Talk Android Staff Picks: Best Android Phone of 2015


Every year, Google is proud to see companies big and small release phones with their mobile operating system at the core. Choice is among Android’s best qualities, allowing consumers to choose exactly what they want. Android is found on high-end devices with cutting edge specifications, but it’s also powering the phones in the hands of millions in emerging markets. And, of course, mid-range devices with Android are roaming the world as well. Android is for everyone.

With so many Android devices out there, naming the best is quite the task. There really isn’t any phone that can be named the best. Why? Too many of them exist to pick just one! So each member of the team at Talk Android is going to tell you their pick for the best Android phone of 2015.

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Galaxy Note 5 camera lands third spot on DxOMark list


Remember when you had to carry a real camera to make great photos? Yeah, we here at TalkAndroid barely remember those days.

Indeed, why shouldn’t we forget the days of carrying a separate instrument for making photos? Devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 (review here) are rendering even high end point-and-shoot cameras nearly irrelevant. The Note 5 was just given a score of 86 by image quality rating website DxOMark, which lands it at number three on the site’s list of  top mobile phone cameras. The #1 and #2 spots are occupied by Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony’s Xperia Z5, respectively.

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[Update: More phones added!] Samsung Galaxy S 5 unofficially gets Marshmallow through Cyanogenmod

gold_galaxy_s5Update: Nightlies have officially gone live for the Australian Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Duos, and the international variant of the Galaxy S4.

If you’re tired of waiting for Samsung to finally get Android 6.0 pushed out to your Galaxy S 5, you’ll now be able to take things into your own hands and get Cyanogenmod 13 installed on your device, if you’re comfortable rooting and flashing a ROM. Read more