comScore reports latest smartphone market share with only Apple and Samsung showing growth in Q3

september 2013 growth

comScore has reported the latest market shares for the month of September, and for every manufacturer that isn’t Samsung or Apple, it’s not good news.

Overall, Android has seen a slight 0.2% dip between June and September with iOS gaining just a fraction more of the total market. Most of that growth has come at the expense of BlackBerry, which is to be expected. On the Android side of things, Samsung was the only major manufacturer that saw any growth. Apple also saw just under 1% growth in the quarter, but HTC and Motorola both lost a few points of market share. What does that mean for those companies? Well, the biggest thing is that the HTC One and Moto X aren’t helping as much as they’d hoped. It also means that Samsung and Apple are selling devices at a significantly faster clip than what HTC and Motorola can do. LG, fortunately, didn’t lose any market share, but they didn’t gain any, either. No news is good news, right?

This report doesn’t really tell us anything we haven’t been expecting thanks to news stories in the past few months, but it solidifies just how strong of a grip Samsung and Apple maintain on the smartphone market. Despite other OEMs best attempts to shake up the landscape, nothing’s worked so far.

source: comScore

Samsung goes against the grain by wanting you to say “fonblet” instead of “phablet”


Remember when Samsung’s Galaxy Mega was known as the Samsung Fonblet? It now seems that the company wants people to keep saying “fonblet” instead of “phablet.” While speaking at Korea’s Analyst Day, CEO J.K. Shin repeatedly said the new word and it even appeared on a slide during the presentation. The word “phablet” made its way into the Oxford dictionary due to its becoming of a standard term in the industry whenever there is a handset with a very large display. Of course, it is likely that this new term will never gain traction; however, no one ever thought the Galaxy Note series would ever takeoff the way it did. Alright, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
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Samsung will commit half of its R&D to improving TouchWiz

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Main_TASamsung just admitted what everyone already knew…TouchWiz needs a lot of work. Samsung vice chairman & CEO Kwon Oh-hyun said that the software isn’t as good as their hardware. He even compared the relationship between the two to the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox lead the pack in batting, but their pitching was average. For Samsung, “batting” is hardware and “pitching” is software. The Red Sox were still able to win the World Series and Samsung has proven to be very successful at selling smartphones.

So the software issues haven’t slowed Samsung down, but they want to fix things before it does. The only way to fix it is to spend a little money. Kwon says that half of the Research and Development workforce will focus on improving the software. Samsung is spending roughly $12 billion annually in R&D, so this indicates they are serious.

Of course they could save a slew of money and just opt for stock Android (or at least something close to it). Wishful thinking.

source: TheVerge

Samsung to offer bendable displays in 2014 followed by foldable displays in late 2015


We had a chance to see Samsung’s concept foldable displays earlier in the week, and now Samsung has revealed their plans during their first analyst day in eight years. They are touting such things as the fact that they will surpass 100 million Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones this year, but what’s really peaked curiosity is displays. The above slide shows the Galaxy Round at the bottom, which is classified as curved. You will notice that “Bended” is show to begin sometime in 2014, followed by “Foldable” in late 2015, or most likely 2016.

Samsung also recently announced that 2K displays were coming to mobile devices in 2014 followed by 4K in 2015. So as you can see, technology for mobile isn’t slowing down anytime soon. What are you more excited about? Bendable or Motorola’s upcoming modular phones?

source: SammyHub

Samsung to offer 2K mobile displays in 2014 followed by 4K in 2015


I know what you guys are thinking every time you look at your full HD 1080p display on your smartphone….”If someone could just offer a better display.” Well have no fear because your prayers are going to be answered. We already know Vivo’s Xplay 3S is going to sport a 2K display and now it turns out Samsung is going to offer the same. The plan is to release mobile devices with AMOLED 2K (2,560 x 1,440) displays next year. We’re not sure if this will make the Galaxy S 5, but it could very well make the Galaxy Note 4.

Now you do realize that 2K just won’t be good enough right? Samsung has you covered. They are going to back it up with 4K Ultra HD displays for mobile devices in 2015. Make it foldable and we just might have something to look forward to.

source: SamMobile

Galaxy Note 3 review: Still the king of phablets


It was two years ago when Samsung unveiled the very first Galaxy Note, which ended up starting the phablet craze. However, it wasn’t just about the “size” of the Note, it was the functionality with the S Pen, something many manufacturers fail to offer with their own phablets. The world thought the stylus was gone forever, but Samsung brought it back from the dead. Of course, the S Pen is no traditional stylus, it’s a lot more polished with wacom technology.With each edition of the Galaxy Note, Samsung has not only increased the screen size, but also improved the S Pen along with its functionality and features. Is the Note 3 the must have phone of the year or just another phablet? Hit the break to find out.

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Samsung working on 13.3-inch tablet in addition to 12.2-incher, expects to sell 42 million tablets in 2014


Yesterday we heard that Samsung is going to put a bigger focus in the tablet market since it’s becoming more difficult to grow in the smartphone sector. In a followup story, it appears Samsung wants to sell 42 million tablets in 2014.

This means you can expect a healthy dose of offerings next year, which will probably include just about every screen size imaginable. They are already offering 7, 8, and 10.1-inches, and we know a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note is on the way. Today we are hearing that a 13.3-incher is also in the works. This size screams at a Windows / Android dual boot setup, but that’s just a guess.

I am sure Samsung will unveil some goodies at CES in January, but I am also sure we will see a leak or two by then.

source: etnews
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AT&T to be first US carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom come November 8th


If you’re in the market for a an Android phone with a great camera, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom may just be for you. This device is slated to be released from AT&T this November 8th with an on-contract price of $199. While the Zoom has the “S4″ name, the specs are more like the S4 mini with its 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB’s of RAM, and a 4.3″ 960 x 540 display.

Obviously, if you’re in the market for this device, it’s more about the camera rather then the specs. With the Zoom, you get a 16MP camera and 10x optical zoom  with an F-Stop range of F3.1-6.3, and ISO goes from 100 up to 3200. The phone also has a true xenon flash rather than the standard LED ones that other phones have.

If you decide to pick one up through AT&T, you may also be eligible to receive a Galaxy Tab 3 for free, so make sure you inquire if you qualify. For more info on this device, check out the YouTube video right below after the break!

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Samsung might shift focus to the tablet market in 2014


Samsung has dominated the smartphone market, and there aren’t too many people left that would even try to dispute that. However, the one market that Samsung desperately wants but hasn’t managed to claim is the tablet market. Although tablet shipments have been rising very quickly and even outnumber Apple, no one manufacturer has been able to make a line of tablets that truly compete with the success of Apple’s iPad line. In a few months, though, that may change. Read more

Samsung demonstrates future foldable and transparent display concepts for smartphones and tablets


The Galaxy Round isn’t exciting too many people because we are still in the very early stages of this technology. Eventually we will have foldable phones and tablets, but we will probably have to wait till 2016 or even as late as 2020. Samsung put together a document with concepts that could very well come to fruition in the coming years.

We will eventually have foldable phones, tablets, and even a transparent notepad. You just might be able to insert your folded phone in your wallet. So for now, you might not be coveting that Galaxy Round, but I have a feeling you might be desiring the Galaxy Round 3, or whatever they will be calling it. Hit the break for more images.

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