Samung is shipping the Galaxy Note 5 with instructions for storing the S Pen properly


Because it’s so difficult to insert a stylus the proper way, Samsung is now shipping the Galaxy Note 5 with specific instructions for storing the S Pen. A small amount of people, yet enough to make noise about it, started inserting the S Pen incorrectly and caused both the stylus and its storing slot to break; therefore, Samsung has resorted to slapping a warning sticker on new Galaxy Note 5 units that just entered production.

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A History of the Galaxy Note Smartphone Series


Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is still a mystery to some. “Who would want a device so massive?” is a common statement among onlookers. Many of us prefer the 5-inch form factor, which is why past Nexus devices, Moto X’s, and others have been so popular. Despite a market saturated with devices having a 5-inch form factor, the Galaxy Note series has managed to firmly corner a market wanting much larger options.

That isn’t a bad thing. After all, that’s what Android is all about–a variety of devices to fit different personalities, likes, and dislikes. However, the Galaxy Note series has an interesting history with the original Note launching in October of 2011.

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