The regular Samsung Galaxy S5 will be dust and water proof


Close sources to Samsung revealed that the company will release a dust and water proof Galaxy S5. This means that instead of the Active version, the regular Galaxy S5, which is expected to be released next week at MWC, will be dust and water resistant.

“For the previously released Galaxy S4, water-proof and dust-proof capabilities were adapted to the handset’s variants. But for the Galaxy S5, the standard model will have them immediately,” the anonymous source said. In addition, the source indicated that users can clean the device with water and that the device will survive for short durations if it is submerged in water. Read more

Samsung posts KitKat kernel source for Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3


Yesterday, Samsung USA unveiled a list of US devices that will receive the Android 4.4 KitKat. The company has now posted the kernel source for Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 on its open source page and the OTA update could arrive soon by tomorrow.

The kernel source which is sized at 892 MB should be of a great help to developers who want to create custom ROMs. It will help them create a more stable custom ROM based on the latest version of Android.

Samsung released the OTA for Sprint’s Galaxy S4 right after it released its kernel source so it’s a good sign that we will see the OTA for Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the latest update.

Source: Samsung Open Source

Galaxy Note 3 on US Cellular will get KitKat tomorrow


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 isn’t the only US Cellular device that’s going to be getting Android 4.4. According to documents, the Galaxy Note 3 will also be getting its KitKat update February 19. It’s going to be a staged roll out that will be 100% complete in ten days. Also like the S4,  preloaded apps Daily Perks and MobiTiles are getting pulled from of the operating system, but will be available for download from Google Play.

To be sure you get the update, make sure you’re on the latest stock firmware, have a Google account, and you’re able to connect to Samsung’s FOTA update server.

Source: Android Central

Samsung rumored to drop Android in favor of Tizen for Galaxy Gear refresh


According to recent rumors cited by USA TodaySamsung will be dropping Android for their upcoming refresh of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The sources state that the refresh is going to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress later this month, and that it will instead feature Tizen as the operating system.

According to many, the move to Tizen is a good one by Samsung. Android is a great operating system for mobile devices, but perhaps not as suited for smaller scale devices like smartwatches. Tizen can also be used without any problems with the Open Handset Alliance. Not only that, but Samsung is a development partner of Tizen, and because of that they would be able to build a customizable version of it for things like the Galaxy Gear.

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Compatibility fix comes in Galaxy Note 3 update for third-party accessories


The update to Android 4.4 KitKat on the Galaxy Note 3 was a welcome change for the device, which had all the latest hardware, but lacked the latest software. However, while the update did a whole lot of good, it also brought upon an issue that disabled compatibility with third-party accessories.

Samsung began rolling out an update to fix the issue today. It also fixes a bug that prevented apps from writing to external storage on KitKat. Obviously this problem shouldn’t have come up in the first place, but it’s good news that Samsung jumped on it so quickly. The update’s build number is N9005XXUENB3. To check if your phone can grab the update, go to Settings -> General -> About device -> Software update.

Source: SamMobile

Samsung to equip Samsung Galaxy S5 with new LED flash


Earlier today we reported on a leaked image that appears to reveal the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come equipped with a 16MP camera. To help make pictures even better, Samsung will also be using some new LED flash components designed for mobile devices, with the Galaxy S5 leading the way. Samsung unveiled several new components including two reflector-integrated flash LED packages, a flip-chip flash LED, and two side-view LEDs. The components are geared to high-end devices with powerful cameras trying to capture a wide field of view.  Read more

Samsung may launch the Galaxy S5 with a lower price than previous Galaxy S phones

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Front_Top_Samsung_Logo_Version_2_TAPremium smartphones typically come with a premium price tag. That’s been the norm for several years, with flagship devices costing upwards of $500 and $600 for unlocked models. The only manufacturer that seems to want to change that trend has been Motorola, offering some pretty great deals on unlocked Moto X phones, but no one else has followed suit. That may be changing when Samsung announces the Galaxy S5, according to a source close to development of the phone.

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Does the Samsung Galaxy S 5 need a metal body?


With each year comes a new round of flagship devices, and before the announcement of these much anticipated devices, consumers start a wishlist of what he or she wants featured. For the most part, it has to do with displays or internal components. How big will the display be? How many pixels per inch? Then there is Megapixels in the camera, Gigabytes of RAM, and the latest processor. Most of these get answered because each year there is a ‘standard’ set of specs a high-end device should hit. However, there is something that varies between devices: How a phone feels or the quality of build.

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Samsung releases a list of US devices and tablets that will receive the KitKat update


Samsung has just released a list of US devices that will receive the Android 4.4 KitKat update. Unfortunately they did not specify which devices will be first, but all devices should get updated within the next few months.

The company will skip the 4.4 and 4.4.1 update for its devices and will jump directly to Android 4.4.2. The update will include minor fixes and improve the user experience by enhancing location settings, allowing users to choose the default texting app and much more.

Check out the full list of devices that will receive the update after the break: Read more