Bloomberg: Samsung to drop Snapdragon 810 in favor of the Exynos chip for the Galaxy S 6


Samsung has been making their own Exynos-branded chips for a while now, and it was only a matter of time until they utilized them on most of their devices. Whether it was production issues or the ability to play nice with LTE, Samsung has always to utilized both the Exynos and the Qualcomm Snapdragon for specific markets, but that might change with the Galaxy S 6.

We have heard a number of rumblings that Qualcomm’s latest and greatest chip, the Snapdragon 810, has overheating issues. Qualcomm wants you to believe there isn’t an issue because the LG G Flex 2 and the Xiaomi Mi Note were both announced using the said chip, but those manufacturers might have made modifications. It was already rumored that Samsung might tone down the use of the 810 in the Galaxy S 6, but Bloomberg is now reporting that Samsung plans on using the Exynos exclusively. According to them, Samsung will go with just the Exynos for all markets.

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Galaxy S 6 tipped for unveiling on March 2 at Mobile World Congress


Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 5 on the very first day of Mobile World Congress (Feb 24), so it’s no surprise that the rumor has Samsung unveiling the Galaxy S 6 on the very same day, which would be March 2nd this year. This is according to a Korean publication called Chosun.

Whether we will see two versions of the Galaxy S 6 is still unclear, but don’t be surprised if a dual curved edge version makes an appearance. And don’t forget about Samsung’s upcoming circular smartwatch.

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New Samsung 7-inch tablets delivered to India for testing


The Indian import-export web site Zauba, which displays a database of goods shipped into the country, is showing some Samsung tablet devices that have been delivered for “testing & evaluation” purposes. Samsung is very active in the tablet market and much like their smartphone portfolio, they produce a wide variety of models. Currently Samsung seems to favor a couple different iterations of their tablet devices, regular tablets and stylus-enabled tablets, the latter being part of their Note line of devices. For their regular tablet devices, Samsung produces different sizes and combinations of wireless connectivity. The devices most recently spotted in the Zauba database are all 7-inch devices believed to be Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 tablets and join some units that were spotted back in December.
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Report confirms two-edge Galaxy S 6

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_CESWith everyone a buzz about the Galaxy S 6 moving toward a less Touchwiz filled direction, the rumors of Samsung making an “edge” variant of the Galaxy flagship have somewhat died down. That said, it looks to be all but confirmed as in the works as a new report from SamMobile suggests the S6 Edge is definitely a go. Just like the Note Edge, the S6 Edge will feature less prominently curved edges on both sides of the display. However, the S6 Edge isn’t the official name of the device.

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Samsung wants to work with BlackBerry, not purchase it


Last week, a report was published that stated Samsung made an offer to purchase BlackBerry. The obvious reason for Samsung to go after BlackBerry would be for patents with the intent to bolster enterprise and security platform Knox. Both companies, however, moved very quickly to deny the validity of the report. Now, the leader of the mobile division at Samsung has gotten in front of the rumors to state that the company does not intend to purchase BlackBerry.

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