Latest rumor suggests that the Galaxy S7 will have a two-day battery life


The rumor mill it still spinning at warp speed with hordes of speculation regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone of 2016, the Galaxy S7. The most reliable information so far has come from Russian Analyst Eldar Murtazin who is now back with another exposé this time claiming that the device’s 3,000mAh battery will be able to withstand 48-hours of regular use at 75% of brightness.

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Leaked render shows the design of the upcoming LG G5 from all angles


It’s safe to say that LG’s done a pretty poor job of keeping its upcoming flagship smartphone of 2016 under wraps. We first caught wind of the G5 when the South Korean company sent out invitations to an event it’s holding on Sunday, February 21, then a leaked User Agent profile surfaced online disclosing the handset’s model number, and last week a report was published, together with some purported renders, exhibiting the device featuring an all-metal build and a slide out battery not dissimilar to the BlackBerry Priv’s hardware keyboard.

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Sony Xperia Z6 Lite may be in the works for 2016


While we are already seeing leaks for devices not expected until the latter half of 2016, one company who is expected to release devices much sooner is a lot murkier in terms of what to expect. Sony, which almost seems to be operating on a day-to-day mentality with regard to staying in the smartphone market, appears to be on track to release a line of Xperia Z6 devices in the first half of 2016. One of those devices will be a middle-tier smartphone, the Xperia Z6 Lite. Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 may support 8GB of RAM


Although we are still waiting for the first Snapdragon 820 equipped smartphone to hit the market, that has not stopped the crystal ball gazers from trying to look into the future and take a swing at projecting what Qualcomm’s next generation device may have in store. Chines analyst Pan Juitang thinks the next generation chip from Qualcomm, which one assumes would be the Snapdragon 830, will come with the ability to support up to 8GB of RAM. If you are wondering why, Juitang thinks the additional RAM will be necessary to support projected multi-tasking and computing needs. Read more

Rumored specs for LG G5 point to custom camera sensor


The fall 2015 season is just rolling around along with a host of new phones hitting the market or about to be announced for the upcoming holiday shopping season. However, the rumor mill is firmly focused on next year’s flagship devices. One of those will surely be the LG G5 and sources are now sharing some early information about specs for LG’s next high end device. Read more

Samsung to offer phone lease, upgrade plans


As wireless carriers move away from two-year contracts to subsidize smartphones, leases are becoming a popular option to help consumers avoid large cash layouts for outright purchases. Many carriers have been creating lease programs that incorporate some early upgrade features to help consumers get their new devices. Seeing all of the activity in this space, smartphone manufacturers are starting to introduce their own options to sell direct to consumers. Recent reports indicate Samsung is the latest to join this march. Read more

Nexus 5X leak reveals mint color


Some new images that leaked claiming to show the LG version of the upcoming Nexus 5 device, believed to be the Nexus 5X, appear to reveal a new color that will join black and white. Although the images make it a little hard to tell just how vivid the color will be, it looks like the Nexus 5X will be available in a color called “Tennis Court Mint” and appears to be a pale teal or turquoise color. Read more