Microsoft negotiating massive deal with Samsung, $1 billion on the table


According to Russian Blogger Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft is offering Samsung $1 billion to support their Windows Phone operating system by manufacturing devices. As we all know, Samsung is the leading Android OEM by a landslide. But on the Windows Phone front, Microsoft is struggling to have a company come forward that isn’t Nokia (who may be releasing a device based on Android). Nokia was involved in something similar with Microsoft when Steve Ballmer and the guys up in Redmond decided to pay more than $250 million every quarter to keep the Finnish manufacturer with Windows Phone. Samsung likes to spread its name, so escalating Windows Phone production wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Read more

Samsung SM-T331 could be Galaxy Tab 4 with AMOLED display


A new Samsung tablet with the model number SM-T331 has surfaced at Zauba with a value of Rs. 33,884 or $550. Unfortunately we have no idea what the specs are, but with that price tag, there is no way it’s the rumored Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.

We can only assume it’s a Galaxy Tab 4 based on the model number. The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 has a model number of SM-T210 and the 8.0’s sported SM-T310, T311, and T315. I guess it’s quite possible this tab has an 8-inch display, but more importantly,  it also could sport an AMOLED display. It was reported that Samsung would drop LCDs for next year’s tablets in favor of AMOLED. We will keep an eye on this one.

source: Zauba
via: TheDroidGuy

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite said to be entering production, could be 30% of Note 3 sales


Remember Samsung’s watered down devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 Lite and Galaxy Tab 3 Lite? A new report from ET News in Korea claims that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite has already entered production. Apparently Samsung is slated to produce 500,000 units in January and about 1.5 million in February. This would allow Samsung to announce the Note 3 Lite at Mobile World Congress in February and a release in March or April.

It is rumored that Samsung had started production last month but decided to push back the release since the device would be close to the Note 3 release and change the perception of the Note brand as premium. Sources are even saying that Samsung expects this device to consume 30% of Note 3 sales. The Note 3 Lite is rumored to have a 5.49 or 5.68-inch LCD, not AMOLED to keep costs down, display. Being that it is a low-end device, a 1080p display is not expected alongside Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor.

Source: ET News (Korean)
Via: G 4 Games

Samsung’s new Christmas ad is nice, not naughty like last year


If you can recall, Samsung’s Christmas video last year was… naughty. Well, that isn’t what they’re going for this year. It is back on the nice list. Santa Claus is holding his Santa’s Big Christmas Secret 2013 presentation for his elves. Immediately Santa is hyping the crowd by saying “are you ready for the next big thing” in reference to what Samsung calls their products. The Galaxy Gear is brought forward and the elves are puzzled. Santa questions them on watches being able to alert you and take photos. Of course, the elves are puzzled. But hold on, the Galaxy Gear can do all of that stuff. Then, Mrs. Claus calls in and the sea of elves quickly erupts with “Call Me Maybe” playing in the background.

Hit the break for the video and enjoy. Read more

Sprint launching Galaxy S 4 that supports their Spark LTE network


To operate on its Spark LTE network, Sprint will soon be releasing a tri-band Samsung Galaxy S 4. Sprint has already released the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Mega, and GS4 Mini on the Spark network. Current Galaxy S 4 owners on Sprint will not reach Spark speeds as it requires additional bands specific for the network. Sprint Spark can achieve up to 60Mbps to satisfy your speed demands. This new GS4 model can be had for $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year contract; however, you can opt for Sprint’s One Up and pay $25 per month. For now, Sprint Spark is live in New York, Miami, Tampa, Chicago, and Los Angeles with plans to expand greatly next year.

The full press release can be found after the break. Read more

Samsung focusing on smartphone accessories, peripherals in 2014


A new report out of Korea says that Samsung has lowered their smartphone sales projections for 2014 from 360 to 330 million units. In doing so, Samsung hopes to focus on smartphone accessories and peripherals next year. The reason for shifting its focus and lowering sales projections is because the smartphone market is becoming increasingly crowded. But by no means is Samsung worried. Selling 330 million units is certainly a great goal to have. This new focus will likely start with the release of the Galaxy Gear‘s successor when it is rumored to launch beside the Galaxy S 5. This could also mean that the S Pen’s functionality will be expanded with the release of the next Note device. Only time will tell to see how Samsung innovates in 2014.

Source: ET News
Via: G 4 Games

Samsung Galaxy S4 Crystal Edition made available in Thailand

Crystal Edition

Samsung recently launched a Crystal Edition of the Galaxy S III mini in Germany, and now it will be launched another Crystal Edition device, this time with the Galaxy S4, in Thailand. The device will be available in limited quantities (3,500 units) and comes with studded Swarovski crystals on the back and is essentially the same phone as the Exynos variant of the device.

The price is 20,300 baht, or $630 USD, making it more expensive than the standard 17,400 baht, or $540 USD. It makes sense, because there are crystals on the back.

It’s pretty unlikely that we’ll be seeing the phone in closer markets anytime soon, but if you want one, hurry up before it’s out of stock.

Source: SamMobile

Inside look at Samsung facility reveals torture tests for smartphones


When new devices are released to market, one of the enjoyable past times for many is the viewing of all the drop test comparisons. Part of what makes it enjoyable is knowing that it is not our own personal devices that are being shattered in an effort to find the limits of durability. Before a Samsung device ever reaches the point where it can be subjected to a drop test, it goes through a litany of tests the company uses to try to produce at least three years of useful life for digital devices as revealed by a recent tour of a Samsung facility. One of the tests involves a zap from a stun gun to test the ability of a device to withstand static electricity.  Another test involves dropping a tablet from a ledge about three feet off the floor, replicating a drop from a typical table. The drop test is not performed a single time though – it is repeated about 300 times to make sure the device continues to function. Read more

Galaxy Note 3 joins ’10 Million Seller Club’ in just two months, Samsung creates infographic to celebrate


Samsung has moved 10 million Galaxy Note 3 phones in just 2 months, which is way ahead of the four months it took for the Galaxy Note II to achieve the same total. Looking back at the original Galaxy Note, it took 9 months.

To celebrate, Samsung created an infographic of all their phones that are part of the “10 Million Seller Club.” The oldest phone is from 2002, the SGH-T100, which was a flip phone. Samsung will of course be adding to this list next year. Hit the break for the full infographic.

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Samsung could drop AMOLED displays in favor of PLS LCD for Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4


Korean media is reporting that Samsung might go with PLS LCD displays instead of  traditional AMOLED displays for next year’s Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4. According to sources, it would cut production costs by 20%.

With Samsung peaking in smartphone sales, Samsung is obviously looking for other ways to increase profits. It could also provide other benefits though. The S Pen in the Galaxy Note 4 might get better performance with an LCD panel. We will keep an eye out for more info.

source: etnews
via: gforgames