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Leaked photo of Galaxy S 4 mini leaks, carrier suggested to be Verizon

Galaxy S 4 mini Verizon

@evleaks just tweeted a press image of the Galaxy S 4 mini, and from the photo, it is suggested that it’s on Verizon’s network. Nothing too surprising here as we expected the device to come to Verizon anyway, but this is just some more confirmation. Everything is all but official at this point, and we’re just waiting for an announcement from either Samsung or Verizon.

Oh, and also, really great aesthetic move on that home button, Big Red.

Source: @evleaks

Samsung caught red-handed boosting Galaxy S 4 benchmark scores


I suppose if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying right? Well Samsung certainly thinks so as it looks like they’ve been caught purposely boosting their Galaxy S 4’s benchmark scores thanks to the findings by the guys over at Anandtech. According to them, Samsung is performing some simple tricks that essentially boosts the benchmark scores of their S 4. Basically Samsung has set their S 4 to run at higher frequencies when the phone is set to run certain benchmark apps, and it’s not just the CPU, but also the GPU seems to be clocked higher when it needs to be.

The guys at Anandtech also found some code dubbed by Samsung as “BenchmarkBooster” which essentially orders the device to raise up its clock speed when benchmarking begins.

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All-in-One Root plus recovery installer made available for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4


If you’re an avid root/modder in the Android community then rooting tool-kits should be nothing new to you. Today an all-in-one root plus recovery installer has been made available for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4. The instructions seems relatively easy (if you’re familiar with this kind of stuff), so just make sure you follow the directions thoroughly.

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More Samsung Galaxy S IV and S II Plus specs leak, announcement rumored for CES 2013

With the era of 1080p, quad-core phones approaching us, Samsung appears ready to unveil the next iteration of its extremely successful Galaxy series: the Galaxy S IV. Samsung’s latest entry to its Galaxy S line is rumored to sport a 5-inch, 1080p display, quad-core Exynos Adonis processor and a 13MP camera. The specs alone positions it to rival HTC’s DROID DNA and LG’s Optimus G series.

In addition to the news of the S IV, a Galaxy S II Plus is also mentioned. Among the noteworthy features of the Galaxy S II Plus are items like a qHD display and Jellybean running the show. For most customers, it should satisfy those looking for a lower cost alternative to the pricier top-tier phones of today. Its announcement is slated for late December to January.

Source: Unwired View