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Samsung Galaxy S III Revamp Will Bring Upgraded Display, Wireless Charging, And Bigger Battery

Samsung Galaxy S III

With the Samsung Galaxy S IV being announced in just a couple days, that’s not all Samsung will be talking about. The Galaxy S III is said to get a refresh and will feature a better display, wireless charging, and 2,400 mAh battery. This news comes from Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin who more recently was reliable with providing the day Samsung would unveil the Galaxy S IV. As far as a better screen, there are no details on what resolution and the bigger battery is just 300 mAh more than what’s in the current Galaxy S III.

Source: Eldar Murtazin’s Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S III With T-Mobile LTE Support Passes Through FCC


T-Mobile launched the Samsung Galaxy S III around the same time as other carriers, but due to its 4G LTE network not being deployed until this year, there was no LTE support. That’s about to change now after the Galaxy S III was spotted passing through the FCC with T-Mobile LTE support. Known as the Samsung SGH-T999L, consumers can anticipate its arrival on March 27th. The phone will also have support for HSPA+ over the 850, 1700, and 1900MHz bands, including LTE Band 17 which is utilized on AT&T smartphones. In other words, T-Mobile customers who unlock this upcoming version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, could use it on AT&T’s network.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget

Hands on with the Netgear Push 2 TV with Miracast [Video]


As we see more and more of our devices get fitted with Miracast capabilties, we are seeing more and more accessories like the Netgear Push 2 TV display adapter find its way into the limelight. Using a trusty ol’ Galaxy S III smartphone, launching the All Share Cast widget and pairing the device with the adapter— users are able to display any and all content from the smartphone’s screen right onto the television’s screen via WiFi.

I know you’re all itching to see the capability in order to believe it, so head on past the break to see just a tease of what Miracast can do for your Miracast-enabled devices.


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Samsung to fix suicidal Galaxy S III’s with a software update

A few weeks ago we reported that a decent number of Galaxy S III users were finding their phones dead after a random motherboard failure. It was assumed that the problem was hardware related, but according to Dutch site Tweakers Samsung has identified it as a software problem that is affecting only a few 16 gigabyte models of the phone. Samsung has already cooked up a software patch to fix the problem and will be sending out the update in the near future. Hopefully the update goes out before your phone does.

Source: Tweakers


Many Galaxy S III users reporting “dead” phones after mainboard failure

Galaxy S III users have taken to Reddit and XDA forums to express outrage after their beloved phone “just died” with no explanation. Before you go getting all anxious about your beloved S III kicking the bucket, we should mention that it’s pretty normal for a few bad units to make it out of the factories when any new phone is released. With that said, this particular problem is a little too widespread for our liking. It seems that a failure in the mainboard or the nand memory is the killer in this case. According to the threads, the devices seem to last about 150 to 200 days before failing. Thankfully, Samsung has been replacing them under warranty whether or not the devices have been rooted. The bad news is that Samsung has been replacing the failed mainboards with the identical version, meaning that the same problem may very well happen again in a few months time. There has been no official acknowledgment from Samsung on this matter, but reportedly the warranty call-center workers are verifying that they’ve seen this issue reported a lot lately. If you’re a Galaxy S III owner, you may want to back up your pictures and music, or move them to your SD card, just in case. It’s never a bad thing to be prepared. Have any of our readers experienced this problem?


Source: Reddit and XDA Forums
Via: Pocket Now

Samsung releases official 3000 mAh extended battery for Galaxy S III

This news should make power users and heavy gamers happy: Samsung has officially released an extended battery for your Galaxy S III. The extended battery boosts your phone’s battery to a capacious 3000 mAh, nearly a third more than the 2100 mAh battery that ships with the device. That should easily be enough to get heavy users through a full day, and average users through at least two full days of normal usage before your S III gives up the ghost. Besides the added battery life you get a built in NFC chip, an enlarged back casing and the peace of mind knowing that your battery was made specifically for your phone. Samsung is asking for $64.99 to make this battery yours. That may seem a little pricey, but if you’re one who is always worried and wondering if your phone will make it through the day, it may be worth your bucks. Any of our readers planning on picking one up?

Source: Mobile Fun

[Deal] Best Buy offering Samsung Galaxy S III for $49 on December 16th

Best Buy has been known to have some pretty good deals, but this one should have any Android fan pretty excited. Tomorrow only, Best Buy will be offering the famed Galaxy S III for only $49.99 with a new or renewed contract. This offer is good for all four major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. You’ll be able to pick up your shiny new Galaxy S III in any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store. This is a great deal for any of you looking to own one of the best Android phones around without breaking the bank. You might want to get to Best Buy early tomorrow, with a deal like this they might sell out as quickly as Google’s Nexus 4 did.  Anyone planning on picking one of these up tomorrow?

S-Memo Found To Save Google Passwords In Plain Text And Is Viewable When Device Is Rooted


There are always pros and cons when it comes to rooting your Android devices. Among the major pros are being able to make your Android device much more flexible and slap on things like custom ROMs. On the flip side there are cons such as the potential of major security breaches, such as one that was recently found by XDA user graffixnyc. While going through his S-Memo SQLite files on his Galaxy S III, he found out S-Memo store his Google account password in plain text, instead of the password being encrypted. After posting his issue in an open forum thread, another XDA user named ViViDboarder highlighted rooted devices will be able to view internal contents like that of the SQLite files, though graffixnyc the records of the SQLite files should be encrypted, whether a device is rooted or not.

While this is incredibly troubling to hear, this is a good wake up call for all Android owners, especially owners of rooted devices to take extreme caution in ensuring their sensitive information is safe and secure. The last thing you want is your important information getting into the wrong hands and all.

source: XDA Forums

Everything Everwhere Rebrands As EE, Brings “Super-Fast” 4G LTE Service To The UK


Happy days are here for those of you living in the UK. First Andy Murray wins his first Grand Slam title and now Everything Everywhere has announced its new brand and model called EE. While EE may sound somewhat ominous— especially since it’s linked to both Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, it brings something that all have been waiting for— the official launching of a true 4G LTE network. This new 4G LTE will bring as EE calls it, “super-fast” mobile service for customers. For now, EE has confirmed the London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham markets are all live at this time, though markets like Derby, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Southampton should have 4G LTE by Christmas of this year. To celebrate, EE will launch 4G LTE capable devices including the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One XL and the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE smartphones.

Now that the excitement is certainly out there, interested parties will want to see additional details— so why not hit the break to see the full press release from EE?

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C Spire Announces Its 4G LTE Network Is Officially Live, Brings With It The Motorola Photon Q And

The major wireless carriers aren’t the only ones moving towards the 4G LTE Promised Land— regional carriers are moving there too. Formerly known as Cellular South, C Spire announced it has launched its 4G LTE service in the Greenville and McComb markets starting today. The hope is that its newly launched and ever-expanding service will bring blazing network speeds and awesome 4G-capable devices. Oh and speaking of which– C Spire also announced the Motorola Photon Q smartphone will be available for $199 on-contract, while the Samsung Galaxy S III will be “coming soon”.

It’s always nice to see additional alternatives, isn’t it? Hit the source link for additional details.

source: C Spire
via: Android Central