LG G Flex to launch next week in Korea, European release to come in December


Curves seem to be all the rage these days, and LG certainly has an option for you in the G Flex. The phone launches in Korea next week on November 12th, and Europe will be getting the device in December. France’s ‘Orange’ cell service provider will be getting the device next month as well.

Along with its curved, flexible six-inch OLED screen, the device comes with 2GB RAM and a 13 MP shooter.

The initial announcement didn’t mention anything about price, but now we have some more information— the Korean price will be 999,900 Won, or about $940.

It’s still tough to tell whether this device or Samsung’s Galaxy Round wins the head-to-head match-up between the two most prominent curved-display smartphones, but we should know soon enough.

Source: Engadget



Samsung now giving away up to $600-worth in freebies to tablet buyers in US

Samsung Rewards

If you weren’t sure whether you were going to buy that new Nexus 7 (or even a Nexus 8) or a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition), there may now be a reason to sway you to the Samsung side of the debate.

Samsung is now giving away up to $600-worth in freebies to those who purchase a Samsung tablet in the United States— the list of tablets includes the Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi, Galaxy Tab 3 Wi-Fi, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Student Edition, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition and finally, Galaxy Tab 3 Kids (and Samsung HomeSync).

Hit the break for a list of the freebies that Samsung is offering.

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Verizon to offer discounts on past devices, Samsung tablets for Cyber Monday


According to Twitter’s @evleaks, Verizon plans on kicking off the holiday season with some modest deals. For Cyber Monday, online shopping’s Black Friday, Verizon will take $150 off of Samsung tablets. It’s unclear whether this apply to the on-contract or off-contract prices. Also from Samsung will be the Galaxy Note II for $50 on-contract. More intriguingly is that the Motorola RAZR HD and Samsung Galaxy S III (from last year) will be just $1 dollar. Perhaps Verizon is trying to clean out stock on those devices? If you are a deal-stealer, this batch is certainly worth a look. But with the Moto X dropping to $99 and set to get Moto Maker treatment, we’re not sure why you would look at something else. This year, Cyber Monday is on December 2, so make note of that on your calendar.

Source: @evleaks

Samsung working on its own 64-bit processor


Coining its own phrase wasn’t the only thing Samsung did during yesterday’s Analyst Day event. Samsung also announced that they would be developing their own 64-bit processor for mobile devices. The chip will be based on one from ARM and then Samsung will make any modifications they please, according to Samsung’s Stephen Woo. He explains that “we will offer the first 64-bit [processor] based on ARM’s own core. After that, we will offer an even more optimized 64-bit [processor] based on our own optimizations.” Samsung is nearing a DIY approach with their future.

Stephen Woo acknowledges that consumers questioned the need for a 64-bit processor, but now they are asking “when can we have that?” Samsung is likely rushing to 64-bit processors because of their competition, particularly Apple. Apple’s iPhone 5s has 64-bit; however, it has largely been unseen as how it will be put to the test. For devices with 4GB of RAM or more, devices are going to need 64-bit processors because the current 32-bit ones can not handle any more memory such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3‘s 3GB of RAM.

Source: CNET

Samsung launches “Galaxy Note 3 Experience” app to promote device

Gs3 Experience

Samsung has been nothing short of brilliant in the marketing department. Their efforts have clearly paid off as they’re leading the smartphone industry in multiple categories right now.

Today, the company launched a “Galaxy Note 3 Experience” app, which will highlight their newest flagship, showing off its key features and letting users interact with them to test it out for themselves.

If you want to learn more about the Galaxy Note 3, definitely get this app as it’s the next best thing to actually testing the actual phone out in your hand.

This latest investment may be a bit cheesy, but going off their track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if this boosts sales for them.

Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store.

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Best Buy exclusive Blue Arctic Samsung Galaxy S 4 coming November 14

blue_galaxy_s_4If you’re thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy S 4 in the near future, you have another color option to consider. Samsung’s flagship phone will now come in Blue Arctic, available exclusively from Best Buy. The glossy blue version, which you can see above, will be available beginning next Thursday, November 14, but pre-orders will be available beginning tomorrow for Elite and Elite Plus members, and November 10 for everyone else.

Check out the press release after the break for more information.

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 and Note 4 to sport 16MP cameras with new ICOCELL pixel technology


Back in September, Samsung announced a new advanced pixel technology called ISOCELL. During their analyst day, they announced that they will utilize ISOCELL with next year’s flagship phones, such as the Galaxy S 5 and the Note 4.

ISOCELL aims at improving light absorption. As cameras have evolved, the emphasis has shifted from Front Side Illumination (FSI) to Back Side Illumination (BSI), but BSI is facing limitations since pixels continue to shrink. ISOCELL forms a physical barrier between neighboring pixels, which eliminates cross talk and allows more photons to be collected.

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comScore reports latest smartphone market share with only Apple and Samsung showing growth in Q3

september 2013 growth

comScore has reported the latest market shares for the month of September, and for every manufacturer that isn’t Samsung or Apple, it’s not good news.

Overall, Android has seen a slight 0.2% dip between June and September with iOS gaining just a fraction more of the total market. Most of that growth has come at the expense of BlackBerry, which is to be expected. On the Android side of things, Samsung was the only major manufacturer that saw any growth. Apple also saw just under 1% growth in the quarter, but HTC and Motorola both lost a few points of market share. What does that mean for those companies? Well, the biggest thing is that the HTC One and Moto X aren’t helping as much as they’d hoped. It also means that Samsung and Apple are selling devices at a significantly faster clip than what HTC and Motorola can do. LG, fortunately, didn’t lose any market share, but they didn’t gain any, either. No news is good news, right?

This report doesn’t really tell us anything we haven’t been expecting thanks to news stories in the past few months, but it solidifies just how strong of a grip Samsung and Apple maintain on the smartphone market. Despite other OEMs best attempts to shake up the landscape, nothing’s worked so far.

source: comScore

Samsung goes against the grain by wanting you to say “fonblet” instead of “phablet”


Remember when Samsung’s Galaxy Mega was known as the Samsung Fonblet? It now seems that the company wants people to keep saying “fonblet” instead of “phablet.” While speaking at Korea’s Analyst Day, CEO J.K. Shin repeatedly said the new word and it even appeared on a slide during the presentation. The word “phablet” made its way into the Oxford dictionary due to its becoming of a standard term in the industry whenever there is a handset with a very large display. Of course, it is likely that this new term will never gain traction; however, no one ever thought the Galaxy Note series would ever takeoff the way it did. Alright, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Via: SamMobile

Samsung will commit half of its R&D to improving TouchWiz

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Main_TASamsung just admitted what everyone already knew…TouchWiz needs a lot of work. Samsung vice chairman & CEO Kwon Oh-hyun said that the software isn’t as good as their hardware. He even compared the relationship between the two to the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox lead the pack in batting, but their pitching was average. For Samsung, “batting” is hardware and “pitching” is software. The Red Sox were still able to win the World Series and Samsung has proven to be very successful at selling smartphones.

So the software issues haven’t slowed Samsung down, but they want to fix things before it does. The only way to fix it is to spend a little money. Kwon says that half of the Research and Development workforce will focus on improving the software. Samsung is spending roughly $12 billion annually in R&D, so this indicates they are serious.

Of course they could save a slew of money and just opt for stock Android (or at least something close to it). Wishful thinking.

source: TheVerge