Samsung’s global launch of the Galaxy S 5 was very successful

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Samsung never seems to disappoint with sales. The company’s April 11 launch of the flagship Galaxy S 5 smartphone has reportedly surpassed sales of last year’s Galaxy S 4 by more than 30%. In fact, some European markets experience sales growth of more than double when comparing the GS5 to last year’s GS4. And that number was expected to go up significantly had retailers not run out of stock. Across Europe, lines were formed despite many believing that there was no true excitement for the Galaxy S 5.

So before you go knocking Samsung for not using metal, just remember that people will still buy anyways.

Source: ZDNet Korea
Via: GSMArena

Samsung Galaxy Tab sales did not actually reach 2 million over six weeks in 2011

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Things can get pretty ugly when two giants go toe-to-toe in court. And that is where Samsung and Apple are these days. The latest punch comes from Apple in the direction of Samsung. It turns out that Samsung did not actually sell 2 million Galaxy Tab units six weeks in 2011 as Strategy Analytics had originally reported. And with this report came the big news that Apple’s tablet market share had fallen. But now it all looks like that was untrue.

An internal report brought forward in court reveals that Samsung actually sold 1 million Galaxy Tab units for all of 2011. The same document highlights Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets outselling Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. And Apple dominated the market with 17.4 million iPads sold in 2011. Samsung misled just about everyone by reporting higher Galaxy Tab sales.

Via: Fortune

Motorola’s Moto G, LG’s G2 keep manufacturers in play

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Ever since HTC started to slide from the top of the Android mountain, the company has been trying to pin its future success on different versions of the HTC One with little to show for the effort. However, two companies are showing how a solid product that appeals to customers can have an impact on the market for smartphones according to Kanta Worldpanel ComTech’s latest sales figures for the three months ending February 2014. According to their analysis, the Motorola Moto G has boosted the manufacturer from owning virtually none of the market to topping 6% of sales in the U.K. in just six months. Dominic Sunnebo notes that the success of the Moto G “highlights the speed at which a quality budget phone can disrupt a market.” » Read the rest

Moto G is officially Motorola’s best selling smartphone ever

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According to Motorola Vice President Magnus Ahlqvist, Motorola’s latest budget smartphone, the Moto G, has become the best selling smartphone in the history of the company. We already knew it was beating expectations, but it’s pretty impressive that it’s now outsold every other smartphone Motorola has made, and it’s only been out for 6 months.

Ahlqvist explained that a large factor in getting sales this high had to do with the Indian market, where consumers are very picky about their phones. Motorola tackled this by partnering with Flipkart, a very large Indian online retailer, and chose to sell the phone online-only. Seems like a weird strategy, but it’s worked extremely well for the company and they’re continuing to make a profit on every Moto G sold. » Read the rest

Android claims 62% of tablet market during 2013 as Apple’s share slides

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Echoing earlier research, Gartner announced today that worldwide sales of tablets in 2013 totaled 195.4 million units with Android laying claim to 62% of the market. The big beneficiary of Android’s growth, driven by users snapping up smaller, lower-end devices, was Samsung who sold just over 37 million units. Meanwhile, Samsung’s biggest rival, Apple, saw their market share slide from almost 53% to only 36% despite selling 9 million more units compared to the prior year. The silver lining for Apple was that they continue to retain the title of largest tablet manufacturer. Although Samsung is closing the gap quickly, Apple still sold about twice as many tablets as Samsung.

Meanwhile, Asus, Amazon and Lenovo rounded out the top five manufacturers. Of those three, Lenovo saw unit sales increase by 198% to 6.5 million units. Microsoft managed to increase their tablet shipments from 1.2 million to 4 million units during 2013, continuing to hold 2.1% of the market.

source: Computerworld

Android, Chromebooks lead charge in changing commercial market for computing devices in 2013

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The NPD Group has released some sales numbers and analysis for computing devices sold in the commercial channel for Jan. – Nov. 2013 that show a changing landscape led by demand for Android and Chromebook devices. According to NPD, sales of computing devices – desktops, notebooks, and tablets – increased 25.4 percent compared to the same period for 2012. NPD notes that Chromebooks and Android tablets “collectively had the biggest impact on sales growth” for the year so far. Perhaps the most stunning number to come out of their analysis is the fact that Chromebooks now account for 21 percent of all notebook sales in this channel. With one out of every five notebooks being deployed to business and institutional buyers being a Chromebook, we should probably expect to see that start to influence the retail consumer market as well. » Read the rest

LG G2 sales may not have missed target after all

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Earlier this month we reported on sales numbers that indicated LG had only sold 2.3 million LG G2 smartphones since its launch in August, missing a target of 3 million units that LG had established. A new report from Korean news site Yonhap News indicates LG may have met their target after all. As part of the total units sold, Yonhap News indicates 900,000 units were shipped just in South Korea, which is a healthy increase from the previously reported 600,000 unit number.

Analysts believe LG will post an operating loss for the fourth quarter of 2013 partially due to the increased marketing costs LG incurred on the G2. It is unclear what the impact of sales of the Nexus 5, produced by LG, may be. The LG G2 has been recognized as one of 2013′s better devices, but it still seems to struggle to compete with high end Samsung devices for market share. That does not bode well for LG which will really need a strong showing from the LG G3 in 2014.

source: phoneArena

Samsung hits 40 million tablet mark for 2013

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After indicating a desire to focus more on the tablet market in 2014, Korean sources are reporting that Samsung did reach an internal goal of selling 40 million tablet devices during 2013. This sets them up for 2014 when they hope to sell 100 million tablets. If Samsung succeeds in selling that many devices, it may help make their name synonymous with tablets instead of Apple. » Read the rest

HTC’s global sales duties given to CFO Chang Chialin

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HTC continues to switch up its operations from the top down with the announcement today that the company is handing over global sales duties to CFO Chang Chialin.

The company is currently suffering two years of declining revenue, and nothing is looking up as of now.

There isn’t really any big news here, but the swap-up at HTC shows that the company understands that major changes need to be put into place to turn around the company. 

Source: Bloomberg

LG G2 sales fall short of expectations, but not by much

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LG had planned to sell 3 million units of their LG G2 in the four months since its launch. Unfortunately, they missed their target. LG sold 2.3 million units, falling 700,000 short. It certainly did not help that they sold just 600,000 units in Korea alone. That isn’t too impressive since the LG G Pro sold 540,000 units in Korea last year. One would think the strength of the G2 would help sales in that country. LG is currently spending a ton of money on marketing to make their name synonymous with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S 4, but that can only help the product so much.

Source: Asia Today
Via: Phone Arena