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Virgin Mobile Canada Launching Samsung Galaxy S

The latest Canadian carrier to launch the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is now Virgin Mobile Canada. They plan to launch the device on November 15th, and although no specific pricing has been laid out, we’re confident it will be similar to other Canadian carriers, such as Rogers, for $179.99 on a 3-year contract.

We’ll hear more very soon!

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Rogers Wireless Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing Leaked!


Sorry about the picture quality here, so I’ll sum it up for everyone. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming to Rogers Wireless and Bell Canada very soon (I suspect after Nov 11th 2010), and although no official pricing has been announced, a tipster was able to send this to MobileSyrup.

Here is the pricing listed, which may be subject to change prior to launch;

  • $674.99 No Contract
  • $599.99 with 1-year
  • $564.99 with 2-year
  • $539.99 with 3-year

We’ll let you know when an official date is set!

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Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Coming Soon to Telus Mobility

Telus Samsung Fascinate

Canada is finally getting more Android love with our carriers! We’ve reported stories on Rogers and Bell launching the Samsung Galaxy, as well as the offers you may find on it at your local Future Shop or Best Buy. Let’s add Telus to the hype for Fall Android releases as they wind up to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.

Although Rogers and Bell are launching the Galaxy this weekend, Telus does not specify a date, rather “Coming Soon” is seen on their headlines page. Telus has had great success with its currently available HTC Desire, and will likely launch the Galaxy S Fascinate before the holiday shopping season starts to take off. Pricing will likely be similar to what we see with Rogers, which is around $150 – $180 CAN on a 3 year contract.

Samsung is really getting its products out there across the carriers to ensure everybody, regardless of which carrier you may be locked into, can get their hands on the Galaxy S family.

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Sneak Peek at Samsung Galaxy Tablet coming to Canada

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet

Here’s a hands on look at the new Samsung Galaxy tablet coming to Canada via Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility. One easily noticeable difference is the color on the back-plate…it’s carbon black instead of white!

We don’t know when the Galaxy Tablet will officially be made available either at Rogers or Bell, but we do know it’ll be near the end of November 2010. Let’s hope its sooner, seeing as it’s major launch in the US is the beginning of November.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek!

Rogers finally gets shipment of Galaxy S Captivate

Better late than never right? That’s what the higher-ups at Rogers are undoubtedly hoping their customers are saying after multiple delays have caused the Captivate to be pushed further and further back.

Today was good news for all those would-be Captivate owners though, Samsung Canada VP Paul Brannen had this to say regarding the delay and the shipment of Captivates:

Due to a worldwide shortage in Super AMOLED technology screens, we regret that Samsung was unable to deliver the Galaxy S Captivate to Rogers in time for the scheduled launch. The continued shortage has resulted in repeated delays. We know this is a widely anticipated device and apologize to Rogers customers. We’re pleased to say that we have begun shipping the device to Rogers, though shipments will be limited over the next few weeks. Samsung is committed to supporting Rogers with further notices, on the Rogers blog RedBoard and via Samsung Mobile Facebook and Twitter pages.

So that’s some good news, they’re finally shipping, albeit in limited quantities. Cannucks please note, that the Captivate is available for pre-order for $149 up until 10/14. After that it jumps up to $179. with a three year contract.

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Dell Streak coming to Rogers Wireless in November

Dell Streak from Rogers

Rogers Wireless Canada is getting the Dell Streak in November! Rogers has been slowly announcing several new Android devices over the past month, aimed at giving users variety in form factors.

The Dell Streak is a 5 inch smartphone which Dell states is meant to be the crossroads between tablets and smartphone handhelds. Loaded with a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, Wi-Fi, 32GB SD card support, real-time integrated maps through A-GPS, rear=facing dual-LED flash camera, and Android 1.6.

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Rogers launching Samsung Galaxy Captivate next week

Rogers Samsung Galaxy Captivate

Rogers Wireless has announced that they plan on releasing the Samsung Galaxy Captivate next week! This was postponed from the original release to take place in September 2010 due to a manufacturing delay.

You can now pre-order the Galaxy Captivate here directly from Rogers. The device will be $149.99CAN with a 3 year contract, and likely $499CAN without a term.

You’ll be able to check online for your device upgrade eligibility if you are an existing customer at the launch next week as well. For more details, you can visit Rogers microsite here.

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Rogers Testing 4G LTE in Canada!

Rogers Wireless 4G testing in Ottawa

Being north of the border can sometimes be a blessing and a curse for most Canadians. With regards to technology, it’s mostly a curse. We find ourselves having to wait on a handful of companies to bring the best technology to us, which usually ends up being a monumental task, and costly adventure given our vast real estate to cover, much smaller population, and stricter Government policies.

Rogers Wireless is one of the major players in Canada wide mobile technology, and thankfully, they’ve began testing with 4G in Ottawa, Ontario. Rogers Communications Inc also stated that they have already been working on Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology and will soon expand this across the nation.

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Is AT&T pulling the plug on the Motorola Flipout?

This past weekend, people across America were supposed to flip out over the release of the Motorola Flipout on AT&T (see what I did there?). Well, the weekend and come and gone, but without the Flipout.

The Android device launched in Canada on Rogers six weeks ago, and was fully expected to have landed stateside by now. Instead of readying retail locations for the launch, however, AT&T employees apparently spent that time destroying all Motorola Flipout related promo materials and supplies.

We haven’t heard but a peep from AT&T on the matter, and until some kind of official announcement is made, your guess is as good as ours. We’ll be following this one pretty closely, so stay tuned.

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