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HTC One M8 gets S-OFF allowing users to mod their device


Many HTC device owners will be aware of HTC’s S-ON, which is HTC’s security that prevents modding of their devices, including kernels and custom recoveries. This also includes the installation of Google Play Edition software, otherwise known as stock Android, even though the ROM for it has been available for a while. The Firewater team, which is a team of developers, have managed to achieve S-OFF on the all new HTC One (M8), opening up the device to a number of modding possibilities.

S-OFF will allow users to install the Google Play edition ROM, essentially allowing for stock Android on the device. Users should be wary of doing this, however, as the procedure will void your warranty and is quite dangerous. If you are comfortable with the procedure, then head to the source link below!

Source: Firewater

ROM Update Utility (OTA) of Android 4.3 leaks for AT&T HTC One


A leaked RUU for an OTA update of Android 4.3 has just appeared on the web for AT&T’s HTC One. If you’re up to the task of flashing it, go right ahead and grab it for your phone. But watch out— the update brings an update to Hboot as well, so you won’t be able to access S-OFF via Moonshine or Revone.

We’re not sure what else HTC has added to the update, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get more information. Grab the zipped file in the source link below.

Via: DroidLife
Source: RootzWiki

Facepalm S-Off arrives for a few newer HTC devices


Do you have an HTC Droid DNA, One XL, or One S? A few developers over on XDA have been hard work on a new little trick for you that will achieve S-Off on your device. All you need is a working ADB and fastboot to work with, as well as your locked device. Droid DNA users will also need SuperCID, which could be an issue if you’ve accepted the latest OTA update, but the developers have already promised a fix in the works for those users. Like always with experimental stuff like this, bricks can happen. If you’re not comfortable doing it, you shouldn’t do it at all. With that being said, if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, hit the link below to dive in.

source: XDA

45 Bucks To Get Your S-OFF For The HTC Droid DNA


The guys over at Mobile Tech Videos have a service that will grant you S-OFF status for the HTC Droid DNA. S-OFF is required to write to certain partitions on the device and achieve true-root privileges. The S-OFF granting service is similar to the process, called JTAG, they use to unbrick phones. It’s $45 bucks plus shipping and you’ll have to do without your phone for a few days. Check out the video below of the not-so-simple process.

YouTube Preview Image

Via: Droid Life
Source: Mobile Tech Videos

HTC One S Gets Root With MoDaCo’s Superboot

First, the HTC One X gets root before launch, and now the HTC One S follows suit using MoDaCo’s Superboot. Superboot is a script that you run on your computer when the device is connected via the USB cable that pushes all the necessary files to your phone to attain root.

The one caveat is that for this method to work, the phone needs to have S-OFF (which means the NAND portion of the device is writable) or needs an unlocked bootloader. As of this moment, none of the HTC One series of phones are available in the HTC bootloader unlock tool, but we’re hoping for that to change soon after launch. Once the phone’s bootloader is unlocked, just run Superboot and you’ll be riding the root train!

source: modaco

HTC Sensation spotted unlocked with S-off [Video]

HTC promised unlocked bootloaders, but the Sensation won’t officially be unlocked until August/September, but who wants to wait? The folks at AlphaRev have been working hard and it looks like they have succeeded. These are the same guys who unlocked the Droid Incredible 2 which is already enjoying custom ROMs.

Hopefully a public release will be soon, but for now, check out the video clip.

YouTube Preview Image

[via androidcentral]