Galaxy Mega 2 gets benchmarked, confirms quad-core CPU and 5.9-inch screen


Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 2 has broken cover a few times, so everyone knows that the sequel to that enormous Galaxy Mega is definitely happening. However, thanks to the latest benchmark scores from a rumored Galaxy Mega 2, we know what kind of hardware the phablet will have whenever it does launch.

The benchmark says the Mega 2 will have a 5.9-inch, 720p screen, down from the 6.3-inch screen on the Galaxy Mega that we saw in the US last year. Other specs include a quad-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal space, an 8 megapixel rear camera and an impressive 5 megapixel front-facing camera. Nothing to brag about, but it’s shaping up to be a solid device.

The original Galaxy Mega is starting to show its age, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until Samsung officially takes the wraps off of this year’s iteration.

source: GFXBench

via: GSM Arena

Samsung announces four new low-level smartphones all running KitKat 4.4


Samsung has announced a quartet of smartphones aimed at lower tier market segments although all of them come loaded with Android 4.4. The Samsung Galaxy Core II, Samsung Galaxy Star 2, Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 and Samsung Galaxy Young 2 will help Samsung expand their Galaxy line across a wide swath of market segments and price points. Read more

Galaxy Note 3 (international variant) receives Download Booster, Kids Mode via update


Samsung likes to push features from its flagship devices to other phones in its lineup to keep customers happy — and more importantly, coming back.

To continue the trend, the international Galaxy Note 3 (SM-9005) is about to receive an update (OTA) which brings version 2.0 of KNOX, Samsung’s mobile security platform, Kids Mode and Download Booster.

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Samsung executive feels consumers think beyond just the Apple brand


A few years ago, Apple and its iPhone were the undisputed mobile champions. The company revolutionized an entire industry and was selling units at a record pace. Then came along Samsung. After experiencing a decent launch with the Galaxy S II, the company’s Galaxy S III success really took the world by storm. Samsung poured a ton of money into marketing that consumers had become so entranced by what Apple would project, they forget what else was in front of them. Samsung’s Vice President of Knox, Jae Shin, says that “in the beginning maybe it was just about branding, but I think now consumers have the know-how and the resources to make a smart decision.” With the tools ready, consumers can decipher which device is actually right for them instead of being tricked into thinking one or the other is a superior product.

Source: Computing

Google Maps updated to include Android Wear support


maps android wear

If you were at Google I/O and got your hands on an Android Wear device already (Gear Live, G Watch, or perhaps even a Moto 360 if you’re lucky), you may have noticed that navigation commands to Android Wear devices didn’t work.

Until now…

Google was clearly aware of this, and just updated Google Maps to version 8.1.1, bringing support for Android Wear.

If you don’t yet see the update on Google Play, just be patient as it may be rolling out to devices in waves. Once updated, you can search for a location, start navigating, view directions and more, all from your smart watch. Hit the break for the Play Store download link and QR code.

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Front of the Samsung Galaxy F in gold leaks


We are all still waiting to see what the Galaxy F is all about. Samsung has already announced a Galaxy S 5 variant that boasts a QHD display and an updated processor, so the differentiation with the Galaxy F is up in the air. For now, we have another image of the handset. This is the front of the gold version. It seems like this could be Samsung’s entrance into the metal space with a smartphone, but we will have to just wait and see if that is actually the case.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

Samsung announces trial program at select locations


Earlier this month during T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 6.0 event, one of the changes announced was a “Test Drive” program in which T-Mobile will give potential consumers a smartphone to try for free for seven days. Now Samsung is following suit as they have announced a similar try-before-you-buy program at five locations in the U.S. Samsung will allow consumers to try out a Galaxy S 5, a Galaxy Note 3, a Samsung Gear 2 or a Samsung Gear Fit device. The trials can be done for each individual device or consumers can pair them up, say a Galaxy S 5 with a Gear 2. The packages include the devices, necessary charging cords, earbuds, a screen protector for the smartphones, and carrier service not tied to buyers’ personal accounts.

Consumers will have up to 21 days to use the devices as they ponder their investment. Like T-Mobile, Samsung will require a major credit card or debit card deposit and the devices must be returned undamaged to receive a full refund of the hold. The program is being offered through Galaxy Studio locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and New York City. Hit the break to read the full press release from Samsung. Read more

Google makes it easy to check your phone for compatibility with Android Wear


With the release of the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live yesterday and the Moto 360 coming soon, all powered by Android Wear, you may be ready to drop your money on one of these new smart watches. Before you do though, it might be worth the time to verify that your smartphone will work with Android Wear. According to Google all it takes is a phone running Android 4.3, so most new devices should be okay.

If you are not sure whether your specific phone is running Android 4.3 or is otherwise compatible, Google is making it easy to figure it out. Just fire up your browser on your smartphone and surf over to I will note that this only seemed to work with the stock browser on my phone and not the Chrome browser.