Verizon confirms Samsung Galaxy S 4 pre-orders will begin on April 25th



While we have an idea of when other carriers will open up the pre-orders for what should be this year’s hottest smartphone, Verizon has finally come clean and announced when its customers can expect the Galaxy S 4 to arrive in its stores. Using its Twitter page, Big Red will officially start taking in pre-orders for the device from this Thursday, April 25th, with the store being available in stores from May 30th. The 16GB version of the smartphone certainly won’t come cheap as it’ll launch for a standard $200 or if you’re feeling lucky… $650 full price.

Let’s just hope that Verizon is able to keep up with demand because after all, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t want to be like other wireless carriers and let us down by delaying the smartphone’s launch.

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How to make Animated GIFs and add sound to pictures on the Galaxy S 4


Samsung introduced Animation Shot and Sound & Shot with the Galaxy S 4, which gives you more creativity with your photos. Animation Shot allows you to make an image that has movement in it. In other words, an animated GIF. The best part of it is that you can fine tune the duration as well as what parts of the image you want to actually show movement.

Sound & Shot is simply adding voice to a photo. Take a picture, but hold it for another eight seconds for an audio message such as, “We miss you Grammy” or “I love you Mommy.” Both are pretty cool, but with so many new features, it can be overwhelming sorting it all out. That’s why we created this hands on video showing you how to use both modes. In no time you will making some pretty cool animated GIFs and putting a smile on Grammy’s face.

Head on past the break to watch the video and don’t forget to check out all our Galaxy S 4 guides.

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How to take a Drama Shot and Erase unwanted objects with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 camera


Samsung continues to enhance their camera functionality with the Galaxy S 4, and Drama Shot and the Eraser are just the tip of the iceberg. Drama Shot allows you to take consecutive shots of something moving and put multiple images in one picture. For example, you could take a picture of a motorcyclist going over a jump, and the finished product might include five or six images of the jump itself.

Then there is Eraser mode, which lets you erase unwanted subjects from a photo. Say you are in a crowded park and trying to take a picture of the family. It’s hard to get a shot in which there isn’t somebody walking into the picture. With Eraser mode, you can easily remove these people. Both are fairly easy to use, but we put together a hands on tutorial of how they work so you can use them more effectively.

Skip on past the break to see the video and don’t forget to check out all our Samsung Galaxy S 4 guides.

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Samsung Galaxy 4 camera overview and how to use the Dual Camera function


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 added a slew of new features and a lot of them involve the camera. The camera software has a new look and a new navigating wheel to select one of the many camera modes. One of the coolest new features is the Dual Camera function, which lets you utilize both the front and back lens at the same time for both photos and videos. So if you’re taking a picture of your family, you can be included in the image as well. You can size the image from the front lens as well as move it around. You can even select from a number of themes such as a postage stamp or a heart. We put together a hands on tutorial showing you the new camera interface as well as how to use the Dual Camera function. Just hit the break to check it out and click here for our complete list Galaxy S 4 guides.

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Sprint and T-Mobile both delay Galaxy S 4 retail launch


Well, looks like HTC isn’t the only one who is going to experience supply problems with their flagship device this year. According to some emails sent out this morning, Sprint will not carry the Galaxy S 4 in retail stores this Saturday like originally planned, due to “unexpected inventory challenges from Samsung.”  The silver lining is that Sprint still expects to offer the device via online orders and phone sales, but if you were planning on waiting outside your local Sprint store when it opens, you’re out of luck.

And when it rains, it pours, of course, as T-Mobile has said they’ll have to push back their online availability of the device as well. Online availability is expected Monday, April 29th, with select stores to receive the handsets on May 8th and full retail availability by May 15th. Even with all of these delays, Sprint and T-Mobile will still likely have the S 4 on shelves before Verizon, though.

For the beginner: How to set the Galaxy S 4 to Easy Mode


Smartphones are filled with so many features and options that even the tech savvy person has a hard time keeping up with it all. So you can imagine what a beginner or someone who is very uncomfortable with technology must feel like. Samsung has what’s called Easy Mode and it’s one of the most underrated features the Galaxy S 4 offers. It’s for the person who really wants things to be simple. Maybe your Mom, Dad, or Grandparent would like a phone such as the GS4, but just doesn’t want to deal with all the fuss.

This is exactly why Easy Mode was created. It’s already been available on the Galaxy S III, but Samsung has simplified it even more. Easy Mode only has three home screens. The main home screen has non removable widgets for the time, date, and weather. You will also find six apps to choose from that have much larger icons. The left home screen is dedicated to calling. You can select up to nine contacts to set as favorites and you can open the phone app, which includes the keypad, call logs, and contacts. The right home screen includes 9 apps that you can customize to whatever you want. You still have an app drawer as well, but all apps are spelled out and in alphabetical order. The settings menu is also simplified as well as the camera interface.

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How to set up and use Smart Pause and Smart Scroll on the Samsung Galaxy S 4


Samsung introduced Smart Pause and Smart Scroll with the latest version of TouchWiz (based on Android 4.2.2) on the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Sometimes when you’re watching a video, you need to look away at something else. Wouldn’t it be nice if the video paused automatically? That’s exactly what Smart Pause does, and when you return to looking down at the video, it will continue playing from where it left off. It’s pretty nifty when it works, but I found that it’s very dependent on light. You can forget it working in the dark, but I found it didn’t want to work in average light either.

Smart Scroll works with emails and web pages. When you read a webpage, you will eventually get to the bottom of your display. You have two choices: Either swipe up to reveal more information or let Smart Scroll do it for you. This one is pretty spotty as well depending on how you set it up.

Both of these features are found in the quick on/off toggles found in the notification shade, but you will need to fine tune your settings, especially Smart Scroll since it can work by either tilting your head or the device. Just hit the break for a video showing you how it’s done and how both features work.

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How to set up and use Air View and Air Gestures on the Samsung Galaxy S 4


Samsung introduced a slew of new features as part of TouchWiz (based on Android 4.2.2) on the Samsung Galaxy S 4. This guide will discuss Air View and Air Gestures, which are all about using your finger or hand to be more productive. Air View was first seen on the Galaxy Note II, but you needed an S Pen. Now you can hover your finger over emails to read the text without actually opening it, and you can see the pictures in a folder without actually tapping it. You can even use your finger as a magnifying glass in the stock browser.

Air Gestures will let you navigate by waving your hand. Instead of swiping your finger from picture to picture in your gallery, you can wave your hand instead. You can even answer your phone without picking it up. You will find quick on/off toggles for both Air View and Air Gestures in your notification pull down, but you might need to fine tune the settings a little. Just hit the break for our video showing you how to set them up and how to use them.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 initial setup and changes to TouchWiz


When you first turn on any Android phone, there are always a few things to set up like your Gmail account and location settings. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a little different since there are so many new features with the latest version of TouchWiz. To help users, Samsung added a quick settings menu that will appear during your initial setup of the device. This is where you will be able to turn on or off specific things like Air View, Air Gesture, Smart Scrolling, and so on. You will also have the opportunity to learn about each feature as well.

This video guide we will show you the initial setup process as well as tell you about the major changes with TouchWiz. Most of what you have been used to in the past will be the same, but Samsung added some enhancements like an improved power toggle menu, a newer look to the settings menu, a brand new sidebar for multitasking, and a new quick launch menu as part of the stock Browser. We won’t get into the major software features in this guide, just the changes to the TouchWiz user interface for now. Don’t worry, we have plenty of guides planned, so keep an eye out. Hit the break for the full video walkthrough.
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Rugged Galaxy S 4 Coming Soon According to Samsung


In a not-so-veiled attempt at bringing multiple versions of the Galaxy S 4 to the world, it’s not surprising that Samsung is planning on bringing a rugged version out. That’s right folks, all of you who are prone to dropping your phone, flinging it across the room, or accidentally spilling water on it can rest easier. It’s a peace of mind knowing that you can purchase the flagship device and have it hold up against all the abuse thrown at it. According to Young Soo Kim, President of Samsung Gulf, we’re just weeks away from seeing a waterproof and dust proof version of the GS4.

As nice as that sounds, we have yet to hear about which markets will see the device or even how much it will cost. Of course we’ll know more when the device actually gets announced.  Even as such, this should entice those clumsy people, myself included, into purchasing Samsung’s latest flagship device. Even if it doesn’t,well, at least it will lead to multiple GS4 beating videos being posted to the internet. I can hear the squeals of joy now.

via: Phone Arena