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T-Mobile Still Mum On Samsung Galaxy Note Availability, But Retailer Costco Has The Smartphone Listed On Closeout


We have some more news for you all regarding the whole T-Mobile Galaxy Note saga. After previously seeing the device would be cancelled until further notice, we now see Costco has the device on closeout. This is despite the device being available at “select T-Mobile retailers“, according to T-Mobile. The irony of this latest development is neither T-Mobile, nor the partner retailers have given any sort of explanation of this ever-growing story.

Of course this story is just begging us to ask: does T-Mobile plan on releasing the Galaxy Note 2 on its network instead of the original?

source: TMoNews

Samsung Reported To Update Galaxy S II And Galaxy Note Smartphones To Jelly Bean


Samsung Galaxy S II owners are probably content enough to have gotten the Android 4.0 update but those same owners will certainly be giddy after hearing this tidbit of news. According to SamMobile, Samsung is currently testing the preliminary builds of Android 4.1— also known as Jelly Bean. In fact—the same source claims testing has gone well for Samsung and Samsung should release the latest version of the Android OS (Android 4.1.1) by September or October— if all goes well. Of course this is expected to apply to the international variants of the smartphone— so you American owners of the device will have to add a few months after the initial launch.

Oh and you Galaxy Note owners won’t be left out of the blue either as that device is set to receive the Jelly Bean update as well— though a specific time frame for that device is anyone’s guess. If this is indeed true Samsung— well done to you. Well done.

source: SamMobile

Samsung’s Jelly Bean Update Schedule And Plans Leakded For Galaxy Smartphones


We know there are many new and existing owners of successful Samsung devices, but as Samsung continues to churn out new flagship devices– the old ones may be left in the cold and not subject to updates of the latest Android software. While it’s certain owners of the Galaxy S III are all clear for the Jelly Bean update, it looks like owners of both “older” devices such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II will possibly be primed for some Jelly Bean lovin’ as well. SamMobile reports “the test firmwares for the Galaxy S III are passed and they are working on a public version of the first Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III”. All that’s left now is the public version to be complete for the device as well as the OK from Google itself. The Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note currently has firmware that’s being tested by Samsung at this time and has been successful so far, but should Samsung decide against offering the full update for both devices— it would offer a Value Pack instead (sound familiar…?). And finally, the Galaxy Note 2 is currently running on Android 4.0 at this time and it’s not certain if Sammy will the Galaxy Note 2 will launch with ICS or Jelly Bean— if it does indeed launch with ICS, then the public can expect an update within a few months after the device’s initial release.

SamMobile also provided an unofficial guidance of if/when we can expect the Jelly Bean update for the respective Galaxy devices:


  • Galaxy S III – End Q3 – Start Q4
  • Galaxy S II – Q4
  • Galaxy Note – Q4
  • Galaxy Note II – begin Q4


We’re excited for Galaxy S III owners, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II smartphones as well! Maybe then you won’t have to give up your old Galaxy phone to Sammy after all.

source: SamMobile


Crafty Gamer Cleverly Mounts Samsung Galaxy Note To A Playstation 3 Controller, Oh And The Controls Are Fully Functional

One of the great things about Android devices is that well, you get to modify them and put them through unusual jobs, such as putting it to use as a topnotch gaming device. Okay, so many of you are looking perplexed, so let me explain: a crafty Galaxy Note owner realized the 5.3-inch screen of the device is too good to not be taken advantage of when it comes to gaming. So in having some time on his hands, the crafty developer went ahead and did the unthinkable— he literally gathered ports of popular games like Mario on his Galaxy Note, created an attachment terminal mount on his Playstation 3 controller, mounted his Galaxy Note to the controller and successfully configured the setup to allow his PS3 controller control the games. Impressive isn’t it?

Don’t take my word for it— check out the cool achievement in all its glory once you hit past the break.

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Leaked Inventory Sheet Shows The Navy Blue Samsung Galaxy Note Demo Unit Is On Its Way To T-Mobile Stores

We already know the Samsung Galaxy Note has plans on crashing a certain magenta-colored brand’s store in the not-too-distant future, but may now have a key indicator highlighting it will come a lot sooner than we previously thought. According to an inventory spec sheet acquired by the gang at TmoNews, a Navy Blue-colored Galaxy Note demo unit is set to arrive in all T-Mobile retail stores. Sure the demo units still don’t give us a concrete date of the device’s arrival, but it’s even more evidence the SGH-T879 is very much real and on its way.

source: TmoNews

Samsung Rumored To Have Galaxy Note Follow-Up In The Works, Will Feature Exynos 5250 Processor And 5.5-Inch Screen


The Galaxy Note 2 is also expected be similar in design to the Galaxy S III, while coming with premium bells and whistles too. It will likely arrive with more RAM (1.5GB is expected) and also feature an 8MP camera like the original. While 8MP may sound a bit disappointing, the Galaxy Note 2 is expected to feature an improved lens and sensors which will result in improved photographs and video. And like the recently-released Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note 2 will likely feature S Beam, S Voice, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Smart Stay.

Just when we thought the hoopla with the Galaxy S III saga was over, we now have the possible mystery and excitement hovering over what looks to be the Galaxy Note 2. Make sure you stay tuned with Talk Android as we will continue to share news as we get it.

source: International Business Times

Release dates for the T-Mobile GSIII, Galaxy Note and myTouch

Now this is a great way to start off the holiday weekend! Sources from the highest level of the government have leaked the supposed release dates for Magenta’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and myTouch by Huawei.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Metallic Blue – June 20th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB Metallic Blue – June 20th
  • T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Phoenix) – July 11th
  • T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Buddy) – July 11th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Ceramic White – July 11th
  • Samsung Galaxy Note – July 11th

If these dates are legitimate, T-Mo customers can look forward to getting the magnificent GSIII in metallic blue in less than a month. Let’s hope this all pans out in what looks to be a killer summer for T-mobile.

source: tmonews

Samsung Galaxy Note Gets London Olympic Treatment

In some understandable excitement and pride for the upcoming Summer Olympics, Samsung has come up with a rather stylish special edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet. Samsung will commemorate the summer games with the upcoming special edition of the device by including an alternate UK flag-covered back in the box. Plus Sammy will even throw in a donation of £1 to an Olympic-funding charity each time it sells one of these custom Notes.

The Olympic-themed G-Note will be sold exclusively through O2 UK in a special bundle. The bundle will include the “win a Team Samsung experience” in with each phone, though you’ll need to act before Thursday, May 24th.

source: Samsung UK
via: Gizmodo UK

New Build Of CM9 For Samsung Galaxy Note Brings Improved S-Pen Support, Corrected Video Recording


Got a new Samsung Galaxy Note, but itching for some TouchWiz-free ICS action? You’re in luck because the fine CyanogenMod team has been hard at work and released the newest build of CM9 for the GT-N7000 version of the popular smartphone/tablet hybrid. Unlike the preliminary builds of CM9 which lacked many features, the newest build includes many of the anticipated device-specific features such as corrected S-pen support, in addition to corrected issues involving the microphone and video recording. As you might imagine, while the newest version of the CM9 ROM is looking good for the most part, there are still some minor issues to be worked out including the speakerphone not working properly. As always, the CyanogenMod team advises extreme caution when attempting to flash the build onto Galaxy Note devices.

If you all are feeling a little ambitious or lucky, head on down to the source link below for the download links and full instructions.

source: XDA