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Samsung to update Galaxy S 5 to Android 4.4.3 this month, Galaxy S 4 next month


Last month, Samsung was in the ‘integrating’ phase of pushing Android 4.4.3 to the Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 4. An alleged status report from June 10 shows that testing has been completed for the Galaxy S 5. The Galaxy S 4, though, is still in the ‘final testing’ phase. For this year’s Samsung flagship, the Android 4.4.3 update is expected to arrive sometime this month. Last year’s device is slated to get the latest version of Android in July.

Being that this is just an alleged status report, do not hold anything to it. Also, carriers in the United States tend to take a bit longer to push these updates to their devices. So sit tight and enjoy the weather.

Source: Android Geeks

Samsung Galaxy F in Perfect Golden color leaks

galaxy f perfect golden

The newest leak of Samsung’s rumored Galaxy F shows the top half of a press render of the device in a “Perfect Golden” color. The wallpaper of the device matches what we’ve previously seen, and the back of the device definitely looks like brushed metal, which actually looks pretty similar to the HTC One. Aside from that, we can see the heart rate monitor is still present next to the camera flash.

Still no word on exactly when we’re going to see this device become official, but we can enjoy the steady stream of leaks until then.

source: evleaks

‘First Look’ video of Galaxy Tab S released by Samsung


With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S having been released yesterday, many are wondering just what the device can do. Samsung has released a new “First Look” video, detailing exactly what the new tablet is capable of. The video starts out by showing off the thin design of the device, and then moves onto things like the display, fingerprint scanner, and so on. Hit the break to watch the video for yourself!

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Samsung smartwatch passes through FCC, could run Android Wear

fcc samsung watch

Android Wear is expected to hit some more devices relatively soon, and we may have our eyes on one here.

The FCC has recently put documents on its website which reveal a Samsung smartwatch (codenamed SM-R382). It’s 10mm smaller than the Gear 2 (top to bottom). We know Samsung has said a Gear-branded Android Wear device would be released soon, so our guess is that this is it.

This is obviously all speculation and rumor, but there’s a pretty good shot that this could be true.

Via: 9to5Google
Source: FCC

Galaxy Tab S tablets now available for pre-order


Want to get your hands on a Galaxy Tab S as soon as possible?

Pre-orders start today — reserve the WiFi only Galaxy Tab S 8.4 for $399.99 and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for $499.99. Although there isn’t a shipping date yet, the devices are expected to ship in July

Check out some of our other Galaxy Tab S coverage below:

Sources: Samsung 1 / Samsung 2

AT&T will offer 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S


AT&T has announced that they will be offering a Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S. Like other carrier tablets, this version will be able to access AT&T’s 4G LTE network, just like any smartphone. They didn’t indicate when the tablet would be available or what it would cost, but we’ll keep you updated with any new info.

Anybody planning on picking one of these tablets up?

source: AT&T

Galaxy Note 4 to have iPhone-like fingerprint scanner


Owners of the Galaxy S 5 will know that even though the device has a fingerprint scanner it’s accuracy is somewhat lacking. However regardless of that fact, Samsung is pushing forward with the technology as can be seen by the newly announced Tab S series. New rumors are surfacing regarding the Galaxy Note 4 and its fingerprint scanner. While it’s expected to come with one, it looks like Samsung will throw on an area-type fingerprint sensor — much like Apple’s Touch ID scanner — at least according to an anonymous “industry watcher,” cited by Korean media.

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Samsung bundling Galaxy Gifts with new Galaxy Tab S


Just as they did with the Galaxy S 5, Samsung is bundling a ton of freebies, trials, and more with the new Galaxy Tab S. This round of Galaxy Gifts brings a wide range of items. Everything from Cisco WebEX Meetings to 50GB of Box cloud storage to the Family Guy game to newspaper trials are included. Samsung wants to reward you for purchasing one of their devices, and they do so by showering you with gifts. Let’s just say the savings are pretty big.

Hit the break for the full list of Galaxy Gifts. And don’t forget to check out our hands on with the Galaxy Tab S. Read more

Logitech announces Type-S keyboard accessory for recently unveiled Galaxy Tab S

Logitech tablet keyboard

Now that the Galaxy Tab S is officially outed, we’ll start to see an outpouring of accessories for the device.

First up is an offering from Logitech — it’s called the Logitech Type-S, specifically made for the Tab S. It’s Bluetooth enabled, has well-spaced keys, has Android shortcuts and versatile viewing positions. The battery is pretty impressive, as it can last up to 3 months on a single charge. It’s also water-repellant.

The keyboard will go on sale later this month in the U.S., Europe and select countries in Asia for a suggested retail price of $99.99. Hit the break for the presser.

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