New trademark applications reveal the Samsung S6 edge is in the works


Amidst all of the leaked images and information about Samsung’s forthcoming flagship devices, some new information from the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) reveals some more concrete data about Samsung’s plans. The filings with KIPRIS are applications for trademark protection for the “Galaxy S6″ and the “S6 edge”. While Samsung may just be engaging in some proactive planning, this seems like a pretty good sign that the company is planning to follow a similar marketing strategy with their Galaxy S line of devices that they introduced with the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge released last fall.
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Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge leak in advertising material, dual edged display confirmed


There is no doubt that the Galaxy S 6 will be introduced on March 1 at Mobile World Congress, but if you had any doubt about the Galaxy S 6 Edge, you can put that to rest now.

The above image appears to be some sort of ad for a case maker, and for the first time, we actually see both the Galaxy S 6 and the Galaxy S 6 Edge without a case. The phone all the way to left appears to be the standard Galaxy S 6. As you can see, it takes a lot of the same design cues from the Galaxy Note 4. You will also see that the rear camera lens protrudes a little as well.

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Samsung to begin selling Gear VR in some Best Buy stores on February 8th

samsung_gear_vrSamsung’s Gear VR headset was announced at the same time as the Galaxy Note 4, but getting your hands on one has been tricky. So far, Samsung has only been selling it online through¬†Best Buy’s online store and in some European countries, so it’s hardly widely available. Fortunately it looks like that’ll change in February.

Starting February 8th, a select 100 Best Buy stores will begin stocking the Gear VR with a demo Note 4 for customers to test drive. The demo units will have four experiences to check out, including Milk Video for videos, TheBlu for gaming, Transformers for a virtual reality movie, and 360 Photos for viewing images. Those should cover most of the bases for someone that’s interested in buying a Gear VR.
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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S 6 dimensions note 6.91mm thin body


We are just weeks away from seeing the Galaxy S 6 introduced to the world on March 1 and there are many aspects that remain a mystery. The measurements, for example, have remained under the radar despite various reports on software and hardware. There was a leak of case schematics last week but the authenticity seemed a bit questionable. Today, alleged dimensions of the Galaxy S 6 appeared once again. The most notable measurement with this schematic is how thin the handset will apparently be. The schematic, provided by Underkg, has the Galaxy S 6 being 6.91mm thin which would make it comparable to the Apple iPhone. Calculating the given display height and width, it would span less than 5in; however, we highly doubt that Samsung is going with a smaller display.

Hit the break to see the leaked schematic.

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This is what a Galaxy Note Edge encrusted with 1,800 crystals looks like



If you’ve ever wondered what a Galaxy Note Edge would look like encrusted in shiny crystals, then wonder no more. The luxurious customization firm,¬†Crystalize Your Design, has today taken the wraps off its ultra-exclusive “Playing Hands” variant of the handset, featuring 1,800 Swarovski elements, which is expected to retail for around $2500.

For a full tour of the Galaxy Note Edge “Playing Hands” Edition, hit the break below.

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You can go to your local Best Buy store and they will install Lollipop on your Galaxy S 5 even if your carrier hasn’t released it yet


Well here’s some interesting news today for those of you that own a U.S. carrier-branded Galaxy S 5. Assuming your local Best Buy store has a Samsung Experience Shop in it, you can walk in with your Galaxy S 5 and they will install Android 5.0 Lollipop on it. Sprint and Verizon are already pushing the update to their respective S5′s, but even you have an AT&T or any other carrier device, you can still get the update. The only exception would be T-Mobile.

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Here’s another look at the upcoming Galaxy S 6….in a case


We have a pretty good idea what the Galaxy S 6 is going to look like thanks to numerous leaks, but here’s another for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately the device is in a case, but according to Venus case maker, whatever is visible is the real deal.

These images confirm the placement of the heart rate sensor and LED flash moving to the right side (from the bottom) of the rear camera lens. You will also notice that the volume buttons are now separate for both up and down, rather than a rocker. The device sure looks thin too as it’s supposed to come in at just over 7 mm.

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Sprint marks February 5 for Lollipop’s arrival on the Samsung Galaxy S 5


The HTC One (M7) on Sprint is not the carrier’s only device receiving a software update this week. Tomorrow, the Samsung Galaxy S 5 will also receive a software update moving it away from KitKat and into Lollipop. On its own site, Samsung revealed that February 5 would be the start of the software update’s rollout on the Galaxy S 5.

Here is the changelog provided by Samsung:

  • Android OS updated to v5.0 Lollipop
  • Enhanced VoWiFi UI
  • Lumen toolbar removed

Let us know in the comments when you receive the software update.

Source: Samsung


Possible Galaxy S 6 shows up on celebrity Instagram page

caroline stanbury galaxy s 6In what may or may not be an intentional leak, it looks like the Galaxy S 6 is being used by reality star Caroline Stanbury from Bravo’s show, Ladies of London. It makes for an odd partnership if Samsung did indeed give her a pre-release device to use leading up to the official unveiling, but it wouldn’t be the first off the wall partnership Samsung has made.

In several of Caroline Stanbury’s latest Instagram photos, she’s clearly using a Samsung device that doesn’t quite look like anything else on the market. There are some similarities to the Alpha line, but the sizes don’t completely match up there. This might just be our first glimpse of the S 6 in the wild.
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