Samsung Galaxy S 5 said to be announced February 23, just before Mobile World Congress, with an April launch


Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 is seemingly going to be announced next month. Eldar Murtazin, the man who correctly claimed the Galaxy S 4’s announcement date last year, says that Samsung will be holding a “pre MWC” launch on February 23 in Barcelona. He even gave the exact time — 18:00 local time. As for the price, he says it will remain exactly the same as the GS4. And the release date will be sometime in April.

Murtazin includes “new touchwiz” and specifications that he claims we know already. The new Touchwiz likely packs the previously leaked home screen and Google Now-like service. Murtazin adds that “Galaxy S5 software is a next step in touchwiz evolution.” For consumers that stayed away from Samsung due to Touchwiz, this could be bring them in.

When one follower on Twitter asked if Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 would be packed inside with a 2K display, Murtazin responded with multiple smiley faces, saying “or” with another smiley face. So yes, the Galaxy S 5 is coming sooner than we think.

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Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 with Verizon LTE passes through FCC


According to a new FCC and Bluetooth SIG filing, you can expect Samsung’s latest super-tablet to come in a Verizon version. The filings list a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 with LTE band 4 and band 13, both of which are used by Verizon Wireless. The device also has a model number SM-P905V, so that V on the end could also signify Verizon network-capability.

Not too long ago, there was some evidence that Verizon was also going to be selling an LTE Galaxy Note 10.1, so it’s possible that Verizon is going to be selling both devices sometime soon. We should see some clarification from Big Red sometime soon.

source: Bluetooth SIG


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Android 4.4.2 Update for the Exynos Powered Galaxy Note 3 Now Seeding

Android_in_KitKat_LogoLast Monday, the Snapdragon powered Note 3 started receiving Android 4.4.2. Fast forward a week later it’s now the Exynos powered Note 3’s turn.

The update brings all of KitKat’s enhancements such as performance boosts, full-screen album art, emoji support and wireless printing while also bringing some Samsung enhancements as well. Samsung added a camera shortcut for quick shooting, and landscape keyboard improvements. Gone are the multi-colored notification icons as Samsung also moved to white icons.

The update is rolling out in phases and is currently available in Russia. When it’s your turn, you can go to Settings > More > About Device > Software update > Update to check for the OTA. Even though it’s rolling out in phases, the update process should happen quickly. Enjoy!

source: SamMobile

Study Shows That the Galaxy S 3 is Samsung’s Most Popular Phone in North America

S3GraphAccording to a new study, the Galaxy S 4 isn’t Samsung’s most popular phone in North America. This study analyzed tens of millions of online ad impressions of Samsung smartphone and tablets within the Chitika ad network. The time frame was within December 1st and December 29th. In that time frame, Chitika saw that S III users generated about 10% more web traffic than that of the Galaxy S 4. The Note series generated about 13% of the overall web traffic.

The fact that many users are still holding on to their Galaxy S III could be why the S 4 hasn’t done as well as Samsung had hoped it would. Of course part of that could be in thanks to users being locked into a two year contract with carriers, and most people’s reluctance to pay full price for an upgrade. That being said, most of those people will have contracts that end this year, so Samsung will need to wow people with the S 5 in order to keep users. The study did find some interesting numbers regarding Samsung’s tablet market as well.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 to use fingerprint, not iris, authentication


It should be no surprise to anyone at this time that Samsung is working on some form of physical user-authentication similar to the fingerprint scanning technology introduced by HTC and Apple during 2013. Reports have already surfaced that the work on sourcing components for fingerprint scanners is underway for most major smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung. We have also seen reports that Samsung was considering eye-scanning technology as a possible way to differentiate themselves. In a new report, Samsung has reportedly dropped the idea of iris-based authentication for now, though they continue to study the concept. Read more

Galaxy S 5 to offer new multi-hovering capability


One thing that you can bet on with Samsung is that they always unveil a slew of new features with each phone, so don’t expect the Galaxy S 5 to be any different. According to Korean media, they are going to introduce multi-hovering on the upcoming flagship. Not much is divulged, but it will work beyond what Air View and Air Gestures does today. Air View only works with one finger and Air Gestures works by using the front-facing camera.

It’s believe that Synaptics is behind this technology, but I do have to wonder if the touchless gesture technology we saw from Elliptic Labs at CES is exactly the implementation we will see. They did tell me that a phone will sport their technology by the end of 2014, but wouldn’t tell me what phone or manufacturer. However, they were demoing this feature on the Galaxy S 4, so you tell me what that means.

This technology uses 4 speakers to pick up the movements and  works very well. Check out the video from CES after the break.

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More of Samsung’s potential new home screen leaks, looks like Google Now


A little less than two weeks ago, @evleaks tweeted an image of what could be Samsung’s next step for their user interface. It looked like a much more refined, modern take when compared to their current offering. Icons were revamped and there seemed to be a stream of content that is comparable to Google Now and HTC’s BlinkFeed.

Today that stream of content has leaked again, courtesy of @evleaks. In the image above, you can see just how much depth the feature has. It all looks like a collection of what interacts with your life. Weather, fitness, location, social, sports, and productivity information is all available in this stream. It certainly looks aesthetically pleasing. Also, users can likely sift through content by scrolling. If Samsung does opt to go with this new user interface, we would likely see it first with the upcoming Galaxy S 5. Read more

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 mini to receive Wi-Fi calling


CEO John Legere’s company, T-Mobile, was the only carrier in the nation to offer first-party Wi-Fi calling— until now.

Internal training documents reveal that Spring will be joining T-Mobile with its own offering, beginning on two Samsung devices, the Galaxy Mega and the Galaxy S4. The Wi-Fi calling will be enabled through maintenance updates.

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Galaxy Note 3 Neo gets FCC approval, nearing official announcement


We’ve been hearing all kinds of rumors about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Neo, but since the FCC has just approved the device for sale, it’s pretty likely we’ll see an official announcement from Samsung pretty soon.

Mobile World Congress starts on February 24th, and Samsung is known for announcing at least a few things at MWC. It shouldn’t be a surprise that all of these certifications are preparing Samsung to make the Note 3 Neo official next month. We know that the phablet will sport a 720p screen, 2 GB of RAM, and a “hexa-core” CPU (a dual-core CPU and an octa-core CPU), but we still haven’t heard much on pricing. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer before something is made official.

source: VR-Zone