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Samsung has shipped over 38 million Galaxy Note devices, expects Note 3 to top 10 million


Samsung’s Galaxy Note line strikes an odd chord with consumers. Some consumers love it for the incredibly high-end hardware and enormous screen, others think it’s too big and just silly. Regardless of that split, it hasn’t stopped Samsung from shipping over a combined 38 million Galaxy Note devices since they were introduced a few years ago, according to JK Shin at IFA.

38 million is nothing to sneeze that. That’s a pretty sizable chunk of Samsung’s business, and while some of Samsung’s other devices may sell better or faster, the Note is clearly a profitable staple of what Samsung does. However, the one thing that wasn’t really made clear was if that number also includes tablets. The Note 10.1 seemed like a pretty cool device that did well, but I seriously doubt it sold anywhere near its phone counterparts, although I think Samsung is going to try to change that with their latest offering.

On top of those 38 million, Shin expects the Note 3 to sell 10 million units, which definitely sounds doable considering each Note model has seemingly been more successful than its predecessor.

source: SamMobile

Samsung tweets a vague hint about the next step for Exynos processors


The Twitter account for Samsung’s Exynos processor team obviously has something they’re eager to share with the world, as they sent out an odd tweet a few days ago. The tweet was a picture of a hand on the neck of a guitar and teases the next step for Exynos processors. Last Friday, they also posted a picture of a man standing behind a microphone.

Those pictures really could mean anything. We could see improved audio processing in Samsung’s next-gen processors, or maybe they’re just going to be marketed alongside a Samsung music recording studio device. Lots of questions, almost no answers. Whenever something does show up, though, we’ll keep you in the loop. You can check out the original tweet below.

source: Samsung Exynos

Tablet optimized version of Twitter app leaks, get it now


For the second time in a week, a video for one thing reveals information about something else. First, it was Google’s video of the unveiling of the new Android KitKat statute that inadvertently revealed the new Nexus 5. Now, Samsung’s video of the Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event from Berlin, where they revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, was discovered to have included video of a tablet optimized version of the official Twitter app. Reports indicate Twitter may be trying to get the genie back in the bottle, with the help of Samsung, by getting the video pulled. Nevertheless, Android fans have been scrambling for more information and have even managed to snag a copy of the apk. Read more

Qualcomm’s new ET technology to help Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone home with less power, heat


Whenever a manufacturer like Samsung introduces the latest iteration of a flagship device, the question always comes up as to whether owners of the current device should bother upgrading. Often the answer to this question may hinge not on whether faster hardware or bigger hardware is included in the new device, but whether something completely new is only available in the new device. Which brings us to the latest info we have discovered about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – the inclusion of Qualcomm’s new envelope tracking technology. This new tech will appear for the first time in the Galaxy Note 3, but it will likely become the norm for at least high end devices thanks to the energy and heat savings it offers. Read more

Galaxy Note 3 / Galaxy Gear giveaway from T-Mobile


Pre-registering for information on a website has never been so fruitful! In just a few steps on T-Mobile’s site, you could win a combo prize consisting of a Galaxy Note 3 and a Galaxy Gear smart-watch. Pretty sweet, right?

Although you may think that the Gear is nothing more than a notification system at this point, it certainly holds a lot of potential for the future— much like Google Glass.

And yes, while the Gear only currently pairs with the Note 3 and no other Samsung devices at this time, this issue obviously becomes moot if you win the contest! Head on over to the T-Mobile page! Contest entries end on September 15th.

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Source: T-Mobile

US release dates for Galaxy Note 3, Note 10.1, and Galaxy Gear smartwatch scheduled for early October

samsung_galaxy_note_101_2014_whiteEveryone’s excited for Samsung’s new devices that were announced earlier this week, and we can now stay excited until early October. While other countries might be receiving their Note 3, Note 10.1, and Gear by September 25, US customers will have to wait another week for theirs. US carriers are announcing their dates separately, and it seems like AT&T will begin shipping their devices October 1, T-Mobile by October 2, Verizon by October 10, and US Cellular with a vague “October” launch date.

It’s interesting that carriers are selling the Gear smartwatch considering it has no cellular device inside of it. Still, you can pre-order from all carriers except for US Cellular. Check out the source links.

Source: PhoneArena, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon


Galaxy Gear smartwatch will eventually be compatible with non Galaxy Android devices

Galaxy Gear-008-Set1 Side_Six

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear would only be compatible with the Galaxy Note 3, I immediately thought “epic fail.” Then they said it would eventually come to the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note II, but my thoughts didn’t change. However, there is a good chance that it will be compatible with other non Galaxy devices in the near future.

Right now the reason it is only compatible with the Galaxy Note III is because of Bluetooth Smart aka Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE). Unfortunately it’s only available on Android 4.3, and without this version of Bluetooth the Galaxy Gear can’t pair with the phone.

Samsung director of product marketing Ryan Bidan said…

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Samsung SPH-L520 passes through FCC halls, could possibly be Sprint’s Galaxy S 4 Mini

Samsung SPH-L520

Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini have been swirling around for a while now, and we’re today we’re seeing FCC documents of a device which appears to be the Sprint variant of the phone (We’ve already seen Verizon and AT&T versions). The body is a bit bigger than the other S 4 variants, however. We might be seeing a carrier-specific device here, but if it were the S 4 Mini we wouldn’t be surprised.

Via: Engadget 
Source: FCC


First Samsung Galaxy Gear apps start to appear

Microsoft Word - Fact Sheet_eBay_Galaxy Gear.docx

When Samsung announced their Galaxy Gear wearable watches yesterday, they spent some time discussing some of the basic functions like taking or making phone calls, checking notifications, and even taking pictures. In case you did not catch it though, Samsung also promised there would be several apps designed to run specifically on Galaxy Gear. Some of the first examples of these are starting to pop up and help give us an idea of how Galaxy Gear may actually prove to be useful. Read more

Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear is in this video


Yesterday, Samsung released a 6+ minute video showcasing the Galaxy Note 3, but apparently it wasn’t enough. Today they posted an 18 minute video that not only gives you a complete walkthrough of the Galaxy Note 3, you also get the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. This is a pretty thorough walkthrough of both devices, so if you have any interest in either device, set aside a good 18 minutes, and fire it up. Hit the break when you’re ready.

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