Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 may not come with auto-ejectable S Pen


Last week, patents belonging to Samsung for an auto-ejectable stylus were uncovered. Many believed that the technology protected by those patents would be implemented into the Galaxy Note 5. Those hoping for this feature may have to wait a bit longer as a new report claims that Samsung’s patents for an auto-ejectable stylus have no effect on the Galaxy Note 5’s design.

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Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen is rumoured to feature Auto-eject function


Something that sets the Galaxy Note range apart from the Galaxy S series of handsets is the inclusion of the S Pen, Samsung’s take on the stylus. Every time a new Note handset is released, the S Pen receives a whole bunch of new features and functions, and it would seem that the upcoming Note 5 will be no different, with the latest rumour being that the S Pen will sport an Auto Eject ability. This rumour comes about thanks to the publication of a trademark application from Samsung by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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New, Advanced S Pen revealed by Samsung


Although Samsung’s S Pen may seem like a simple piece of hardware that helps make the company’s Note devices a bit more useful, that doesn’t mean Samsung hasn’t been looking for ways to make it even more powerful. At their ongoing developer conference, Samsung has announced the new Advanced S Pen and a special SDK that developers can use to tap into the new features. Read more

Samsung releases two Galaxy Note 4 ads focusing on the camera and S Pen


A new pairing of Galaxy Note 4 advertisements are rolling out now. They highlight two of the biggest selling points for the massive Samsung device. The first aims to prove how powerful the Galaxy Note 4’s camera is while the other is all about the S Pen. A wide range of events and uses are covered by the ads. Both end by asking whether or not you know how to Note.

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Samsung releases video showcasing the Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen features


The S Pen has been improved annually since the Galaxy Note series was introduced in 2011. To really cover everything this year’s Galaxy Note 4 can do with the S Pen, Samsung has released a video showcasing its features. It feels more like an informational video than an advertisement. That is a good thing considering Samsung has generally pushed the product straightforward instead of focusing on individual features.

Hit the break for the video.

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