Samsung Exynos 7 Octa SoC with 14nm FinFET technology now ready for mass production

Samsung_Exynos_7_Octa_01Samsung announced earlier today that a new Exynos 7 Octa chip is now ready for mass production. It’s the first processor using 14nm FinFET technology. 14nm is much better than the current 20nm offering, and it boosts performance by 20% and power by 35%.

The performance is the key here since this is likely the chip that will power the upcoming Galaxy S 6. the S6 will sport a smaller battery than the S5 (2,600 vs 2,800 mAh), but hopefully the FinFET technology will ensure no drop in battery life.

The new chip is also 64-bit and is an octa-core.

source: Samsung

Galaxy S 6 could sport a smaller battery than the Galaxy S 5

Samsung_Galaxy_S_5_Battery_01The Galaxy S 6 will most likely be a lot thinner than the Galaxy S 5, but one major downside could be the battery. Not only will it be non-removable, it actually might be smaller than its predecessor.

One would think that Samsung could fit the new Galaxy S 6 with at least the same size battery as the S5 since battery technology keeps evolving, but unfortunately that won’t be the case. It’s expected to come in at 2600 mAh as opposed to 2800 mAh on the S5, which is about 7% less.

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The NBA is filming the All-Star Game in 360-degrees for Samsung’s Gear VR


If you’ve ever wanted a court-side seat at an NBA (basketball) game but couldn’t afford the $9.000 price tag, Samsung and the NBA may well be on the verge of providing a solution. All you need is a Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, its accompanying Gear VR headset, access to Samsung’s Milk VR Store and you could be watching NBA highlights in virtual-reality

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Infographic: The Evolution of Samsung’s Mobile Phone Cameras


There’s still a couple of weeks to go until Samsung officially reveals the Galaxy S6 on March 1st at the MWC. In the meantime though, the South Korean manufacturer has released a great infographic that illustrates the evolution of the smartphone camera. From the SCH-V200 handset with a 0.3MP camera, all the way to the Galaxy A5 smartphone with its 13MP primary camera and the software features that enhance the pictures we take.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 now available in India


Availability of the Galaxy A7 has not been widespread, but Samsung has consistently launched the handset in new markets over time. Now, the Galaxy A7 is available to consumers in India for Rs 30,499 (or about $491) with color options being gold, black, and white. The company setup a page for the Galaxy A7 in its India eStore and it is already out of stock there. Whether it is due to low supply or high demand, Samsung must be happy to see the Galaxy A7 sold quickly in India.

Source: Samsung India eStore
Via: Fone Arena

Samsung awarded design patent for refined Galaxy Camera

samsung-galaxy-camera-2-01Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is a cool concept, but the actual design of the device is pretty clunky, to say the least. It looks like Samsung is working on updating that, though, as they’ve been awarded a design patent for a new camera phone device that’s much sleeker than what you can get right now.

The patent shows a device with a more refined body instead of the awkward grip that you’ll find on the current Galaxy Camera. The headphone jack on the device also appears to have been moved to the top and center, and it looks like Samsung has possibly found a way to integrate the flash into the camera lens encasement. There’s a small hole on the outer edges and no hole on the face of the device, so going by this single patent design, that’s the most likely conclusion.
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New Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 passes through FCC on way to U.S. market


We already know Samsung is working on a new 8-inch Galaxy Tab 4 tablet device thanks to a GFXBench entry that was discovered last month. While the chip used is the mid-tier Snapdragon 410, that is a 64-bit chip meaning the device can fully support Android Lollipop. Based on a new FCC filing for the device, the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 should be headed to U.S. markets.
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Samsung starts teasing “The Next Galaxy” in new Twitter campaign


Samsung has just kicked off a new teaser campaign entitled “The Next Galaxy” with a Twitter post and video. The 17-second clip gives very little away about the device in question. In fact, it doesn’t show anything at all. The movie is simply intended to get us all excited for its upcoming flagship smartphone, and, we have to say, its succeeded. We can’t wait to see what the South Korean company comes up with.

Anyway, if you want to see the teaser video, hit the break below.

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