[Video] Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S7


TalkAndroid’s Justin Herrick received a new Samsung Galaxy S7 after placing a pre-order through T-Mobile and now we can all enjoy the unboxing process. Despite some apparent anomalies around the globe, Samsung is achieving some impressive pre-order results for their new Galaxy S7 devices. That means odds are good there may be plenty of people out there receiving new smartphones already, but if you are on the fence still, this may give a little better idea of just what you get with an order. Read more

Verizon confirms Samsung Pay to be ready on March 11th for Galaxy S7 devices


Verizon’s Jeffrey Nelson, vice president for the carrier’s Communications for Enterprise Solutions, indicates in a tweet posted yesterday that Samsung will be ready to rollout a Samsung Pay solution in time for Verizon’s March 11th launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. People who got their hands on early units noted Samsung Pay was missing from Verizon units and they had to resort to sideloading the APK if they wanted to use the mobile payment solution. Read more