Samsung GT-I9502 gives the world yet another possible Galaxy S IV clue



As the big day quickly approaches, the leaks will start a flowin’ more and more. A Chinese forum recently posted a gallery of photos of a mysterious GT-I9502 smartphone. According to the GT-I9502′s AnTuTu benchmark test, this mysterious device a 1.8GHz chip, 2 gigs of RAM, a 13MP camera, a full 1080p display and Jelly Bean 4.2.1 running the show. While the specs almost certainly indicate this is a variant of the Galaxy S IV, the GT-I9502 has one key distinction that is unusual to say the least—- it will utilize dual-SIM technology. So in essence, this could very well be just one of many prototypes that Sammy is testing, but then again… maybe not.

Regardless, it’s just a matter of days before we finally see the anticipated device in person.

source: Sammy Hub

Samsung releases real Unicorn Apocalypse game


Starting earlier this year, Samsung has been running a series of commercials that follow a mythical company developing a Unicorn Apocalypse game. Samsung fans have consistently called on Samsung to actually produce a Unicorn Apocalypse game. Samsung has delivered with the release today of Unicorn Apocalypse on the Google Play Store. In the game, you play as the lone unicorn that wreaks havoc on humanity. Samsung has provided the unicorn with magic dash powers and rainbow lasers to help in the battle against the Anti Unicorn Force.
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American Airlines’ CTO talks Android selection decision


American Airlines’ tablet deployment is one of the larget corporate deployments in the U.S. with 33,000 devices in the fleet. You may be familiar with the decision to deploy iPads to pilots with general aircraft information and navigational charts. You may not be so familiar with American’s decision to deploy Samsung Galaxy Note devices to flight attendants, Galaxy Tab devices to mechanics, and making Galaxy Tab devices available to certain passengers for entertainment purposes. Lisa Canada, American’s Managing Director of Operations Technology recently shared some insight into the decision to deploy 23,000 Android powered devices.
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Samsung Galaxy Pop smartphone gets unveiled, features unique orange color



Samsung is out to show that it can be hip to kids when it comes to its various devices. That’s why it recently took the wraps off of its Galaxy Pop smartphone. While it’s actually a re-branded version of the Galaxy Premier smartphone, this cool device features a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor, an 8MP camera and Android 4.1.2 running the show. While those are some attractive specs, the real highlight of the device isn’t what’s inside of the device, but rather outside— the device will feature a snazzy custom orange color highlighting some real ummm… uniqueness compared to other smartphones out there.

The device is going to be a Korean exclusive and will be available on SK Telecom, KT and LG U+. No word yet on when the device will be available or for how much, but we’d fathom that we’ll see a release within the next few weeks or so.

source: PhoneArena

Apple’s Siri Patent Lawsuit Vs Samsung Not Suspended Rules Judge

Apple vs Samsung

Apple continues to fight Samsung even after being awarded $599 million, and U.S District Judge Lucy Koh has refused to suspend a lawsuit against Samsung involving several patents relating to Siri. The case is scheduled for March 2014 and both companies have declined to comment. To make matters worse, Apple has also appealed Judge Lucy Koh’s decision to not implement a permanent sales ban on infringing Samsung devices. A ruling for that is not expected to be reached until September at the earliest.

Source: Reuters

Comical Infographic showcases how Samsung can go toe-to-toe with Apple



Sure Apple may be gaining some serious momentum and taking a big bite of the smartphone market share out there, but it’s easy to forget that Samsung is still putting some serious pressure on the Cupertino giant. In fact– there are those that believe that Samsung and Apple are on an even playing field– perhaps even a slight advantage for Samsung. Thanks to a nice little infographic that was unveiled recently, we see that Samsung has a clear advantage when it comes to its R&D department, advertising spending and the sheer number of employees compared to Apple. Naturally Apple turns in a bigger profit with its iPhone sales, but Samsung gets the last laugh considering it ships more devices per capita.

Don’t take our word for it— hit the flip to get the amusing, yet noteworthy comic for yourself.

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Samsung may offer wireless charging for the Galaxy S IV


Just a few weeks ago we saw a wireless Qi charging pad pass through the FCC for Samsung devices, and according to some sources, we may see that Qi charging adopted in the Galaxy S IV. It won’t be embedded into the device, but Samsung may offer an extra back plate to support the inductive charging technology.

Samsung hasn’t been a pioneer in wireless charging the way they’ve tried to innovate other hardware aspects of their mobile devices, but they are a part of the Alliance for Wireless Power, so they’re certainly committed to keeping the latest, greatest tech in their devices. Although the A4WP doesn’t promote Qi charging, I can definitely see why Samsung wants to keep their options open. With how popular the S IV will undoubtedly be, if Samsung does choose to support Qi charging, it’s definitely more likely to get mainstream attention than some other inductive charging methods.

source: Digitimes

Samsung’s Galaxy S IV to feature floating touch technology and green PHOLED material AMOLED display


Not too long ago we heard rumors that Samsung would implement touchless gestures for screen navigation on the Galaxy S IV. Well, the latest rumors from SamMobile say that we’re definitely going to see that floating technology on March 14th. This won’t be a first for Samsung, as we’ve seen Sony dabble with floating screen tech, and Samsung even uses it for Air View with the S-Pen in the Galaxy Note 2, but rest assured, it’s going to be an awesome feature.
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Samsung piles on US lobbying spending after lengthy court battles with Apple


We’re pretty familiar with Samsung’s constant legal battle with Apple all over the world, and especially in the US. Samsung, having quite a bit of extra cash to play with, upped their legal spending on US lobbyists last year to $900,000, up from just $150,000 in 2011. That’s a pretty significant jump. The extra spending is an attempt to sway the federal government on many legal issues, including IP copyright and telecommunication infrastructure. Samsung also hired former Sony veteran Joel Wigington to run a Washington office.

The mobile market is expected to be worth $847 billion in 2016, so this is obviously a really sweet pie that everyone wants a piece of, Samsung included. The lawsuits aren’t likely to let up, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see other companies beef up their legal presence to defend against (or initiate more of) those lawsuits.

source: Bloomberg

Samsung Pays $111 Million For 3% Stake In Sharp To Secure LCD Supply


Samsung is a fan of Sharp’s displays and has acquired three percent of the Japanese company for $111 million. The move now makes Samsung the largest shareholder outside of a financial institution, and the fifth largest shareholder overall. This three percent stake helps solidify both companies’ relationship and ensures a steady supply of LCD panels for Samsung’s products.

Sharp isn’t doing so well financially and has created similar deals with such companies as Qualcomm who owns 2.56 percent of the business. Foxconn could soon be another shareholder in Sharp with a 10% stake. However, that deal was announced in March 2012 and closes at the end of this month.

Source: Unwired View