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Samsung releases another clever ad, this time aimed at us working schmucks


Samsung is on a roll with their clever, catchy, and effective advertising. A new commercial released by the Korean company shows how your new Galaxy Note 2 can be used to multitask in both work and play, this time in an office environment. The ad keeps you entertained and shows you the effectiveness of their product…the opitome of great marketing. With advertising like this, it’s no wonder they are the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. Keep it up Sammy.

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T-Mobile Still Mum On Samsung Galaxy Note Availability, But Retailer Costco Has The Smartphone Listed On Closeout


We have some more news for you all regarding the whole T-Mobile Galaxy Note saga. After previously seeing the device would be cancelled until further notice, we now see Costco has the device on closeout. This is despite the device being available at “select T-Mobile retailers“, according to T-Mobile. The irony of this latest development is neither T-Mobile, nor the partner retailers have given any sort of explanation of this ever-growing story.

Of course this story is just begging us to ask: does T-Mobile plan on releasing the Galaxy Note 2 on its network instead of the original?

source: TMoNews

Supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Bezel Smiles For The Camera


We know the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is very much real and on it’s way, but the actual design of the upcoming device is a mystery to say the least. Well friends, we may have an idea of what this thing may look like. A supposed picture of the Galaxy Note 2’s bezel has surfaced and low and behold— shows a squarish design as opposed to the curvy profile we’d previously expected. On the other hand, the bezel “seems” to match up well with the device’s rumored 5.5-inch screen.

Naturally this may be just some made up image, but boy you gotta admit— it sure looks real!

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Supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Photo Leaks, Looks Awfully Similar To The Galaxy S III In Design


So much for all that mystery and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) smartphone. Our friends at GSMArena obtained a supposed leaked photo which highlights the device’s front panel. While it’s not certain if the photo is real or not, the device you see pretty much matches up with earlier rumors indicating the Galaxy Note 2 would channel its inner Galaxy S III. Moreover, GSMArena reports its source included some Galaxy Note 2 features which also lines up with what we’ve reported before. The Galaxy Note 2 will feature a 1280 x 800 Super AMOLED RGB display on a 5.5-inch screen, 1.5GHz quad-core Exynos processor and Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. And speaking of Ice Cream Sandwich– it’s also of note that Samsung just about has its Jelly Bean update ready and will release the update for the Galaxy S III alongside the Galaxy Note 2 announcement on August 29th.

source: GSMArena

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Feature A Flexible UBP AMOLED Display


The Samsung Galaxy S III may be the hottest smartphone in the land at this time, but the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 may end up being the most innovative device of the year. While we reported the upcoming device may or may not feature a flexible Unbreakable Plane Display (UBP), the Korea IT Times reports Galaxy Note 2 will indeed utilize a flexible UBP display… contrary to some speculated rumors indicating otherwise. The thought here is that the UBP display technology will not only allow for possibly a bigger and better battery, but also allow for possibly a better RGB AMOLED display capable of supporting even more detailed pixels per inch (ppi)– specifically around 350ppi, which would give make the display higher than even Apple’s iPhone 4S with Retina Display. That’s certainly not a bad way to make use of what is expected to be the device’s 5.5-inch screen.

Sure this may be pure speculation and there’s nothing official from Samsung (yet), but boy— you gotta admit the Galaxy Note 2 sure is being hyped up to be the phone of 2012. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any further or additional developments regarding the device.

source: Korea IT Times

Samsung’s Jelly Bean Update Schedule And Plans Leakded For Galaxy Smartphones


We know there are many new and existing owners of successful Samsung devices, but as Samsung continues to churn out new flagship devices– the old ones may be left in the cold and not subject to updates of the latest Android software. While it’s certain owners of the Galaxy S III are all clear for the Jelly Bean update, it looks like owners of both “older” devices such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II will possibly be primed for some Jelly Bean lovin’ as well. SamMobile reports “the test firmwares for the Galaxy S III are passed and they are working on a public version of the first Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III”. All that’s left now is the public version to be complete for the device as well as the OK from Google itself. The Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note currently has firmware that’s being tested by Samsung at this time and has been successful so far, but should Samsung decide against offering the full update for both devices— it would offer a Value Pack instead (sound familiar…?). And finally, the Galaxy Note 2 is currently running on Android 4.0 at this time and it’s not certain if Sammy will the Galaxy Note 2 will launch with ICS or Jelly Bean— if it does indeed launch with ICS, then the public can expect an update within a few months after the device’s initial release.

SamMobile also provided an unofficial guidance of if/when we can expect the Jelly Bean update for the respective Galaxy devices:


  • Galaxy S III – End Q3 – Start Q4
  • Galaxy S II – Q4
  • Galaxy Note – Q4
  • Galaxy Note II – begin Q4


We’re excited for Galaxy S III owners, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II smartphones as well! Maybe then you won’t have to give up your old Galaxy phone to Sammy after all.

source: SamMobile


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 “Unpacked” Event To Occur One Day Before IFA

Adding credence to the earlier rumor, the Korean site Digital Daily is reporting that Samsung will be holding a Galaxy Note 2 Unpacked event August 30th, one day before the IFA expo in Berlin, Germany. The Galaxy Note 2 is expected to have a 13MP camera, be powered by a quad-core Exynos chipset, and run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on a 5.5-inch screen.

Last year Samsung announced the original Galaxy Note at IFA, so their choice in venue and timing would make perfect sense. The first Note defined the phablet space, where a device is not quite a phone or a tablet, but according to Samsung it’s the best of both. From what we’ve seen, the Note is a solid device, and seeing Jelly Bean on an updated version can only make it better.

source: digital daily (translated)
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Is This Confirmation Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 2?


Did Samsung Mobile Arabia just confirm the Galaxy Note 2 on Twitter? They just tweeted the following:

Which one of these are you excited about: #GalaxyBeam #GalaxyTab2 #GalaxyNote2?

Of course, Samsung Mobile Arabia doesn’t speak officially for the whole company, but this tweet sure is compelling. An earlier Korean leak provided specs for the next Note, including a thinner profile, a 12MP camera, a slightly larger screen than the original’s 5.3-incher and a quad-core processor. Android 4.1 JellyBean is also expected to be on board.

Samsung is expected to show the Galaxy Note 2 at IFA in Berlin later this summer.

source: samsungmobilearabia
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Samsung Rumored To Have Galaxy Note Follow-Up In The Works, Will Feature Exynos 5250 Processor And 5.5-Inch Screen


The Galaxy Note 2 is also expected be similar in design to the Galaxy S III, while coming with premium bells and whistles too. It will likely arrive with more RAM (1.5GB is expected) and also feature an 8MP camera like the original. While 8MP may sound a bit disappointing, the Galaxy Note 2 is expected to feature an improved lens and sensors which will result in improved photographs and video. And like the recently-released Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note 2 will likely feature S Beam, S Voice, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Smart Stay.

Just when we thought the hoopla with the Galaxy S III saga was over, we now have the possible mystery and excitement hovering over what looks to be the Galaxy Note 2. Make sure you stay tuned with Talk Android as we will continue to share news as we get it.

source: International Business Times