung outsource

HTC has decided to start outsourcing their low and mid-range devices, and now it looks as though Samsung will actually be following HTC this time.

Samsung has begun outsourcing the Galaxy Trend Duo, a mid-range device, which will hopefully allow the company to focus on emerging markets. According to reports, over 10% (30 million units) of Samsung’s output will be outsourced by year’s end.

As of now, Samsung has had 10 million Galaxy Trend Duos manufactured by subcontractor Zhonghuan Telecommuication. The device runs Android Jelly Bean and features a WVGA display and a dual-core processor.

We’ll see if Samsung goes the outsourcing route with most of its mid-range devices or continues with what is already making it successful.

Via: UnwiredView
Source: ETNews

NVIDIA compares its DirectStylus against Samsungs S-Pen in video


NVIDIA released a short video comparing how a stylus performs on their Tegra Note, Google’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. While the Tegra Note and Nexus 7 are considered the budget friendly tablets out of the three, NVIDIA shows how stylus’ perform much better on their Tegra Note than the Nexus 7 and how it can equal and possibly surpass the Galaxy Note 8 in some areas at the fraction of the price. Check out the video after the break and see for yourselves!

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63.3% of all Android devices are Samsung branded


When it comes to Android, Samsung has been the reigning king, and it doesn’t appear that’s going to change anytime soon. As of right now, 63.3% of all Android devices has a Samsung logo on it. This includes phones and tablets, and let’s not forget about phablets or phonblets (whatever the kids are calling them these days). The next closest manufacturer is HTC with only 6.5%

When it comes to smartphones alone, the top 10 phones represent a 40.2% market share, but Samsung owns a total of 8 of them for a 37.8% market share. Only the HTC One and the DROID RAZR was able to make the list, and their combined market share is only 2.4%. The Galaxy Ace actually has a larger market share than both of these phones, which is mind boggling.

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