Huawei Honor line of smartphones lead huge surge for company in 2015


Huawei has announced that their Honor line of smartphones have been selling at a phenomenal rate during the first half of 2015. Thus far, revenue has increased to $2.63 billion on 20 million devices produced during the first six months of the year. For the six months, Huawei Honor has already exceeded the totals for all of 2014 and Huawei expects to double the 2015 results before the end of the year. Read more

New research report says tablet sales have peaked


As new technology form factors like smartwatches and virtual reality headsets continue to grab the attention of the industry, one piece of hardware that has faded from the limelight is the tablet. Even Apple’s devices have been hit by the lack of interest on the part of buyers according to a new research report from Forrester Research, although Lenovo has managed to buck the trend. Read more

ZTE sold 26 million smartphones in the first half of 2015


ZTE is a Chinese handset manufacturer that you’ve probably been reading about more and more in the news, from its recent launch of its Android-powered Spro 2 mobile hotspot/mobile projector on Verizon to the Axon smartphone that it will produce for US customers. In case you were wondering just how big ZTE is, the Chinese company has just announced it has sold over 46 million smartphones, tablets and smart home products in the first half of 2015.  Read more

Analysts adjusting LG Q2 profit estimates down amidst LG G4 disappointment


LG undoubtedly has produced one of this year’s better flagship smartphones with the LG G4 and they are regularly mentioned in the same breath with the likes of industry giants Samsung and Apple. Even with the positive reviews of the device, it is looking increasingly like LG may not meet internal targets for sales of the device which is prompting numerous financial analysts to pull back on their quarterly profit estimates for the company’s Mobile Communications Division. Read more

Galaxy S6 sales are hitting Samsung’s internal targets, beating GS5 sales

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_Edge_Right_Edge_Slanted_01_TASamsung was dealing with quite a bit of pressure with the launch of the Galaxy S6 this year. Sales for their previous two flagship Galaxy S devices had waned, with the Galaxy S5 failing to hit its internal targets for the company over the course of 2014. With that in mind, Samsung had to launch a fantastic device in 2015 that would solidify why they were the top dog in the Android market.

For the most part, they did. The Galaxy S6 was met with nearly universal praise (our own review commended the fantastic screen, amazing camera, and solid design of the device) while the crazy counterpart device, the Galaxy S6 Edge, has done far better than anyone anticipated. So while everything seems great, Samsung hasn’t publicly announced how well their current flagship is selling. Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 sales off to a blistering start; T-Mobile claims their Galaxy S6 sales have nearly doubled their total sales of the Galaxy S5


If T-Mobile’s sales are indicative of how the other carriers are faring, the little traction and sales Samsung may have lost last year with their Galaxy S5 are now nothing to worry about considering the numbers their new Galaxy S6 is putting up. According to T-Mobile, sales of the Galaxy S6 have already nearly doubled the total sales of the previous S5. Consumers have wanted Samsung to change things up a bit as they viewed the S4 and S5 as minor iterations rather than a new device. With the new S6, Samsung decided to finally change things up a bit with a revamped look and finally parted with their plastic materials and opted for a more “premium” look/feel. The reviews of the S6 have bode very well for Samsung and it seems nothing will slow this train down.

What do you guys think of the S6? I know not everyone is on board with Samsung’s decision to go with glass and removing expandable storage alongside the removable battery (including myself), but it is refreshing to see Samsung listening to it’s critics and changing things up a bit.

source: T-Mobile