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T-Mobile Galaxy S III Starting To Receive Coveted Jelly Bean Update


It looks like the moment of time has come for Galaxy S III owners as the carrier-branded models are starting to see Jelly Bean arrive on those units, starting with the T-Mobile (SGH-T999) variant of the device. According to the gang at SamMobile, the Android 4.1.1 update is now being pushed out OTA or can be obtained through Kies Desktop Software and will bring the Jelly Bean build to version JRO03L. Among the cool features you’ll be able to enjoy are Google Now, Project Butter and a reorganized Settings menu. If you’re a T-Mobile Galaxy S III user, don’t delay any further and grab that update– stat!

source: SamMobile




Casual User Exposes Major Security Flaw On Galaxy S III, Courtesy Of Samsung Kies Desktop Software


It’s no secret some Android devices may have a security hole or two, but what about a device’s software application on a desktop computer? Well apparently, Samsung’s Kies desktop software contains a security vulnerability which could allow  malicious applications to be installed and may affect devices such as your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. As highlighted in Andre Moulu’s blog post, what looks like an official or legitimate app could be downloaded from the Play Store (Angry Birds Cheats, Japanese Squid Girls, etc.) for use. As a user installs the certain apps, the apps could manipulate and overtake the install_packages permission found inside the Samsung Kies application. Once the action is done, the malicious app or apps could then have an even further effect by installing more applications without the user being fully aware.

The scary thing is how simple the security vulnerability is pronounced. It seems the vulnerability was easy to pull off using little more than a few lines of Java and more specifically— this is a common vulnerability found in many system applications that come pre-installed on users’ devices thanks to custom UIs. Let’s hope Samsung (and all of the other smartphone manufacturers for that matter) will take note of this and take preventative measures to protect their devices… and quickly.

If you’re ready to see the vulnerability in action, be sure to hit the break in order to see the video.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Models In Italy Get Android 4.0 Update


As you’re already aware, Samsung initiated the Android 4.0 rollout to many of its devices. As some of their smartphones and especially their tablets have seen a taste of ICS, others have yet to see the update— and that’s why Sammy announced the rollout of ICS to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P7500). While this is indeed exciting news, please keep in mind that the update is for P7500 users in Italy only at this time, but the hope is that the update will soon be rolled out to owners of the device in other markets.

If you live in Italy and own the tablet, you can use Samsung KIES or OTA for this update— but make sure the WIFI is on if you plan to update via OTA. Those of you GT-P7500 owners in other markets just sit tight, the update should be on its way sooner than later.

source: SamMobile


Samsung Galaxy S3 listing found within Kies PC Software

It seems that some Android investigative reporters have stumbled upon a listing of Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphone within Samsung’s Kies media manager software. Apparently if you surf through the France region list of devices you will discover three small thumbnails that appear to be the Samsung Galaxy Note, yet two of them have descriptions listed as the “Galaxy S3 GT-I9300” and “Galaxy S3 GT-I9300T“. With all the buzz of various online websites listing the next Galaxy under the Galaxy S3 moniker, it’s easy to think that we now have an official name to go with all the rumored specs floating around the net.

So what exactly are we looking at here? Is it simply a place holder for the most highly anticipated Android device yet, or could someone be playing a cruel joke on us weak-minded dreamers? Only one week left until Sammy spills the beans!

source: sammobile

Android 2.3.5 Rolling Out To Samsung Galaxy S II Via KIES

Android 2.3.5 is currently being pushed via the Samsung Kies software for the Galaxy S II. The update seems to be the same KI3 leak from a few days ago and brings some performance improvements on an already blazing fast phone. One notable visual change is the bouncing effect is gone when scrolling to the end of a list and is now highlighted in color like many other Gingerbread versions. This change may be due to respecting Apple’s copyrights for scrolling effects. Keep your eyes peeled for the OTA soon and you can catch a shot of the over scroll glow after the break.

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Rogers Canada rolls out Froyo to Samsung Captivate owners

If you rock a Samsung Captivate and happen to reside in Mr. Rogers neighborhood up in Canada, then you might want to have a mid-week celebration, ey?  Following the trend of the other Galaxy phones from Samsung and Rogers, the Captivate is getting it’s 2.2 rollout and is ripe for the pickings now.  All you have to do is update via  the Kies application on your PC.  Not sure what that is?  No problem…Rogers has a nice and easy PDF that will walk you through the process!  So what are you waiting for?  Slap on a warm jacket and get a crackin’!

[via Rogers Community Forums]

Froyo Update Available for Samsung Vibrant and Fascinate in Canada


Canadian owners of the Samsung Vibrant and Fascinate can be happy finally as Samsung has made the Froyo update available for users on Telus, Sasktel, Vrigin Mobile and Bell Canada!

Let’s hope that Samsung hasn’t included any other bugs in this update as the last Froyo update was pulled by Samsung after hearing about issues with microSD storage. The update should be available through Samsung Kies software for the Galaxy S family. Enjoy!

[via Engadget]