Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen is rumoured to feature Auto-eject function


Something that sets the Galaxy Note range apart from the Galaxy S series of handsets is the inclusion of the S Pen, Samsung’s take on the stylus. Every time a new Note handset is released, the S Pen receives a whole bunch of new features and functions, and it would seem that the upcoming Note 5 will be no different, with the latest rumour being that the S Pen will sport an Auto Eject ability. This rumour comes about thanks to the publication of a trademark application from Samsung by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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New, Advanced S Pen revealed by Samsung


Although Samsung’s S Pen may seem like a simple piece of hardware that helps make the company’s Note devices a bit more useful, that doesn’t mean Samsung hasn’t been looking for ways to make it even more powerful. At their ongoing developer conference, Samsung has announced the new Advanced S Pen and a special SDK that developers can use to tap into the new features. Read more

Samsung releases two Galaxy Note 4 ads focusing on the camera and S Pen


A new pairing of Galaxy Note 4 advertisements are rolling out now. They highlight two of the biggest selling points for the massive Samsung device. The first aims to prove how powerful the Galaxy Note 4’s camera is while the other is all about the S Pen. A wide range of events and uses are covered by the ads. Both end by asking whether or not you know how to Note.

Hit the break to watch the ads.

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Samsung releases video showcasing the Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen features


The S Pen has been improved annually since the Galaxy Note series was introduced in 2011. To really cover everything this year’s Galaxy Note 4 can do with the S Pen, Samsung has released a video showcasing its features. It feels more like an informational video than an advertisement. That is a good thing considering Samsung has generally pushed the product straightforward instead of focusing on individual features.

Hit the break for the video.

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“Ready to note?” Samsung teases upcoming Galaxy Note 4 and S Pen in new video


The Galaxy Note 4 is set for launch on September 3 and Samsung is busy preparing its marketing campaign for the masses.

A new video shows off the S Pen, which will come with the Galaxy Note 4 — nothing really new or exciting in the video, but for those who haven’t laid their eyes on a Galaxy Note before, it may be of some interest.

Stay tuned this week for more information on the device, and be sure to hit the break to watch the video.

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Next generation Galaxy Notes could use handwriting actions on the lockscreen

Samsung-handwriting-unlock-screen-Galaxy-Note-2Given that the S-Pen is one of the biggest selling features of the Galaxy Note series, it would make sense for Samsung to want to push every use of the stylus it can. A recent patent application suggests that the Korean company is looking to do just that.

US 20140038557 A1 suggests that Samsung will be adding a way to unlock your Note through handwriting. The feature will do so by recognizing your handwriting. Of course, like fingerprints and voice recognition, you will have to train your Note to recognize your handwriting. While current generations of the Note series do this already, allowing you to unlock your device with your signature, this would expand on that. The patent will allow actions to be performed based on hand written commands. For instance, if you wanted to call mom or dad, all you’d have to do is write “Call Mom” or “Call Dad” on the lock screen and the device would do so.

Whether or not we’ll see this in the Galaxy Note 4 is yet to be determined, but expanded S-pen functionality is something to be excited about. If you’re up for the technical details you can check out the patent application from the source link below.

source: USPTO
via: Phone Arena

Samsung focusing on smartphone accessories, peripherals in 2014


A new report out of Korea says that Samsung has lowered their smartphone sales projections for 2014 from 360 to 330 million units. In doing so, Samsung hopes to focus on smartphone accessories and peripherals next year. The reason for shifting its focus and lowering sales projections is because the smartphone market is becoming increasingly crowded. But by no means is Samsung worried. Selling 330 million units is certainly a great goal to have. This new focus will likely start with the release of the Galaxy Gear‘s successor when it is rumored to launch beside the Galaxy S 5. This could also mean that the S Pen’s functionality will be expanded with the release of the next Note device. Only time will tell to see how Samsung innovates in 2014.

Source: ET News
Via: G 4 Games

Samsung releases PEN.UP in the Play Store, allows Note II and Note 3 owners to share S Pen artwork


If you own a Galaxy Note II or about to buy a Galaxy Note 3, you might want to check out PEN.UP. This app is essentially a social network for S Pen creations. Categories range from animals to characters to food and more. Now you can not only share your works of art, you can check out what other Note owners are creating.

PEN.UP comes pre-installed on the Note 3, but if you have a Note II, you can download it now from the Play Store. Hit the break for screenshots and links.
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Samsung releases 6.5 minute video showcasing brand new Galaxy Note 3 in all its glory

Galaxy Note 3 white

Samsung just released a video which displays the recently unveiled, gorgeous Galaxy Note 3— the 6.5 minute clip highlights some of the main features included on the device, like Action Memo, Multi Window, and Scrapbook. It also shows off the S Pen and goes over the S Finder interface for a bit as well.

The Galaxy Note 3 will be widely available around the world in 120 countries come September 25, but we’ll have to wait and see to find out which carriers will be offering the device and for how much.

Be sure to check out the video below!

YouTube Preview Image